"The New Man in Charge" is the epilogue of Lost that was released on August 24, 2010 on both the Complete Sixth Season DVD and the Complete Collection boxset. The epilogue is divided into three segments: Ben's mission to Guam, the Hydra Orientation film, and Ben's visit to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute to see Walt.


Orote Peninsula, Guam

Ben retrieves the Hydra Orientation film.

An old fashioned printer is seen printing "DHARMA Peas" onto successive labels in what is revealed to be the present day DHARMA Logistics Warehouse in Orote Peninsula, Guam. Two DHARMA Initiative workers, Hector and Glen, argue over the loading of the food pallet, specifically about missing their launch window. Suddenly, Ben enters the warehouse. The workers are startled, demanding to know who he is. Ben introduces himself and explains that he is from the home office. Ben informs them there is a new man in charge and Ben has been sent to tie up a few loose ends. He instructs the workers that this facility is being shut down and they are free to go. The workers protest, claiming they have been loading food pallets under unmanned drone planes for the past twenty years. Ben gives them wallets containing their severance pay and explains that the DHARMA Initiative has not been in existence for over twenty years. The DHARMA workers are visibly confused and claim that they "deserve answers".

Chang explains the nature of Room 23 in the Hydra Orientation film.

Ben says that they can each ask one question in return for their departure. Glen wants to know where they have been sending the pallets for the past twenty years. Ben explains that the launch information they receive from the typing machine is automated, sent from the Lamp Post station. It changes every launch because the pallet is being sent to a moving Island. Glen tries to ask how it is that an Island can move, but Ben reinforces his one question only policy. Hector infers that since they are in Guam, this Island that Ben has talked about must be in the tropics; yet one of the items in the pallet is a box of polar bear fish biscuits. Hector questions the presence of polar bears on a tropical island, to which Ben leafs through a DHARMA Initiative binder filled with DVDs, and asks the workers if they have a DVD player.

Ben then tells the two workers that they should watch it together. The video starts playing, and is revealed to be the Hydra orientation film with Dr. Pierre Chang, not using an alias. The video explores the nature of the Hydra experiments on birds and polar bears, as well as the purpose of Room 23. After the video, they all leave as Ben eats a DHARMA granola bar.

Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute

Ben tells Walt that he is "special".

Ben arrives at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and asks the nurse to allow him to see Walt, who has taken up residency there. Walt has been going by the name of Keith Johnson. The nurse lets him into the facility after being shown a note that Ben says Walt will want to see him after reading. Ben finds Walt playing Connect Four alone. He sits down at the table with the now 16-year-old boy he once kidnapped and proceeds to tell him that he was sent by a friend. Walt is hostile at first, having not seen Ben since he left the Island, but Ben stays calm and apologizes for taking him. He says that although he can't change the past, he can take responsibility for it. Walt gets frustrated and begins to put away the Connect Four set but stops when Ben tells him that he's special. He listens as Ben explains that Walt has work to do; work that starts with helping Michael. When Walt objects to that point on the grounds of his father being dead, Ben says that Michael can still be helped. Ben makes one final plea that Walt go back to The Island with him. Walt finally agrees.

Hurley reunites with Walt in a DHARMA van.

Outside the mental hospital, Ben leads Walt to a DHARMA van parked in the parking lot. To Walt's surprise, Hurley is waiting for them in the back seat. Walt confesses to Hurley that he had long waited for the survivors to come back for him, and that he had been labeled crazy because no one believed his story. Hurley reassures him that he's not crazy at all, and attributes Walt's existential duress to his separation from the Island. He tells Walt that the Island is his home, and that he intends to talk to Walt about a job. Hurley then suggests they all go home, and the van drives away into the night on their way back to where they belong; the Island.


  • The epilogue does not take place on the Island, but the Hydra Orientation film does.
  • Although the epilogue is Ben-centric, the title is a reference to Hurley's new position as the protector, and perhaps Walt's future position on the Island as well.
  • The print out at the DHARMA Logistics Warehouse states the launch window to be "WED-24-08-10 -- 15:23:09:00-12:47:33". This puts the date of the epilogue on August 24, 2010 - the day the Season 6 DVD was released. However, August 24, 2010 was a Tuesday, not a Wednesday (August 24, 1910 was a Wednesday as the computers would likely have experienced Y2K issues).
  • The folder Ben takes from his bag appears to contain contents found in the folder included with the Season 5 DVD DHARMA Intiative Orientation Kit. The sleeve which contains DHARMA patches can be seen, as well as some of the disc sleeves containing Season 5 episodes.
  • One of the machines used for printing is an Original Heidelberg.
  • Walt is going by the name Keith Johnson, sharing the same last name and initials as his late father's alias while on the freighter, Kevin Johnson.


  • The epilogue was leaked online on August 6, 2010, 18 days before the official release.
  • This is the second instance that Malcolm David Kelley has been uncredited after his cameo in "Meet Kevin Johnson".

Pre-release rumors

A number of rumors circulated about this epilogue before it was released.

  • TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, and the A.V. Club website stated that this epilogue would “address some of those lingering questions, including as much as 20 minutes of ‘Why does turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel transport you to Tunisia?’-solving material”. [1][2] These rumors turned out not to be entirely accurate.
  • The Movieline website quoted Jorge Garcia stating that “It will address some of the issues, like the food drops, and it will deal with what happened on the island after Hurley took over and how he handled things.” It also quoted an unnamed person who stated that Walt would appear.[3]
  • At the Times Talks Live, four days before the series finale, executive producer Carlton Cuse stated that Walt would appear "before all is said and done".[4]


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