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The Myth of Lost: Solving the Mysteries and Understanding the Wisdom
Marc Oromaner
Publish Date
September 17, 2008

The Myth of Lost: Solving the Mysteries and Understanding the Wisdom is an unofficial fan companion book by Marc Oromaner.

Publisher's summary

"Can a television show provide insight into the meaning of our lives? The Myth of Lost explores a fascinating solution to the mysterious television series and reveals how the show contains startling hidden wisdom that can be used in real life. From haunting whispers and tropical polar bears, to a shapeless monster and an omnipresent set of numbers, Lost has provided a never-ending supply of questions and few answers. Using the characters and themes from the show, Marc Oromaner delves into its complexities while uncovering a simple, yet fulfilling, resolution that can provide meaning for everyone. According to the myth of Lost, the world we live in is an illusionary wonderland created to challenge us to reach new heights. Through intriguing examples, Oromaner explains how this myth can help us find the clues in our own lives, and ultimately, solve them. Many of us have been lost at one time or another, yet Oromaner illustrates that we are all connected, and are here to improve ourselves and help others do the same. By deciphering the mysteries of a groundbreaking series, The Myth of Lost introduces us to a new way of thinking and shows how we play an integral part in determining our own fate."

About the Author

"Marc Oromaner is an award-winning copywriter with 18 years of television and advertising experience. He lives in New York City."


  • The book is 184 pages long.

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