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April Parker Jones
April Parker-Jones

April Parker-Jones is an actor who has made an appearance on Lost, as Erika Stevenson in "Something Nice Back Home". The interview was conducted via email on July 23, 2008.

Lostpedia: Do you watch Lost? If so, are you a casual viewer or a more avid fan? Do you have a favorite character on the show?

Well, I hate to admit it, but I had not watched the show too much in the past. The truth is, I don't watch much television at all. By the time I get home and finish my Mom/Wife duties, it's time to go to sleep and do it all over all again the next day. But from what I have seen of the show, it is very smart and talent-filled!

Lostpedia: Are there any memorable stories from your time on set with Matthew Fox? What was it like to work with the Lost crew?

What I remember the most is the 13 hours of being on the set. It still amazes me how long it takes to shoot a two-minute scene! Working with Matthew and the rest of the cast and crew was amazing! It was really fascinating to watch Matthew do his thing. To see him go from walking through the rehearsal to turning on his character when it was time to shoot the scene was absolutely magical. He is a brilliant actor!

Lostpedia: Did you film any lines that were cut from the final broadcast of the episode?

Suprisingly, none of my lines were cut! It was such a relief. It's funny, because I was a little afraid to tell my friends and family that I was gonna be on the show, mainly because I didn't know if my scenes were cut or not. That's the scary thing when you do a guest spot; you don't really know if you made the cutting room floor or not.

Lostpedia: Were you aware while filming the fact that Christian Shephard (John Terry) was also appearing earlier in the scene?

Yes, I was aware. In fact, I met John before meeting Matthew. We walked to the set together.

Lostpedia: What acting have you been doing since filming Lost? Do you have any roles planned for the future?

Since filming Lost I have just been auditioning and staying optimistic about the future. Who knows, maybe my future will hold another episode of Lost! God-willing!

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