"The Lost Survival Guide" (not to be confused with "Lost: A Tale of Survival" or "Lost Survivor Guide") is an Entertainment Weekly-styled clip show that aired on September 2, 2006, a month before the premiere episode of Season 3, "A Tale of Two Cities".


The LOST Survival Guide's goal is first to engage and entertain the new viewer and arm them with enough information to begin watching LOST season 3. Its goal is to re-engage the occasional viewer and entertain the loyal fan. The show embraces the attitude, style and fun of Entertainment Weekly, complete with Must Lists, fun and cool sidebar stories, trivia, and eye-catching graphic design. Throw in memorable clips as well as interviews with key LOST aficionados from Entertainment Weekly as well as interviews with LOST EP's Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, and you have a great half-hour of everything LOST! Oh...and did we mention Jimmy Kimmel? Be sure to watch for his own take on the show in the LOST Glossary.

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