The Lost Shephard is the eleventh issue of the first volume of Lost: The Official Magazine. It was released on June 12th 2007, during the Season 3 - 4 hiatus.



"The Keeper of the Flame"

We've got some new Others to add to our list, and one of the most exciting new characters has been Mikhail Bakunin...


"The Doctor Will See You Now"

Libby has turned up in quite a few survivor's flashbacks. Here's a reminder of where...

Dark Territory

"Claws & Effect"

We discovered in Season Three that there are still plenty of hungry and terrifying polar bears living on the Island. Now discover the production secrets behind their appearance in "Further Instructions"...

Beyond the Hatch

"Flame On"

It may have exploded, but courtesy of the Lost's Production Office, behind-the-scenes photography of the Flame is yours to keep. Exclusive images of the Flame living area, pantry, basement, and more.

Frequent Flyers

New Transmissions

There's a ton of Lost news this issue from the Writers' Office in Los Angeles...

Get Lost

Just when you thought you'd seen all you could from the world of Lost action figures, a second wave is released...

Voices from the Fuselage

We know you all have theories about the island, and we love to print them in this fan-led zone...

Dear Diary

The man who brings Jin to life, Daniel Dae Kim, recalls a time when the words 'jellyfish' and 'shark' ruled the shoot...

SurvivorsPoster Issue 11

The pull-out poster featuring the main Losties

Black Box Flight Recorder

Ben fans, you are in for treat: we have the original script for the moment 'Henry Gale' was revealed by Sayid to be a liar...


Prepare for extreme season three finale analysis next time: Issue #12 is the 100-page 2007 Lost yearbook...

The Others

1st Assistant Director: Rich Sickler - Meet the man who is one half of the Lost 1st AD Duo, as he talks us through a day-in-the-life of working on the show...

"Cutting Edge"

The Editing Team - It's an essential part of the process, and we got to chat with the team behind the cutting room magic...


Promo cover of Issue 11

"Sounds Good"

Tom de Gorter, Lost's Supervising Sound Editor, hangs up his headphones for a short while to talk about the aural tapestry of the island...

Damon Lindelof's Pearls of Wisdom

Damon Lindelof, the Lost Co-Creator/Executive Producer, is back with more exclusive answers to your fan questions.

By the Fire

"The Lost Shephard"

Actress Emilie de Ravin talks exclusively about the Lost mysteries that fascinate her and the challenges of playing Claire...


  • The promo title for this issue is "Finale Special".
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