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The Lost Ninja original banner.

The Heroic Lost Ninja is the Australia network Channel Seven's official blogger for The Lost Experience, Find 815, Lost, and sci-fi show Heroes. He kept readers informed of the latest clues in the Lost Experience and Find 815 alternate reality games and the TV show. He often refers to his U.S. counterpart Speaker. The Ninja's real name is Tom Ragg, as revealed in his September 27, 2006 blog.

The Heroic Lost Ninja second banner.

Activities and events

  • As Bad Twin is apparently unavailable, he organized events where people, upon giving a secret password, receive a free copy of the book.
  • The first of these events was at Customs House in Circular Quay, Sydney and at the Museum in Melbourne. Anyone who went to the information desk between 1–2pm on Friday, June 2, 2006 and asked "What did one snowman say to the other?" got a copy of Bad Twin. Also, anecdotal evidence suggests these copies have further clues in them such as highlighted passages.

The Lost Ninja (without Ninja robes) with Michael Emerson.

  • On June 8 2006, The Lost Ninja gave a clue suggesting people email him for more information about the book. His reply to emails sent suggests he will send some people (first in, best dressed) a copy of the book via snail mail.
  • Called into DJ Dan's live podcast, was the only caller who didn't get "shutdown"
  • Distributed Apollo Candy around Australia, through comic book shops in major cities or mailing them.
  • Interviewed Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, and Dominic Monaghan.
  • Traveled to Hawaii twice.
  • Attended Comic-Con 2007.
  • Translated the hieroglyphs on Ben's secret door.

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