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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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The front page of was changed to show a picture of a postcard with a snowman on. Underneath was red text saying that "THIS SITE HAS BEEN REMOVED". Clicking on the word "REMOVED" links to a video showing William T. Kilpatrick. Also, pressing Ctrl-A on the page reveals a link at the bottom to the old admin section of the site. Here, one can finally access the Missing Organs Folder, which shows evidence against the crimes of The Hanso Foundation. The Openers Hep folder has also been updated with another conversation.

Video transcript

The initial opening scene shows a man singing in a bar and commenting about Jeep Compass. The transcript begins with William Kilpatrick taking the microphone

William: No, no. It's OK! I'm from Daimler Chrysler. Listen I'm sorry to interrupt this show but I don't have a lot of time and I need to get this out. My name is William Kilpatrick. I was the Fleet Operations Manager for Jeep when the Hanso Foundation signed an agreement for a fleet of Jeep vehicles. Around that time, Rachel Blake informed me that they were planning on using the vehicles to transport harvested organs into Africa. Not for their little innocent Apollo Candy company. Now what I'm need to let the people.(mumbles as two men in suits enter the bar)...oh my god...(mumbles)...listen listen, everything you need to know is in the missing organs zip folder. (The men grab Kilpatrick, as begin to carry him away). EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! YOU GOTTA HELP ME! THE MISSING ORGANS FOLDER! (Throws pieces of paper) NO, NO...GO TO THE SITE, AND FIND OUT THE TRUTH! THANK YOU RACHEL! HELP ME SOMEBODY! Help me. Help me.

(Kilpatrick is carried out as the cameraman follows. He's thrown into the back of a van, which drives away. The number plate is briefly shown as "1646 HH". The cameraman then returns to the bar and holds up a piece of paper to the camera, giving the link to the missing organs file).

Zip file

The zip file shows "Do Not Resuscitate" or DNR legal documents from a hospital in Mombassa, implying patients themselves signed that they did not wish to be treated in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest. Death certificates are then shown for the two patients, but clips on the file then suggest that, three days after the deaths, a drug called "VIALEX / HAP-XP04" was administered.

The file then moves onto design schematics for modifying a Jeep Compass to house organ transplant equipment. There is also a blurry tax document for the Hanso Foundation, signed by Peter Thompson.

Furthermore, a flight manifest is shown with the original two patients' names, next to which is the "type - donor". Finally, we see a letter to Thomas Mittelwerk from Peter Thompson, who suggests looking into "securing a fleet for transport operations". This could be referring to the Helgus Antonius mystery.

OpenersHep conversation

In the second part to the conversation, Rachel speaks to what appears to be a Hanso Foundation worker. Realising that she is not talking to Kilpatrick, Rachel writes that they "will not get away with this". Whoever she is communicating with seems very confident, and writes that Kilpatrick is "helping others in ways he never imagined" and also promises "not to boil his bunny". He then tells Rachel that they have already gotten away with what they wanted, and seems to spook her into leaving the conversation by commenting on her apartment in New York.


  • Mention of the drug Vialex is not new. In Rachel's third Italy post, Rachel Blake Italy 03, a newspaper link featured mention of Vialex [1]. Its described as "a pharmaceutical agent for the preservation of organs for transport". The article also mentions another chemical which was apparently marked "experimental".
  • The license plate of the kidnapping van is a Michigan tag (the DeGroots and their research facility were at the University of Michigan).

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