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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Retrievers of Truth update

The Retrievers of Truth website was updated with a new thread, dated six days ago.

iobiSeeingYou: Alert! Calling all ROT'ers!
BroadBandBeatnik: Present.
DSLerator: Here.
Fiberoptician: Don't yell, it's still early...
iobiSeeingYou: I have some vital information I must immediately bring to your attention.
Fiberoptician: Someone raided your cookie stash?
iobiSeeingYou: Halt the sarcasm. This is serious business.
DSLerator: Spill your beans.
ioboiSeeingYou: Ok. I had a really odd encounter last night on my way home. I left work a little later than usual and was attempting to catch a cab. There was a guy hailing a cab on the same corner. Well no cabs showed up for a while so I decided to try my luck elsewhere and walk a few blocks down. The guy followed me. Ok you may think he also didn't want to be stuck without transportation, but there was something weird about the way he walked. I could have sworn he tried really hard to appear casual and unassuming. I started getting a little nervous and was relieved when a cab finally turned the corner and slowed down by me. As I was jumping in, I turned around to check this guy out once more.... He was smiling at me. One of those creepy, knowing smiles. And then I could have sworn I heard him say, "iobi."
BroadBandBeatnik: Whoa!
DSLerator: Hmm... Are you sure he said "iobi"? Could you have just been tired and confused?
iobiSeeingYou: I heard it.
Fiberoptician: Well your paranoia could have impaired your hearing. Why would someone be trying to follow you?
iobiSeeingYou: Umm. I don't know, let me think. Oh I got it. Because I'm a Retriever of Truth. Because for the last few months I've been actively involved with people who want to overthrow and destroy the Hanso foundation. Because I'm an obvious threat. Do I need to knock some sense into you?
Fiberoptician: Ok, ok. All I'm saying is you are not that cute. Hehe. Sorry.
DSLerator: Take it easy Fiber. She can be dangerous when provoked.
iobiSeeingYou: Don't any of you guys see what I'm saying? The Hanso Foundation may very well be reading these very lines. Yes, we haven't seen them lurking around our offices for a while, but we are FAR from being completely rid of them...
BroadBandBeatnik: She could be onto something...
DSLerator: It is a dangerous game we're playing.
BroadBandBeatnik: We all know the Foundation execs are still out in the real world.
iobiSeeingYou: Thank you!
DSLerator: And a wounded animal attempting to survive can be potentially more dangerous.
iobiSeeingYou: Exactly! I mean, do Hansoids just go ahead and disappear because a bunch of people got together and started exposing their true face? Heh. Maybe they are sitting around in a conference room right now, crafting an apology letter to us. It is too early to celebrate our victory and call it a day. Remember, as long as we are here, as long as we are working for this cause, none of us are safe.
Fiberoptician: That's quite a theory...

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