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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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On This Day..

A press release was added to the mainpage of Click here to see the press release. The press release is written by Hugh McIntyre, the communications director of The Hanso Foundation.

If all the text of the press release was highlighted a link was revealed at the bottom of the page. ( However this page is no longer accessible. On May 5th, the site listed the following numbers:

106 98 111 32 117 98 115 32 114 115 110 102 32 102 118 32 102 118 101 71 32 49 32 108 110 90 32 116
117 98 46 83 69 71 32 103 110 32 111 118 32 116 98 73

When decoded by ASCII, the passage reads:

jbo ubs rsnf fv fveG 1 lnZ tub. SEG gn ov tbI

This was then decipherable by rotating all the vowels by 3, (for example, the phrase "aeiouy" would become "ouyaei"). Once this was done it then reads:

jba ebs rsnf fv fvuG 1 lnZ teb.SUG gn av tbY

After that, the code was then ROT13 decoded which read:

won rof efas si sihT 1 yaM gro.FHT ta ni goL

Finally, that was then reversed and the last message read:

Log in at May 1 This is safe for now.

It is believed that the date of this code may be a mistake, or not decoded correctly. This is because the date was before The Lost Experience began and also before this press release was even created. It should also be noted that if using ROT18 instead of ROT13, for instance, the message is exactly the same, except the 1 becomes a 6.

The Day in Summary

  • Press release from Hugh McIntyre regarding the hacking of The Hanso Foundation published.
  • Code found in the press release which read "Log in at May 1 This is safe for now." or "Log in at May 6 This is safe for now."

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