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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
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On This Day..

The Lost Experience launched with a commercial shown during an episode of Lost for The Hanso Foundation. This commercial, the first of many to come, announced, Since the dawn of time, man has been curious, imagining all that is possible. The Hanso Foundation: reaching out to a better tomorrow. Discover the experience for yourself. The commercials were released in the United Kingdom on May 2nd, Australia May 4th, and the United States on May 3rd. Each commercial gave a national toll free number for The Hanso Foundation. Once this number was called, players were given a number of options on how to advance with the call. On one of these options, a password was provided by an inside informant named Persephone. This password led players to

The Hanso Foundation Commercial (United States)

The United States version of the Hanso Foundation commercial, aired May 3rd during "Two for the Road"

The Hanso Foundation Commercial (United Kingdom)

The United Kingdom version of the Hanso Foundation commercial, aired May 2nd during "Man of Science, Man of Faith"

The Hanso Foundation Commercial (Australia)

The Australian version of the Hanso Foundation commercial, aired May 4th during "The Hunting Party".

The Hanso Phoneline

Main Article:Hanso Phone Line

The Day in Summary

  • First Hanso Foundation commercials aired.
  • Hanso Phone Line first accessed
  • Persephone's first clue was revealed with the password "Breaking Strain".
  • The Hanso Foundations website: was revamped and made available after months of being down for "remodelling".
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