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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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On This Day..

A clue was added by Persephone on her section of, (which no longer works). This clue, when translated with base64 said amedoustesonehonotrelyonjleous. This code is an anagram for "a mouse does not rely on just one hole".

Persephone's Hack

When entering on May 18th, a code would be displayed:

106 103 157 162 235 45 122 202 39 122 26 39 162 218 222 151 42 39 142 87 168 186

When translated with base64 it decoded to amedoustesonehonotrelyonjleoug== The "g==" was a coding error that should have been an "s" (The coding error can be confirmed by entering amedoustesonehonotrelyonjleoug== into the base64 box of the translator and noting upon decoding that the numbers in the DEC/CHAR box match those posted by Persephone.) Therefore, the correct message is amedoustesonehonotrelyonjleous. This is an anagram of "a mouse does not rely on just one hole"

The Day in Summary


  • In Lost, the Blast Door Map has the same phrase, in Latin (Mus uni non fidit antro).

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