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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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On This Day..

Electromagnetic Research Initiatie Clue

On the Electromagnetic Research Initiative page of the Hanso Foundation website, the date of the Aurora Borealis picture had changed to October 62, 9291 and the upper left corner of the picture displayed co-ordinates of your cursor. Pointing the cursor at the co-ordinates: X: 629, Y: 291 (which are located at the center of the graph to the right of the aurora image); lead the player to a hidden link called Also on this day, parts 5 and 6 of the Gary Troup interview were found on Powells' books and the websites. Also, Persephone added a hack to about Hugh McIntyre and his mistress, see below for more information. Lastly, the stock picture for Hugh McIntyre in the Executive Bios portion of the Hanso Foundation website was changed to a ? and a login box for access to Press Releases was discovered.

Gary Troup Interview (Part Five)

To see the first three parts of this interview, click here, and for the fourth part click here

Part five of nine of the Gary Troup interview with Laird Granger.

Interview with Gary Troup (Clip 5)

Interview with Gary Troup (Clip 5)

Gary Troup Interview (Part Six)

Part six of nine of the Gary Troup interview with Laird Granger.

Interview with Gary Troup (Clip 6)

Interview with Gary Troup (Clip 6)

Persephone's Hack

Receipt from McIntyre's love nest

Hugh McIntyre's picture in the Executive Bio had been changed to a "?". Entering "the mouthpiece" revealed another "hack" from Persephone with more information about McIntyre and his mistress.

After Persephone's message (and loading of 'London_capture 5/17/2006', which is a short movie), there were images 'falling' from the top of the screen (money, credit cards, diamonds, pill capsules, receipts). Clicking on some of the receipt images revealed two static pictures.

The first receipt is from the Hotel La Dolce Vita, Broad Str 8-10, W1C 2HU, London

  Love suite, 2 Nights, 17.03.2006-19.03.2006                 1200,£
  Moet & Chandon 1979, 4 Bottles on Ice                        400,£
  Special room services: Dolce vita DLX Breakfast in bed       200,£
  Spa Services
  Full woman beauty treatment                                  315,£
  Personal Beauty Assistant 2h private treatment               320,£
  La Dolce Shop
  Cartier ear accessories, 24 karat                           3685,£
  Prada, travel back, pour elle                               1499,£
  (paid cash -signature [handwritten])

The second receipt is from La belle Epoque, 10 Place de la Concorde, 75008 Paris, France

  Chanel costume, prêt à porter, 2006                         2500 €
  Costume National Luxe, quatre paires                        1000 €
  Issy Miyake, vest                                            550 €
                                                              4050 €
  ("paid cash" stamp)

The Day in Summary

  • Parts five and six of Gary Troups interview with Laird Granger were found.
  • updated the Hugh McIntyre picture with a "?"
  • Persephone hacked and exposed Hugh McIntyre as cheating on his wife.
  • A new site, was found via


  • The first reciept from Hugh McIntyre was from La dolce vita, which can be translated to "The sweet life."
  • The second reciept from Hugh McIntyre was from La belle epoque, which can be translated to "The beautiful era."

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