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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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This is a summary of clues for May 2006.

Hyperlinked subheaders link to more detailed information for each day's clue, if available.

May 2006

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3 May 2006

(event took place on May 2nd in UK, May 4th in Australia)
  • The game launch, which coincided with the regional airing of Lost, included a 15-second commercial that announced, "Since the dawn of time, man has been curious, imagining all that is possible. The Hanso Foundation: reaching out to a better tomorrow. Discover the experience for yourself." A toll-free number was displayed for viewers to call which led the audience participant to and a password was provided by an inside informant named Persephone.

4 May 2006

5 May 2006

  • A press release was issued by Hugh McIntyre. The press release also included a message "Log in at May 1 This is safe for now".

7 May 2006

  • The message in the press release was updated by Persephone in a clue consisting of a string of numbers on the Persephone's webpage to indicate that the event date was May 8, not May 1 or May 6.

8 May 2006

  • As indicated by the press release, a new message was revealed by Persephone in the Executive Bio about Alvar Hanso. The October 28, 2003 below his picture was hyperlinked to a message from Persephone.

9 May 2006

  • Newspaper ads began appearing from the Hanso Foundation, stating that Bad Twin must not be believed and the real truth is on the website.
  • Persephone provided another clue in the Thomas Mittelwerk bio. A new website provided the code for a floating box on Mittelwerk's bio, revealing another message from Persephone about Mittelwerk and Caltech. There were also hashed-out writings in red and blue that stated Gary Troup knew too much and needed to be silenced.

10 May 2006

  • The document revealed in the previous day's clue was changed.
  • A Note from the Publisher was placed on and Gary Troup's websites.

12 May 2006

  • A new press release was issued on website about Bad Twin.
  • Exploration of the parent directory for the newspaper.gif file provided a letter from Hugh McIntyre to Robert Miller, President of Hyperion Books.
  • Hugh McIntyre responded to emails sent to him at

16 May 2006

  • Part four of the interview with Gary Troup was posted at

17 May 2006

  • Parts five and six of Gary Troups interview with Laird Granger were found.
  • updated the Hugh McIntyre picture with a "?"
  • Persephone hacked and exposed Hugh McIntyre as cheating on his wife.
  • A new site, was found via

18 May 2006

19 May 2006

  • Peter Thompson's picture was discovered to have flashing letters behind it which spelled out "survivor guilt". This code entered into the hidden text box below the picture revealed another message from Persephone regarding Thompson's past activities.

21 May 2006

22 May 2006

24 May 2006

25 May 2006

  • A half-page ad was published in the American daily "USA Today" about Bad Twin. Titled "The book the Hanso Foundation doesn't want you to read", Robert S. Miller of Hyperion Books defends Gary Troup's allegations against The Hanso Foundation.
  • [1] has been updated to mostly advertisement now. The 9 May clue has been removed, and there are two new clues for the game. "Sublymonal" Codes 108 and Persephone reveal a bit of background, and hidden in the source code was another message from Persephone ("<!--Look on the plane. Namaste. P-->") that refers to the image of the plane with the 108 code on the tail.

26 May 2006

  • Updated:
    • Next podcast rescheduled to 6/01 (was previously 5/26).
    • Explosion.jpg picture in the footer replaced with a slightly different image named "pers12.432.87.gif", which:
      • links to when clicked
      • has had "code persephone" added in faint text
      • has a few of the bottom pixels blinking brighter & darker
  • In the May 26 podcast, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse stated that they and some of the casts will be at the Comic-Con in July. They said that at that time, they will reveal something about the Hanso Foundation.

30 May 2006

  • Mathematical Forecasting Initiative page updated with interactive map.
  • Values for 2006 statistics are missing for the US GDP per capita, Italy Death rate /1000, and the Sudan Growth rate in %.
  • After entering the correct values in the map (from the CIA world factbook) a letter from Peter Thompson is revealed to the "Minister of the Interior Mugnto" (or possibly "Mugato" - the text is blurred). To access the letter look for a circle between Australia and Africa on the map.
  • A new message from Persephone appeared at the bottom of the letter: "The Hanso Foundation -- Starting Wars So You Don't Have To!"

31 May 2006

The clue at changed to +1, revealing another website with a new image.

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