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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Rachel Blake blog update

Where to click to see the new video at
  • Copenhagen 02 post has been released.
"It's my fifth day in Copenhagen. Already, this is a lot tougher than I'd hoped.
I don't know if I was secretly wishing for Mittelwerk to rendezvous with a missing
Alvar Hanso in a dark alley or a parking - structure at midnight... But so far,
nothing's as I expected ...  Well, here goes with my new, sneaky strategy...
FIND my next video and let me know if you can
make heads or tails of any of this!"
  • Video on Broadband Stories; click on the motorbike video near the middle, and Rachel Blake Video 002 loads.
  • Video on Broadband Stories; click on the silhouetted head video on the bottom middle and a DJ Dan promotion video loads.

Persephone's udentity

Retrievers of Truth new thread

  • New thread on Retrievers of Truth called "The Ticking Clock"; the relevance of the "Pizza Outfit" comment on the thread makes sense in relation to the new Rachel Blake video (the rest is simply playful banter between work colleagues; The Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte film referred to is called "48 Hrs.").
    • Also, on the night following this clue, people in the UK with the channel ITV2 were treated with the film 48 Hrs. Coincedence, i think not!

Rachel Blake Merchant Marine clue

"Book page scanned by Jambi08"--or so it was claimed
  • Rachel Blake, after her video, posted on her blog that she needed help with a password related to getting onto the Coppenhagen Merchant Marine Center database.
    • On the computer screen are the words:
Real life 1884 etching of the HMS Victory, a battleship used by Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar.
  • Someone by the name of Jambi08 gave her a page from an old book on Danish Merchant marines as a clue.
    • It mentions Magnus Hanso and a slave ship connection.
    • The image is actually taken from [1]; "The Black Rock" is in fact a picture of the HMS Victory (a battleship) that was etched in 1884; now in dry dock in Portsmouth, UK. This has significance to the ARG, because it means that Jambi08 is not a fan, but one of the writers, who manufactured this clue (historically inaccurate) for the purposes of this game and was planted in the comments section to lead us in the right direction.
  • Also, at the bottom of the post Rachel says that a guy called Terry Idaho gave her this link: Shipwreckmate
    • This website talks about shipwrecks in general, with a section on The Black Rock.

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