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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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DJ Dan's clue

  • DJ Dan's site was updated today, but the 6/13 podcast link goes to the homepage. Updates were delayed until 6/14.
  • At the bottom of the podcast archive page, click on the radio tower icon (which was not clickable before). This leads to an image of "static", which with color manipulation, yields the word "CONSPIRA". Combine this with "SPIES" (name of the directory this link goes to), and the password is "CONSPIRASPIES".

ERI update

  • ERI page is now updated. Ignoring coordinate map (which led to compass site), the image of the solar flare is now clickable. Clicking on it reveals static, and the same image as was seen on DJ Dan's site (the radio tower). Click on that and Persephone offers to tell you about a "Crucial Force" if you know the magic word. This word is CONSPIRASPIES.
Clicking on the solar flare image brings up this message:
   This is Persephone...
   Want to know more about the "Crucial Force?"
   What's the magic word?
  • Entering "conspiraspies" brings up a new flash.
    • Shows images of a radio tower in the ocean, an "abnormal growth" x-ray of a fish, satellite imagery showing that there is interference, and a letter from a Korean (Minister of ----) liaison to Mittelwerk and THF.
      • The image of the radio tower has a ghost image of Mittelwerk from his profile, with his face blotted out (confirmed).
    • Click on the second time "off-shore" is mentioned, and it will take you to DJ Dan's site.
    • Click on Hoo-Goh Choi's signature line and it will return you to THF.
  • Something to note is that the font in this flash is very different from what Persephone used in previous clues. She also says "This is Persephone," which she normally doesn't say. Also, the password to this clue came from DJ Dan's website, and the flash links back to his site. Therefore, this may not really be Persephone.

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