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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Vik letter

letter from director of Vik Institute


Symbols and screens


end of puzzle screen

Persephone's page has been updated with the code: 43 49 32 116 105 109 101 108 101 115 115 32 116 111 103 101 116 104 101 114

  • this is ascii for: "+1 timeless together"
    • If you enter "timeless together" into, you hear, "Perhaps this link is relevant: eternity."
      • Entering "eternity" leads to other words, but in each case, all that is revealed is the Wikipedia definition.

Following the new clue on Persephone's page, another image (u8egnce86.gif) has appeared on

The file names of the three hole images revealed so far are:

  • q9als2002.gif
  • t9agen750.gif
  • u8egnce86.gif

JustWillow on the Inside The Experience boards has found the password- if you drop off the final numbers of each final name and convert the 9's and 8's to I's and H's, the letters become qials tiagen uhegnce, which anagrams to LIGHT SEQUENCE AGAIN.


According to the RSS, the Mental Health Appeal section has been updated (however, the link provided on the RSS is for [1]). If you can't get the sequence working over the normal link , try that.

In the Mental Health Appeal section, entering "light sequence again" (all lower case) into the Inquire Within text box will take you to a letter from the director of the Vik Institute,

Dr. Armand Zander ,to Thomas Mittelwerk, complaining about the conditions of the institute, where new doctors constantly enter and leave, an incident where twenty autistic savant patients were administered secret proprietary memory tests, and the third sub-basement, which is apparently a secret ward containing patients whose illness is unknown to the director. Clicking on this letter brings you to a game of Memory.

When playing the memory game, each button makes the screen flash a different color, creates a different sound and also prints a symbol on the screen. These symbols are the exact symbols, and are in the same order from left to right, that were shown on the countdown clock in Swan Station when the button was not pushed.

If you complete 42 turns, the screen flashes "Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications." An acronym for this is DHARMA.

Also, if you hit the tab key whilst in the inquire within box it reveals a link, but this link is not yet active.

Note: If the letters that say "Vik Institute" look different than normal text, you can enter the code successfully.

DJ Dan

The podcast planned for today does not come out - has something happened to DJ Dan?