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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
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Rachel Blake Italy 06

Rachel has updated her website:

Is this a trap?

I received a phone call this morning. In my room... Nobody has the number, so of course, I RECORDED IT.



I don't really have a choice, do I? I have to go.

  • The audio is easily accessible with the link taking players straight to the login (note: It seems the login area is case sensitive).

Mittelwerk Commercial

Mittelwerk commercial.jpg
Dr. Mittelwerk, as seen in his July 12th commercial.

During the rerun of 23rd Psalm, ABC aired a short commerical of Mittelwerk at what appears to be a Hanso Foundation office reception area. The video can be found at [1].

Transcript of the Commercial:

Dr Thomas Mittelwerk
President and Chief Technologist
The Hanso Foundation

Spirited debate, it's the cornerstone of our philosophy
at the Hanso Foundation.

We're reaching out to a better tomorrow, and that means
listening to our critics, even those who would lob
unfounded claims in the darkness.

We are confident in our mission. Which is why we invite
you to talk about us, discuss our accomplishments and
continued progress.

We are here for you.
Thank you, and namaste.

The Hanso Foundation


Mandrake message

Mandrake Wig on MySpace appears to have sent a number of users in his contact list messages saying "things are happening....RoT....friday".

Screencapture of one conversation seen HERE.

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