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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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HansoExposed glyphs



  • Code: 30
  • Date Found: August 8
  • Location: On Rachel Blake's real blog. Under the image for Glyph 748L, the glyph is hidden with Macromedia Flash.
  • Description: Mr. Beardy speaking.
  • Transcript: "...what you do not know is why we have assembled the DHARMA initiative..."

As of 13:15 LostPedia Standard Time, there is one fragment awaiting identification.

Clip with all 29 pieces found in their supposed order [1]

Apollo Candy Bar website went live today. It is hosted on the same server as and thus is "in game." The company is owned by The Hanso Group.

More About "Nanite" (Mel0Drama & Dr. Hackett Re-Visited)

If you go to and enter "nanite" as the code, you will get an audio message about flickr that defines what the site is. Also you'll see flashing in the sublymonal screens, a glyph with the frag clue "nanite" on it. So...if you go to and search for "nanite" you see a picture of that glyph in gray. Click the image and it shows up larger with a message underneath saying "Search People: lehcarekalb" (which is "rachel" and "blake" backwards) Searching for that Flickr Member name and going to the photos, you see the nanite glyph again and a number of pics with torn up pieces of paper in them. When you piece them together you (roughly) get:


TO: Dr. Hackett Apollo Candy

FROM: G. Downs Engineering Development Center Atlanta, GA

Date: July 21, 2004

RE: Test Study

Dr. Hackett,

Initial research shows release of the psychotropic compound to be a success. The acid and flavoring agents of the beverage disguise the taste. More tests are necessary to reach optimum viral spread. My superiors are eager for you to join our effort, once you have extricated yourself from your current situation.


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