"The Long Kiss Goodbye"
6x17-The Long Kiss Goodbye
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"The Long Kiss Goodbye" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack.

Scene description

We see the Island from the air, the sun now up, and the Man in Black's last body dead on the rocks.

Jack clutches his wound, and though his hand never leaves it, he says it's no more serious that the one Kate stitched when they first met. Sawyer, Hurley and Ben arrive, and when the Island shakes, they realize their troubles are not yet over.

In a flash sideways, Sawyer enters Sun and Jin's room. They both smile at him, Jin in particular, but they laugh at his offers of protection and leave, hoping to see him soon in the church.

Frank is still working to start the plane, and he now sends Richard and Miles to fix the hydraulics. Ben phones him, but Frank angrily ignores him. The Island keeps shaking, and Jack tells the others he plans to relight the Heart of the Island. Sawyer says goodbye to him, and Ben tosses away his walkie talkie, planning to stay on the Island. Hurley says he'll stay as well. Jack then says goodbye to Kate; they kiss and exchange "I love you"s. Then Jack leaves, while Kate cries.


The first movement contains the Man in Black's theme. The second blends Sawyer's theme with the home theme. The third contains the preparation motif.

The final movement starts with the Man in Black's theme followed by the Heart theme. A short section of Sawyer's theme gives way to the main theme followed by its counterpoint. Jack's theme finishes the piece.

Title significance

The title may reference the film The Long Kiss Goodnight.

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