"The Lone Hugo" is an orchestral piece on the Season 3 soundtrack. It plays as Hurley visits Libby's grave.

Scene description

In a flashback, Hurley's father tells him to try starting their Camaro even though it has no carburetor. Having hope is never stupid, says his father: you have to make your own luck.

Hurley's father then says he has to go to Vegas and hops on his motorcycle. Hurley won't see him again for 17 years.

In the present, Hurley is speaking to Libby at her grave. He tells her about how the Others kidnapped him and about Eko's fate. He tells her he always felt scared except for when he was with her. He misses her.


The piece's first movement contains Kate's motif. It later plays a variation on Hurley's second theme. Its second is a variation on his third.

Title significance

"The Lone Hugo" could reference The Lone Ranger, The Lone Gunman or The Lone Hero.

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