The Little Prince is a children's book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

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Similarities and shared themes

  • At the beginning of the book, the narrator survives a plane crash in the Sahara Desert.
  • The narrator is repeatedly unable to draw a sheep at the Little Prince's request (one is too old, one too sick, and the third is actually a goat). In order to make the Little Prince happy, he draws a "magic box," with his perfect sheep inside to which pleases the Little Prince since he can make the sheep "look" however he imagines his perfect sheep.
  • The Little Prince lives on an isolated asteroid named B612 (Bésixdouze).
  • There are very few things on his small asteroid. They include his cherished rose, two inactive volcanoes and an active volcano.
  • The Little Prince is a young, blond-haired boy.
  • The Little Prince badly wants to get back to his asteroid and ultimately allows a snake to kill him as the snake has claimed death is the only way to get back to his planet (because his body weights too much).
  • The narrator sleeps near the Little Prince after he has been bitten by the snake, but when he awakes the body is gone.
  • The prince visits a planet with a Lamp Post and a lamplighter. This is one of the only adult figures (aside from the narrator) who the Little Prince likes, thinking that he is doing an honorable service for other planets that need light. However, the lamplighter is blindly following directions without accommodating his own basic human needs, like sleep, and is very unhappy.
  • The book's author was a pilot who was lost in flight in 1944. The wreckage of his plane was discovered in 2000, with confirmation that it was Saint Exupery's plane in 2004.

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