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Enhanced version of Season 5, Episode 4: The Little Prince-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

This episode is entitled The Little Prince
which is also the name of a novella
by French aviator Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Among numerous other themes
the novella explores the concept
of being stranded in the desert
in a damaged aircraft.

Jack and Kate are on Penny's search boat.
This takes place two days after
Penny rescued Desmond and the Oceanic 6
from their life raft in the South Pacific.

Kate is holding Aaron, Claire's infant son.
Claire gave birth to Aaron on the island
but she went missing
before the Oceanic 6 left the island.

In the Season 1 episode, "Raised by Another"
Claire decided to give Aaron up for adoption
despite a plea from a psychic
who insisted that only Claire raise the baby.

(Jack: "Sawyer's not dead.")
Sawyer was on the island when it disappeared.
No one knows where the island is
nor do they know if their friends are alive.

(Kate: "Good night, Jack.")
Jack and Sawyer were rivals
for Kate's affection
during their entire time on the island.

(Jack: "If it's just me...")
Jack believes the Oceanic 6 must lie
about their entire ordeal on the island
to protect their friends from Penny's father
Charles Widmore, who wants to find the island.

(Kate: "Thank you for the loaner.")
Kate and Sun are in Sun's LA hotel room
Sun is also one of the Oceanic 6.

Sun has convinced Kate
to meet with the lawyer
who is trying to take Aaron away from her.

As revealed in this season's premiere
"Because You Left"
Sun joined forces with Charles Widmore
in a plot to kill Ben.

(Looking at a picture of Ben and Jack)
Ben is shown here with Jack
moving the body of John Locke
from the funeral parlor into a van
so they may take his body back to the island.

Sun blames Ben for the events
that led to the death
of her husband Jin.

Act 2

(We see Charlotte)
This is Charlotte Lewis, an anthropologist
from the freighter's science team.

The island is flashing through time
which is causing side effects for Charlotte.

(Daniel: "Thought it might.")
This is Daniel Faraday, a physicist.
He has conducted experiments in time travel.

Faraday declared his love for Charlotte
in the previous episode, "Jughead."

(Kate: "Yes, I'm fine, thank you.")
This is Dan Norton, the lawyer who visited Kate.

(Dan Norton: "I have a signed court order...")
Kate knows that someone
has knowledge the Oceanic 6 are lying
and that she is not Aaron's biological mother.

(Locke: "We have to go back to the Orchid.")
The Orchid is an underground science station
built by the DHARMA Initiative
to conduct experiments in time travel.

(Locke: "I believe I can save us.")
Ben turned an ancient wheel
in a chamber below the Orchid.

After turning the wheel
Ben was seemingly transported
to a Tunisian desert ten months in the future.

Richard Alpert told Locke
the Oceanic 6 are alive and back home
during a previous flash
in the season premiere, "Before You Left."

(Jack: "Dilation is good.")'
Sayid was attacked
and shot with tranquilizer darts
by two men hiding in his safe house
in the season's premiere, "Before You Left."

(Hurley: "Dude, I'm totally cool.")
Hurley turned himself in to get away from Ben.
The police think that Hurley killed three men
but in fact, Sayid killed them.

(Sayid and Jack in the hospital)
Sayid was once a torturer
for the Iraqi Republican Guard.
He is skilled in many forms of combat
and extracting information from people.

Act 3

(Kate: "...really not a good time...")
Kate is staking out Dan Norton's office.
Jack and Kate lived together for a time
after the Oceanic 6 were rescued.

But Jack's jealously [sic] of Sawyer
and his addiction to drugs and alcohol
brought their relationship to an end.

(Ben: "You have friends in trouble.")
For two years, Sayid worked for Ben
as an assassin, killing Widmore's associates.
As a result of that partnership,
Sayid no longer trusts Ben.

(Ben: "We're running out of time.")
Ben has less than 70 hours
to get everyone back to the island.

(The group sees the light in the distance)
The light is coming from the hatch
at the Swan DHARMA station.
This is a clue the group is in a time period
when the Oceanic survivors were on the island.

(Daniel: "Do you know when we are?")
Locke realizes what time period they are in
and he knows that a former version of himself
is near the hatch
and that he should avoid any contact.

(Kate: "...all of us.")
Sawyer is witnessing
Kate helping Claire give birth to Aaron.
This moment was depicted
in the Season 1 episode, "Do No Harm."

Jin and Charlie were also present at the birth.
Sawyer was originally at the beach
and didn't see the birth the first time around.

The hum and bright lights indicate
the island is about to have another time flash.
Sawyer is now in a different time period.

Act 4

Kate: "I can't be dealing with this right now."
When Jack and Kate last saw each other
they had a heated argument.
Jack upset Kate by telling her
they must go back to the island.

(Jack: "Who's going to take him away?")
The man in the car is the lawyer, Dan Norton.

(Locke: "Charlie? Shannon? Yourself?")
Charlie and Shannon are Oceanic survivors
both of whom died on the island.

(Locke: "The night that Boone died...")
Boone died in the Season 1 episode
"Deus Ex Machina."
Upon Locke's insistence
Boone climbed up into the Beechcraft plane
which was hanging from a cliff
to see what was inside.
The plane fell from the cliff and Boone died.

(Daniel: "What? When?")
Miles's nose bleed is an indication
that Charlotte is not the only person
in danger from the time flashes.

(Juliet: "Camp's back.")
The last time the group was at the beach
they were in a different time period
which was before they built the camp
so their tents and supplies were not there.

(Locke: "It's Vincent's.")
Vincent is a yellow Labrador Retriever
who belonged to Michael and Walt.

(Daniel: "The Zodiac's gone too.")
The Zodiac is a motorized raft
which Faraday used to shuttle people
from the island to the freighter.

(Juliet: "Ajira. It's an airline.")
For more information on Ajira Airways
visit ajiraairways.com.

(Sawyer: "Other Others?")
Juliet was a member of the Others
until she switched sides
and joined the Oceanic 815 survivors
because she wanted to get off the island.

(Juliet: "These your people?")
Some of Miles's "people"
were ordered by Charles Widmore
to kill everyone on the island.

The science team however
was not involved in that plan.

(Sawyer: "Thank you Lord!")
The flash has now sent the group
to a different time period
and their attackers are gone.

Act 5

(Jack: "Aaron is my family too.")
Jack and Claire share the same father
making Jack Aaron's uncle
though neither had knowledge of this
when they were on the island.

When Jack discovered this fact
it complicated his relationship with Kate.

This is a photo of Claire.

Claire and Carole had a strained relationship.
Carole was in a coma
from a car accident which Claire caused
as seen in the Season 3 episode, "Par Avion."

Claire never saw her mother
come out of the coma.

Carole: "...your father's funeral."
Jack and Kate met Claire's mother
at Jack's father's funeral
in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home."

At that time, Carole revealed to Jack
that she and Jack's father had a daughter
and that daughter was Claire.

Carole believes Claire died in the 815 crash
as a result of the cover up story
told by the Oceanic 6.

(Sayid: "I had to make sure Hurley was safe.")
Sayid believed Hurley was in danger
at the mental institute.
A man was posted outside the institute
watching Hurley.
Sayid shot and killed the man
as seen in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home."

(Juliet: "What's wrong?")
Juliet's nose bleed is a symptom
that she is also suffering
from the side effects of the flashes.

(Locke: "Anybody speak French?")
Bésixdouze is the name of a research ship.
It is also the name of the asteroid
the main character lived on
in the novella, The Little Prince.

This is Danielle Rousseau
and her research team
who shipwrecked on the island in the 1980s.

Act 6

(Ben: "Hello Kate.")
This is the first time Kate has seen Ben
since leaving the island.
Kate never knew that Ben also left the island
three years ago.

(Ben: "It was me.")
Ben has continually proven to be
a master manipulator.
He will do anything to further his own agenda.

This is Sun's husband Jin, who was last seen
on the freighter, seconds before it blew up.
The Oceanic 6 witnessed the incident
and all presumed Jin to be dead.
Jin has experienced the same time flashes
as Sawyer's group.

The numbers heard on the transmitter
are coming from the radio tower
built by the DHARMA Initiative.

In the future, Danielle Rousseau
will change the broadcast signals
from the numbers to her own distress call.

The Oceanic survivors discovered the call
in the first episode of the series.

Rousseau will live alone on the island
for over 16 years
as told in the Season 1 episode, "Solitary."

Rousseau will be killed
by Widmore's mercenary team
as seen in the Season 4 episode
"Meet Kevin Johnson."

Rousseau is pregnant
with her baby girl, Alex.

Ben will eventually kidnap Alex
and raise her as his own daughter.

Alex will also be killed
by Widmore's mercenary team
as seen in the Season 4 episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."