Alcohol and Lost characters

  • Jack finds a small bottle of vodka in his pocket upon regaining consciousness in the pilot episode and uses it to sterilize his cut when he has Kate sew it up
  • Jack's father was an alcoholic, and met both Sawyer and Ana-Lucia in bars.
  • Ana-Lucia and Christian Shephard were both drunks in Australia.
  • Ana Lucia meets and flirts with Jack in the airport bar.
  • Hurley says to Libby in episode 2x20, "Two for the Road," that if he gets drunk enough he might remember where he knows her from. If they are in suspended animation or in a lab in a dream like state, as some have theorized could it be the use of alcohol or drugs (possibly Charlie's?) will draw them from this state.
  • Sawyer and Kate play a game of "I do" with 2 bottles of spirits Sawyer stole from the plane wreckage. What begins with playful questions soon escalates to the shocking revelation that both Sawyer and Kate have killed a man—shown by both of them drinking to the question.
  • Desmond is found in his boat drinking alcohol. He brings it to land with him and shares it with Locke.
  • The DHARMA Initiative provides alcohol in its supply drops. This fact is confirmed by Rose and Bernard retrieving wine from the Supply Drop, and Desmond drinking hard liquor branded with the DHARMA logo.
  • In Live Together, Die Alone, both Kelvin and Desmond are seen with some sort of DHARMA-brand wine, both red and white.

Alcohol and Lost actors

  • Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros were both arrested of alcohol-related offenses on December 1, 2005 and subsequently convicted. The characters played by both actresses were killed by Michael in the episode Two for the Road, which episode featured Ana-Lucia's character saying "I can't do this anymore" and (in a flashback) drinking heavily.

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