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Enhanced version of Season 5, Episode 7: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

This is Ben's office at the DHARMA Hydra station.
This is Caesar, who was just introduced
in the previous episode, "316."
Caesar stood behind Jack
at the Ajira Airways check-in counter
and Caesar was on the same Ajira flight
as the Oceanic 6.
The papers Caesar is looking through include
a map of the island with the Temple's location
and a chart of physics formulas.
Ilana was also just introduced
in the previous episode, "316."
She escorted Sayid through LAX in handcuffs
and flashed a badge
to get Sayid through airport security.
Both Ilana and Sayid were on Ajira flight 316.

This is the Ajira Airways plane
that brought the Oceanic 6 back to the island.
The Hydra station is on a small island
just off the coast of the main island.
It is the island where Jack, Kate and Sawyer
were held captive by Ben in Season 3.

John Locke's body was last seen in a coffin
before being placed on Ajira flight 316.

Act 2

Frank Lapidus was the pilot of the Ajira flight.
Lapidus was scheduled to fly Oceanic flight 815
but was replaced at the last minute.

In this season's episode, "This Place is Death"
Locke fell down a well
into this ancient chamber and broke his leg.
Jack's father, Christian Shephard, appeared
and told Locke he needed to turn the wheel
to stop the time flashes on the island
and save everyone.

Ben turned the same wheel
to "move" the island in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home."
Ben was then transported
ten months into the future
to this same place in the Tunisian Desert.
There was no camera when Ben arrived.

When Ben arrived here in the desert
a band of Bedouins quickly came upon him
and tried to attack him.
But Ben was able to escape
using his baton to fight them off.

Locke has been brought
to a hospital in Tunisia.

This is Matthew Abaddon
one of Charles Widmore's associates.
Abaddon posed as Locke's orderly
in the Season 4 episode, "Cabin Fever."
Abaddon gave Locke the idea
to go on an Australian walkabout
which ultimately put Locke
on Oceanic flight 815.

This is Charles Widmore.
He lived on the island for many years
and will do anything to find it again.
Locke met young Charles Widmore
in this season's episode, "Jughead"
when Locke and Sawyer's group
were time traveling on the island.
When young Widmore met Locke
the year was 1954.

Richard Alpert told Locke
that to stop the flashes and save the island
he needed to bring all of the Oceanic 6
back to the island.
Locke turned the wheel just a few days after
the Oceanic 6 left the island.
Turning the wheel has propelled Locke
to Tunisia, three years in the future.

The Oceanic 6 fabricated a story
about their rescue
as revealed in the Season 4 episode
"There's No Place Like Home."
They did so because they believed
they needed to protect their friends
left behind on the island from this man
Charles Widmore, and his mercenaries.

Act 3

As seen in the Season 3 episode
"The Man Behind the Curtain"
Ben shot Locke on the island
and left him for dead, but Locke survived.
Widmore sent the freighter to the island
which transported a mercenary team
with orders to capture Ben
and kill everyone else on the island.

For his entire life
Locke has wanted to believe he was special.
Everyone called Locke special
when he survived an eight-story fall
after being pushed out a window by his father
but Locke did not believe he was special.
It wasn't until Locke crashed on the island
and suddenly regained the ability to walk
that he started to believe he might be special.

"Abaddon" is a biblical reference
that means "guardian of the abyss."

Locke was paralyzed after the eight-story fall
and confined to a wheelchair for four years
before crashing on the island.

Matthew Abaddon recruited the science team
for Widmore's freighter, as seen
in the Season 4 episode, "Confirmed Dead."

This is Sayid, one of the Oceanic 6. He is from Iraq
and was once a torturer
for the Iraqi Republican Guard.

Sayid was reunited with his love, Nadia
after the Oceanic 6 were rescued
as revealed in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home."
Ben told Sayid that Nadia was murdered
by one of Widmore's associates.

Ben used her murder to manipulate Sayid
into working for him to kill Widmore's men
as revealed in the Season 4 episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."

Locke loved Helen and proposed to her
as seen in Season 2 episode, "Lockdown."
Helen declined Locke's proposal
because of issues Locke had with his father.

This is Walt, an Oceanic 815 survivor.
He and his father, Michael Dawson
left the island in the Season 2 finale
"Live Together, Die Alone."
Walt is special and has premonitions
as seen in the Season 1 episode, "Special."
After Walt left the island, he appeared
to some of the survivors still on the island.
Walt's father Michael, was recruited by Ben
to be a spy aboard Widmore's freighter
as revealed in the Season 4 episode
"Meet Kevin Johnson."
Michael died when the freighter exploded.
Walt's mother died as well
before Walt crashed on the island.
Walt is now being raised by his grandmother.

Act 4

Hurley is an Oceanic 6 survivor
and a patient at a mental institute.
Hurley has been receiving visits
from Oceanic 815 survivors who have died.
Charlie visited Hurley at the institute
as seen in the Season 4 premiere
"The Beginning of the End."
In this season's episode, "The Lie"
Hurley was visited by Ana Lucia
an Oceanic survivor who died on the island.
And as seen in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home"
Hurley claimed he played chess with Mr. Eko
another survivor who died on the island.

As seen in the Season 4 episode
"The Beginning of the End"
Abaddon visited Hurley at the mental institute.
During that visit, Abaddon upset Hurley
when he demanded to know
if the survivors left behind on the island
were still alive.

When Abaddon met Locke at the hospital
posing as an orderly
Locke was a broken man after being paralyzed.
Abaddon told Locke
his surviving an eight-story fall was a miracle
but Locke said he didn't believe in miracles.
When Locke's faith was restored on the island
he told Jack that the island is a place
where miracles happen.

In the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home"
Kate told Jack she thought Locke was crazy
after Locke came to visit her.

Locke met Helen
in an anger management meeting
as seen in the Season 2 episode, "Orientation."

Locke was obsessed
with his estranged father
who conned Locke into giving him a kidney
for his transplant surgery.
After getting the kidney
Locke's father abandoned Locke again

As seen in last season's episode
"Cabin Fever"
Locke was given up for adoption as a baby
and raised in a foster home.
Locke has no knowledge
as to the whereabouts of his birth mother
and Locke's father was killed on the island
as seen in the Season 3 episode, "The Brig."
With Helen now gone
Locke has no one left in the outside world.

Richard Alpert told Locke he must die
to convince the Oceanic 6
to return to the island, as revealed
in this season's premiere, "Because You Left."

Act 5

Those are the same words
that Jack will soon say to Kate
as revealed in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

Jack and Locke have been on opposite sides
of the argument over fate versus coincidence.

In their last conversation on the island
Locke told Jack he wasn't supposed to leave.
Locke implored Jack to stay
and said the island is their destiny
as seen in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home."

This conversation takes place shortly after
Jack visited Hurley at the mental institute
as was depicted in the Season 4 episode
"Something Nice Back Home."
During that visit, Hurley told Jack
that Jack would soon be getting a visitor.
Shortly thereafter
Jack saw his dead father in his office lobby.

This is the suicide note
that Eloise Hawking gave to Jack
in the previous episode, "316."

After learning of Locke's death
Jack would try to commit suicide as well.
Jack tried to jump off a bridge
but was interrupted by a nearby car crash
as seen in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

Sayid shot a man watching Hurley
outisde the Santa Rosa Mental Institute
in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home."
Sayid believed the man
was one of Charles Widmore's associates.

Jack flew numerous Oceanic flights
between LA and the South Pacific
as revealed in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass."
Jack confessed to Kate
that he was hoping the planes would crash
so he could get back to the island.

Those are the same words that Walt spoke
when he appeared to Locke on the island
as seen in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass."
Walt appeared to Locke
after Ben shot Locke and left him for dead.

In this season's episode, "The Little Prince"
Ben gave Jin's wedding ring to Sun
to lure her back to the island.
Ben used the ring as proof
that Jin was still alive
which is the exact opposite reason why
Jin gave the ring to Locke.

Eloise Hawking is the woman
who helped the Oceanic 6
get back to the island
as seen in the previous episode, "316."

Act 6

Locke's death was listed as suicide
in the obituary notice Jack read
as revealed in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

Caesar is describing the events
from the previous episode, "316."
The "really big guy with curly hair" was Hurley.
The rising hum and bright light
that occurred during the flight
were similar to the time flashes on the island
that occurred after the Oceanic 6 left.
Eloise Hawking told the Oceanic 6
that if they did not bring everyone back
who had left the island
the results could be unpredictable.