"The Last to Know" is an orchestral piece on the Season 2 soundtrack and Sun and Jin's love theme. The theme contains seven simple piano chords (i - VI - VII - III - VI - v7 - V), sometimes with iv replacing the second chord and/or a melody playing in the strings.

Main appearance

Sun informs Jin of her pregnancy, revealing "The whole truth": her fertility doctor told her that Jin is sterile. Jin, however, does not suspect Sun of infidelity. Instead, he proclaims that a miracle has occurred.

Full list of appearances

"The Last to Know" and its variations appear in the following scenes:

6x13 TogetherAgain
Jin and Sun reunite after three years apart. ("The Last Recruit")


Variations on "The Last to Know" include "Bobbing for Freighters", "Deadly Fertility", "Ji Yeon", "Pagoda of Shame", "Reunion And Reneging", "Shepharding Sun", "SS Lost-tanic" and "Ultrasonic Flash". The Kahana theme "Time and Time Again" also seems to borrow the piece's theme.

Title significance

Jin is "the last to know" about Sun's pregnancy — after Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Bernard and others. Jack also refers to how Jin was the last to know she spoke English. "Know" is an anagram of Jin and Sun's surname, "Kwon".