"The Incident" is an orchestral piece on the Season 5 soundtrack. After Jack drops the Jughead core down the Swan shaft - to no effect - the electromagnetic Incident begins.

Scene description

Soon after Jack drops the bomb into the Swan site to no effect, metal objects start flying into the shaft. A falling crane crushes Pierre Chang's hand, and a toolbox knocks out Jack. Miles and Kate run to help them. Radzinsky tries to drive away in a DHARMA Jeep, but it overturns, and he barely escapes. In the chaos, Phil tries to kill Sawyer, but a flying rebar impales him.

Juliet is suddenly entangled by a metal chain and dragged into the mouth of the shaft. Sawyer and Kate desperately try to pull her out, but the force pulling the metal chain is too strong for them. Recognizing the strength of the force and realizing the imminent destruction of the crane Sawyer and Kate are balanced on, Juliet declares her love for Sawyer before letting go of his hand, falling out of sight down the shaft. Sawyer, overcome, sobs.


The piece begins with the Smoke Monster's slaughtering motif before Jughead's theme and the main counterpoint make up the rest of the piece's first half. Then comes an action motif that later blends with Juliet's theme. To finish the piece, Juliet's theme blends into the life and death theme.

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