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Episode 16 & 17 - "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2"

Written by: Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse

Directed by: Jack Bender

Part 1

Act 1

[Flashback - Clay water jugs sit in the corner of a room on a stone floor. A spinning wheel spins coarse threads. The spindle is fed industriously by hand, as a rope sandal-shod foot works the pedal. It is a man sitting working the spinning wheel; he wears dark pants and a white shirt and sits alone in a large cavernous room supported by several large columns several feet in diameter. Fire crackles in a large round pit at the center of the room. The far wall is decorated with a faded painting of the winged Egyptian goddess Isis. Up from his wheel, the spinner uses a primitive loom to weave his coarse threads into a tapestry. He uses long-bladed knife to ever so carefully push the threads together. The man is blond, with a short beard. His tapestry depicts a pair of wings outstretched from an encircled Eye of Horus, and what appear to be seventeen long arms emanating like rays out from the eye. Across the top is emblazoned a Greek-lettered motto, ΘΞΟΙ ΤΟΣΑ ΔΟΙΞΝ ΟΣΑΦΡΞΣΙ ΣΗΣΙ ΜΞΝΟΙΝΑΖ. The fire pit burns brightly to ash.]

[Outside, on a sun-drenched shore, the tide comes in on some rocks that form a pool near the shore. The man, Jacob, wades into the pool, clothes and all, and reaches down inside to pull up a hand-made fish trap, sort of an inverted cone of bundled reeds. The man inspects it to note his catch. He climbs the beach and empties the trap onto a rock in the sand. A beautiful golden fish comes out. The man filets the fish with the same long-bladed knife from before, and sets the filets onto a rock that hangs like a balcony over a beach fire. A short time later, he removes a cooked filet from the rock using his knife and places the filet into a shiny green broad leaf. He plunges his knife into the sand and sits against a log on the beach to enjoy his breakfast, looking out onto the sea, where a several-masted sailing vessel slowly approaches the Island on the horizon. As the blond man eats, a gray-haired man, the Man in Black approaches. The Man in Black, similarly, wears clothing that looks to be hand-made--a dark blue shirt tied close with a belt of rope--and has a short beard.]

MAN IN BLACK: Morning.

JACOB: Mornin'.

MAN IN BLACK: Mind if I join you?

JACOB: [Shaking his head] Please. Want some fish?

MAN IN BLACK: Thank you. I just ate.

[The Man in Black sits down not far away.]

JACOB: I take it you're here 'cause of the ship.

MAN IN BLACK: I am. How did they find the Island?

JACOB: You'll have to ask 'em when they get here.

MAN IN BLACK: I don't have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren't you?

JACOB: You are wrong.

MAN IN BLACK: Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.

JACOB: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.

[The Man in Black stares at his compatriot.]

MAN IN BLACK: Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?


MAN IN BLACK: One of these days, sooner or later... I'm going to find a loophole, my friend.

JACOB: Well, when you do, I'll be right here.

MAN IN BLACK: Always nice talking to you, Jacob.

JACOB: Nice talking to you, too.

[The Man in Black stands up and walks away. Planted just near and towering above the beach spot where Jacob has made his breakfast is the four-toed statue of Taweret.]

Act 2

[In the parking lot outside a general store, a young Kate and a young Tom Brennan stand behind a pickup truck, peeking out at the store.]

KATE: Are you gonna do it?

[Tom, playing with the infamous model airplane, looks up.]

TOM: Uh-uh. You do it.

KATE: Fine, I'll do it. But you're gonna be lookout, okay?

TOM: Okay.

[The two venture into the store. Tom stops at the door to lookout, while Kate continues down an aisle.]

WOMAN: [In background] Yeah, I mean, we've been farming the land all the way back to Aines Road.

[Kate stops, looking back to Tom for the all-clear. He nods, and she continues walking, stopping at the lunchboxes. "Cigarette in an Ashtray" by Patsy Cline plays over the store's speakers. Selecting one whose front features the New Kids on the Block, she slides it into her backpack and turns to leave. She and Tom attempt to slip out the door, but the shopkeeper is quick, and grabs Kate's arm.]

SHOPKEEPER: What you kids got there? Open your bag.

[Kate does so regretfully. The shopkeeper snatches the lunchbox out of her backpack, glancing over it.]

SHOPKEEPER: Mhm. Where'd you get this?

KATE: [pointing] I got it over there.

SHOPKEEPER: I know you. You're Diane Austen's girl...what's your name?

KATE: Katie.

SHOPKEEPER: Well Katie, I'm calling your mom, then the cops, because I don't tolerate stealing here, you understand?

MAN [offscreen]: No need to do that. I'll pay for it. I hope this is enough. [gestures with several bills]

[Kate and Tom look over at the man in surprise -- it's Jacob, looking exactly the same now as he did back in the 1800's.]

SHOPKEEPER: Well, as long as somebody pays for it, I guess there's no harm done. [to Kate] But I don't want to see you in here ever again without your parents, you understand me?

[Kate nods meekly. The shopkeeper leaves, and Kate looks up at Jacob, who seems to sympathize with her. He hands her the lunchbox.]

KATE: Thanks, mister.

JACOB: You're welcome. [He kneels down to be at eye level with her.] You're not going to steal anymore, are you?

[Kate nods no. Jacob taps her on the end of her nose with his index finger.]

JACOB: Be good, Katie. [He stands and leaves.]

[On-Island, 1977 - Years later in Kate's life, she is on the Galaga, handcuffed to Juliet.]

CAPTAIN BIRD: [over loudspeaker] Welcome aboard, everyone. We will be doing some system checks offshore here before heading out into the open ocean and submerging to our operational running depth. You should be receiving your sedatives and then we will escort you to your sleeping berths.

[Mitch hands out small cups of sedative-laced orange juice to several passengers, who drink.]

CAPTAIN BIRD: Have a nice rest, and we'll see you on the other side. [clicks off loudspeaker.]

KATE: We have to get out of here.

SAWYER: Outta here? We're underwater. What the hell are you doing here? How'd you get caught?

KATE: I came back to get you.

SAWYER: Came back to get me for what?

JULIET: Where's Jack?

KATE: Jack is on his way to blow up a hydrogen bomb.

SAWYER: Why the hell would he do that?

KATE: Does it matter? We have to stop him.

[There's a pause as Sawyer and Juliet look at each other.]

SAWYER: Sorry, but I'll pass.

KATE: [shocked] Did you hear what I just said?

SAWYER: Yeah, I heard you. You just don't get it, Kate. We were happy in Dharmaville 'til y'all showed up. But now that's all over. So we're gonna drink our O.J. and take our chances in the real world. Jack wants to blow up the Island, good for Jack.

[In the tunnels, Jack is walking around Jughead. Sayid is nearby, reading Daniel's journal. Richard, a short distance away, paces impatiently.]

JACK: Is there anything in there about how we were supposed to move a ten-ton bomb across the Island?

SAYID: Actually, it's twenty tons. Fortunately, it seems Faraday never intended freight the device in its entirety.


SAYID: He left detailed instructions on how to remove the plutonium core...and how to detonate it.

JACK: Faraday told me that we needed to wipe out some kind of pocket of energy. Is only part of the bomb going to be enough to do that?

SAYID: The core itself is a thermonuclear weapon. It'll be more than enough.

[Sayid stands, handing the journal to Jack. He strides over to a nearby metal box and begins dragging it.]

RICHARD: Hey, hey, wait. We sealed that thing up twenty years ago, and we put it underground because it was emitting radiation. Does this sound like a good idea to you, Eloise?

ELOISE: Richard --

RICHARD: You're pregnant.

ELOISE: Which is exactly why we have to help them see this through.

[Sayid continues dragging the box.]

ELOISE: [cont'd] Once the core is removed, then what?

SAYID: Then, we have approximately two hours to take it to the Swan site.

JACK: Two hours?

SAYID: When Faraday returned to the Island, he was very explicit about this timetable.

JACK: Well then, we better get moving.

[At the Swan site, a DHARMA bus pulls up. Radzinsky storms out.]

RADZINSKY: Who stopped the damn drill!?

[He turns a corner, and Pierre Chang is looking up at the drill.]

CHANG: I did.


CHANG: Because when we passed seventy meters, the drill temp went up sixty degrees, and I didn't want it to melt.

RADZINSKY: [striding away] Pierre, that's why we have a truck full of water. So cool it down and turn it on. [walks up to control panel]

CHANG: Stuart, we just evacuated the Island of all nonessential personnel. We're in the midst of a possible insurrection. Do you really think this is the ideal time for your experiments?

RADZINSKY: I've been working on this project for six years. Designing a station that'll be able to manipulate electromagnetism in ways we only dreamed of.

CHANG: Have you thought about the consequences of drilling into that pocket? We have no idea what we are gonna --

RADZINSKY: If Edison was only worried about the consequences, we'd all still be sitting in the dark. I came to this Island to change the world, Pierre; that's exactly what I intend to do. [strides away] [to workers] Let's get it started! [turns on drill; it whirs to life, drilling away into the blackness below.]

[Title card: Thirty Years Later]

[2007 - Locke, Ben, Sun, and the Others are trekking across the beach. Locke stops, taking off his backpack and pulling out a canteen. He holds the canteen up in the air.]

LOCKE: Take five, everybody! We've still got a ways to go to get to Jacob.

[Sun looks at Ben.]

SUN: Who's Jacob?

BEN: He's in charge of this Island.

SUN: You said John was in charge.

BEN: No, I said he was the leader, a title that I've discovered is incredibly temporary. But everyone answers to someone, and the leader answers to Jacob.

SUN: What's he like?

BEN: I don't know, Sun. I've never met him.

[Ben walks away. Meanwhile, Richard, stands nearby Locke, staring at him.]

LOCKE: You've been staring for the last ten minutes, Richard. Is there something you'd like to ask me?

RICHARD: Ben told me that he strangled you.

LOCKE: That is my recollection, yes.

RICHARD: He said he was sure you were dead. That he saw your coffin loaded onto that plane that you came back on. How are you alive?

LOCKE: Well, you've been on this Island much longer than I have, Richard. If anyone should have an explanation, I'd think it would be you.

RICHARD: I - I have been here a long time, John. And I have seen things on this Island that I could barely describe, but I've never seen someone come back to life.

LOCKE: And I've never seen anyone who doesn't age. Doesn't mean it can't happen.

RICHARD: I'm this way because of Jacob. And if I had to guess, he's the reason you're not in that coffin anymore.

LOCKE: I agree completely, Richard. That's why I'm doing this. So I can thank him. [Locke picks up his backpack, placing the canteen inside it.] Once I've done that, we're gonna need to deal with the rest of the passengers from the Ajira flight that brought me here.

RICHARD: What do you mean, 'deal with them'?

LOCKE: You know what I mean.

[Richard looks at Locke, shocked.]

LOCKE: [to everyone] Let's go!

[Locke then walks off, with Richard looking after him.]

[Out at sea, Ilana, Bram, and three other people are rowing an outrigger, the contents of which are the Ajira crate, and an unconscious Frank. They dock on the beach, and all get out, except for Frank.]

ILANA: Untie the crate.

BRAM: Why'd we even bring this yahoo?

ILANA: Because, we might need him.

BRAM: For what? He didn't know the answer to the question.

ILANA: That doesn't mean he's not important.

BRAM: What, you think he's a candidate?

[Ilana looks at Bram, then at Frank.]

ILANA: He's awake.

[Frank realizes that there's no use pretending, so he opens his eyes.]

BRAM: How long you been listening to us?

FRANK: Long enough to wonder what the hell I'm a candidate for. [He gets up with the help of Bram] Who the hell are you people?

ILANA: We're friends.

FRANK: So you smack all your friends in the face with a rifle, shove 'em in a boat, and kidnap 'em?

ILANA: Only the ones we like.

[A smiling Bram offers Frank a canteen.]

BRAM: [to the other three passengers, picking up the crate] Let's go.

FRANK: What's in the box?

[Ilana looks at Bram expectantly.]

BRAM: Your call.

ILANA: Open it.

[They do. Frank looks in and is shocked by what he sees.]

FRANK: Terrific.

Act 3

[Flashback - Church bells toll after a funeral. A young James Ford watches caskets containing the bodies of his parents being placed in vehicles to be transported to the cemetery. His uncle's arm rests on his shoulder supportively.]

[Afterwards, the young James set on the steps of the church, writing a note. His pen is not working well, and he shakes it a few times.]

MAN: [offscreen] Need a pen, son?

[James looks up. Jacob approaches him, dressed in a suit.]

JAMES: Yeah, thanks.

[Jacob reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a pen, offering it to James, who accepts.]

JACOB: Here you go. You can keep it.

[James looks down forlornly.]

JACOB: I'm very sorry about your mother and father, James.

[James looks up. Jacob looks at him sadly for a moment, then walks away. James continues writing his note; it's revealed to be his letter to the original Sawyer. As Jacob leaves, James' uncle Doug approaches.]

UNCLE DOUG: Come on, Jimmy. We gotta get to the cemetery, okay? [He notices James' note] What you writin'?

JAMES: Nothin'.

[Doug takes the paper and reads.]

DOUG: Dear Mr. Sawyer...[looks at James, then continues reading] You don't know who I am, but I know who you are, and what you done. [Doug looks back up at young James, tears in his eyes. He sits down next to him.] Listen to me, Jimmy. I know you're angry at the man that did this to your momma and daddy. And hell, you got every right to be. But you gotta move on, boy. They're gone, and there ain't nothing you can do to change that. [pauses] What's done is done. Now promise me you're not going to finish that letter.

JAMES: I promise.

DOUG: Good. [He hands the notebook back to James.] Come on, let's go say goodbye.

[They get up and leave.]

[On-Island, 1977 - On the sub, Sawyer looks around at Kate and Juliet.]

SAWYER: Let me get this straight. Jack sets off the nuke, which somehow...resets everything. So flight 815 never crashes...lands in L.A. safe and sound, and none of this ever happened.

KATE: Sawyer, if Jack does this he could kill everyone on the Island.

SAWYER: Yeah, I heard that part.

KATE: And you're okay with that?

SAWYER: You ain't hearin' me, Kate. I made a choice, and I'm stickin' to it. I decided to leave, and I'm leavin'.

[Mitch arrives with the tray of glasses.]

MITCH: Alright, here's your sedatives.

[As soon as he's close enough, Juliet attacks, knocking him out.]

SAWYER: What the hell did you just do?

[Using Mitch's keys, Juliet unlocks herself and Kate.]

JULIET: We decided to leave this Island, James, we did. And now we're going back.

SAWYER: Are you serious?

JULIET: We can't just let those people die. [Sawyer sighs.] You want out? Or do you want to stay here and whine about it?

SAWYER: Unlock the damn cuffs.

[Meanwhile, Captain Bird is talking into his radio.]

CAPTAIN BIRD: Galaga to base. System check is complete. We're locked on a departure bearing and ready to leave the Island.

VOICE OVER SPEAKER: Roger that, Galaga. Have a safe trip! See you when you return.

[Bird hangs up, and suddenly hears the cock of a gun. Turning around, he sees Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate holding him at gunpoint.]

JULIET: Give me your gun.

[Sawyer takes the gun.]

SAWYER: Appreciate that, captain. Now we need you to surface the sub.

BIRD: What? I can't take this sub up--

[Juliet presses the gun to his face.]

SAWYER: Oh, I think you can.

JULIET: Once we're gone, proceed on course. Whatever you do, do not take those people back to the Island. Understand?

BIRD: What if Horace tries to contact me, hmm? What am I supposed to say?

[Sawyer shoots the comm system.]

SAWYER: You ain't home.

JULIET: [to Bird] Go.

[Bird begins to surface the sub.]

[Meanwhile, underground, Jack picks up a pack].

JACK: Sayid, is this big enough?

SAYID: That'll do.

[Jack brings him the pack.]

JACK: Are you done with Faraday's journal?

SAYID: Take it.

[While Sayid works on removing the core from Jughead, Richard picks up a large hammer. Sayid removes the core.]

RICHARD: [to Jack] Can I ask you a question?

JACK: Sure.

RICHARD: Over, uh, twenty years ago, a man named John Locke, he walked right into our camp. And he told me that he was going to be our leader. Now I've gone off the Island three times, to visit him. But he never seemed particularly special to me.

JACK: You said you had a question.

RICHARD: You know him? Locke?

JACK: [chuckles] Yeah. Yeah, I know him. And if I were you, I wouldn't give up on him.

[2007 - Locke's group continues trekking. Ben and Locke are walking side by side.]

LOCKE: [to Ben, pointing at Richard] Why haven't you told him yet?

BEN: Told who what?

LOCKE: Richard. Why haven't you told him about my plans for Jacob?

BEN: If by plans you mean murdering him, John, I assumed you'd want to keep that a secret.

LOCKE: When did that ever stop you?

BEN: Well, I starting thinking differently about things when my dead daughter threatened to destroy me if I didn't do everything you said.

LOCKE: [stopping Ben] Whoa, whoa, wait...where did this happen?

BEN: In that cavern, beneath the Temple. When we went to see the monster.

LOCKE: So you're willing to do whatever I say, no matter what it is?

BEN: Yes.

LOCKE: [grinning] Well, then. I guess I won't have to convince you after all.

BEN: Convince me to do what?

LOCKE: I'm not going to kill Jacob, Ben. You are.

[Ben looks on, shocked.]

Act 4

[Flashback - On a busy street, Sayid and Nadia are walking next to each other, talking.]

SAYID: Paris or Rome?

NADIA: No. [giggles]

SAYID: Florence?

NADIA: It doesn't matter, as long as we're together!

SAYID: Yes it does! It's our anniversary, we have to find the perfect place.

[They stop at a street corner that Jacob also happens to be standing at.]

NADIA: Can we settle for finding my sunglasses?

[The light changes, and Sayid and Nadia begin to cross the street. Nadia begins to dig in her purse. Jacob suddenly follows after them.]

JACOB: Excuse me, sir? Could you help me? [Sayid turns.] I'm sorry, I think I'm lost. Are you from Los Angeles?

SAYID: What are you looking for?

[Nadia turns, waving her sunglasses.]

NADIA: I found them!

[Nadia is suddenly hit by a car, throwing her forward several feet. The car speeds away. Sayid rushes to Nadia's side. She is mortally wounded.]

SAYID: [gasping] Nadia! Nadia?

NADIA: [in Arabic] Take me home, take me home.

[Nadia dies. Sayid sobs, kissing her cheek and clutching her hand.]

[On-Island, 1977 - In the tunnels, Sayid wraps up Jughead in a cloth and places it in a backpack.]

SAYID: Time is short, let's go.

[After going down a hallway, Richard, knocks on the wall, which returns a hollow sound.]

RICHARD: Alright, stay back.

[Richard proceeds to knock the wall down with a hammer. It leads into the basement of a house in the Barracks.]

JACK: It's one of the DHARMA houses. I'll go first.

ELOISE: Jack, don't misunderstand who's in charge here. I'll go first. Because if someone in that house is a threat, you might hesitate. [cocks gun] But I won't.

RICHARD: Alright, okay, Eloise, go on, after you.

ELOISE: Once we give you the all clear, then you bring the bomb. [Sayid nods.] We don't want any accidents --

[Suddenly, Richard knocks her out with the butt of his pistol.]

JACK: What the hell are you doing?

RICHARD: [pointing gun at them] I'm protecting our leader. Get back. She's gonna be angry when she wakes up, but that's a lot better than being dead. She ordered me to help you, we helped you, now you're on your own. I'm taking her out the way we came in.

SAYID: [to Jack] After you.

[Jack climbs through the hole, followed by Sayid. Exiting the basement, they proceed to enter the living room of the house. Outside, an alarm is sounding, and people are running around.]

VOICE OVER SPEAKER: We are in a code black! Report with your weapons to your security assignment immediately. If you come into contact with a hostile, you are authorized to use deadly force.

JACK: How the hell are we going to get out of here?

SAYID: [noticing Horace's jumpsuit] We hide in plain sight. [he grabs the uniform]

[Jack and Sayid continue outside, walking calmly but cautiously. Phil is talking to his team nearby.]

PHIL: You go over there by the gate, and you get... you guys go.

[Roger suddenly recognizes Sayid.]

ROGER: Hey! HEY! [he cocks his gun, Sayid and Jack turn] You're the son of a bitch who shot my kid!

SAYID: Don't fire that weapon, I'm carrying a nuclear de---

[Roger fires, and the shot hits Sayid in the stomach. He falls to the ground. Jack returns fire, firing into the crowd. Bullets fly, and Jack and Sayid take shelter behind a house. Jack attempts to run, but Jin, Miles and Hurley drive up in a DHARMA bus, opening the door.]

JIN: Get in!

[They do.]

JACK: Drive!

[They drive off. A shot shatters their rear windshield, but they escape into the jungle.]

Act 5

[The submarine sails off, leaving Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate in a rowboat.]

SAWYER: From the looks of the sun, I'd say that's the north shore over there.

KATE: The sun's over there, that's gotta be the west coast.

SAWYER: Really? You got a compass?

KATE: No, do you?

[They dock on the beach.]

KATE: [to Juliet] Thank you.

JULIET: For what?

KATE: For backing me up at the sub.

JULIET: No problem.

SAWYER: I got no idea where the hell we are!

[Suddenly, a barking noise comes from the jungle, and they are greeted by Vincent.]

SAWYER: Vincent! Come here! Hey! Hey! How you doin', boy? Haven't seen you since the flamin' arrows three years ago!

JULIET: Hey! How'd you survive alone out here?

[Suddenly, a woman's voice is heard.]

ROSE: Oh, hell no. Bernard!

[Bernard runs out of the jungle, bearded and carrying a staff.]

ROSE: They found us.

BERNARD: Son of a bitch.

[Across the Island, the DHARMA van rockets along a trail.]

MILES: Is that a bomb?!

JACK: [To Sayid] Try not to move. I need to stop the bleeding.

HURLEY: What's going on back there? Is Sayid okay?

JACK: Does he look okay?! Just keep your eyes on the damn road!

HURLEY: Ah, let's pull over!

MILES: And get shot! Just drive!

HURLEY: I don't know where we're going.

JACK: The Swan site. Head to the Swan.

HURLEY: Why do you want to go there? If Sayid's shot, shouldn't we--

JACK: Hurley, if you want to save Sayid, take us to the Swan!

HURLEY: The Swan it is.

JIN: Jack, what's at the Swan?

JACK: I think I found a way to get you back to your wife. So hold on.

[Sawyer, Kate, Juliet, Rose and Bernard walk through the jungle. Vicent runs off in front.]

SAWYER: You're telling me you've just been living out here in the jungle for the past three years, by yourselves?

ROSE: Uh-huh.

SAWYER: Well, I'm sorry y'all got left behind. Didn't you hear me shout out, "Meet at the creek"?

BERNARD: You mean with flaming arrows raining down around us, killing everyone we knew? Oh, sure, we heard ya.

SAWYER: Well, we spent all sorts of time looking for ya. I had Jin out searching the Island grid by grid.

ROSE: Yeah, we know.

SAWYER: You know?

ROSE: Oh, sure, you guys all joined up with the DHARMA Initiative.

SAWYER: Well, damn, I could've brought both y'all in. Why didn't you find a way to tell us you were out here?

ROSE: Because we're retired.

[Bernard nods.]

[At Rose and Bernard's cabin, Sawyer examines a can of DHARMA food.]

SAWYER: So y'all been scavenging food and living out in a hut by yourselves.

ROSE: People try their whole lives to get themselves a nice, quiet place near the ocean where they can live in peace. And we did it. That's what we made for ourselves.

SAWYER: Well, I hate to rain on your parade, but... your condo's about to go ka-blooey.

KATE: Jack has a bomb.

ROSE: Who cares?

KATE: Excuse me?

ROSE: It's always something with you people. Now you say Jack's got a bomb. And what, you guys are all gonna try to stop him, right?

JULIET: Yeah, that's right.

ROSE: We traveled back 30 years in time, and you're still trying to find ways to shoot each other?

JULIET: Rose, we just need to know which way the DHARMA Barracks are from here so we can stop Jack, or you're gonna be dead. We all will.

BERNARD: So we die. We just care about being together. That's all that matters in the end.

[Juliet looks at Sawyer, who is looking at Kate.]

ROSE: [pointing] The Barracks are 5 miles that way.

SAWYER: Bernard. [They shake hands]

BERNARD: Sawyer.

SAWYER: Rose. [Shaking her hand]

ROSE: Thank you.

SAWYER: Let's go.


[They all leave.]

BERNARD: You sure you don't want some tea?

[Juliet turns around.]

JULIET: Maybe another time.

[She leaves.]

[2007 - Ilana leads her group through the jungle.]

LAPIDUS: I wish you'd never showed me what was in this damn box. What the hell you gonna do with it anyway?

BRAM: We need to show it to somebody.

LAPIDUS: What for?

BRAM: So they'll know what they're up against.

LAPIUS: What exactly are they up against?

BRAM: Something a hell of a lot scarier than what's in this box, Frank. Don't worry, though. As long as you're with us, you're fine.

LAPIDUS: That'd be reassuring if I knew who you were, "friend".

BRAM: We are the good guys.

LAPIDUS: In my experience, the people who go out of their way to tell you that the good guys are the bad guys.

ILANA: We're here.

[They arrive at the cabin. Ilana begins cross the line of ash when Bram notices it has been broken.]

BRAM: Look at the ash!

ILANA: Wait here.

[Holding her rifle, she starts walking to the cabin.]

[Flashback - An eye opens and peers out from behind bandages. Russian voices are heard. A nurse pushes a trolley and takes a tray with a drink on it over to Ilana.]

NURSE: Как себя чувствуете? Пить хочется? [Subtitle: How are you feeling? Are you thirsty?]

[The nurse puts a straw to Ilana's badly burned lips, and she sips the drink.]

NURSE: К Вам кто-то пришёл. Я ему объяснила, в каком Вы состоянии... Но он всё равно настоял на том, чтобы увидеться с Вами. У Вас ещё не было посетителей. Вам это пойдёт на пользу. [Subtitle: There's someone here to see you. I explained your condition... but he insisted on seeing you anyway. You've had no visitors. It will be good for you.]

[The nurse leaves. A man wearing a long black coat and black gloves moves a chair closer to Ilana's bed. It's Jacob. He sits.]

JACOB: Извини, что не смог прийти раньше [Subtitle: I'm sorry I couldn't make it sooner.]

ILANA: Я очень рада тебя видеть [Subtitle: I'm very happy to see you...]

JACOB: I'm here because I need your help. Can you do that? Will you help me, Ilana?


[On-Island, 2007 - The door creaks as Ilana enters the cabin. Looking around, she sees no one. She notices a blade stuck into a wall, pinning a piece of cloth to it. She sets her rifle down and unpins the cloth, then examines it. She leaves the cabin.]

BRAM: What happened?

ILANA: He isn't there, hasn't been in a long time. Someone else has been using it. [Shouting to her team] Burn it!

LAPIDUS: I'm no tree hugger or anything, but that's a pretty good way to torch the whole jungle, don't you think?

[Her team light bottles and throw them into the cabin.]

BRAM: So what now?

[Ilana hands Bram the tapestry fragment.]

BRAM: Well, I guess we know where we're going.

[The fire ravages the cabin. Ilana and her team move out with the crate.]

Act 6

[Flashback - Jacob sits on a bench, reading Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O'Connor. Suddenly, a man falls to the ground behind him -- John Locke. People rush to see what happened. Jacob stands, and walks over.]

WOMAN: Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Call 9-1-1!

[Jacob kneels beside the unconscious Locke and places a hand on his shoulder. John seems to come back to life.]

JACOB: Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright. I'm sorry this happened to you. [he gets up and leaves]

[On-Island, 2007 - Meanwhile, Locke's group continues up the beach. They arrive at the remains of the beach camp, which are abandoned and in disarray.]

SUN: This is our old camp.

LOCKE: Home sweet home. [to all] Alright, everyone! Richard tells me we should get to where we're going by nightfall. So why don't you all take this opportunity to rest up and catch your breath. Considering what I have planned for you, you're gonna need it. [Locke walks over to a sitting Ben.] Everything alright?

BEN: I was enjoying some alone time.

LOCKE: You see what's behind you?

[Ben turns to see the hatch door embedded in the sand.]

BEN: It's a door. How about that?

LOCKE: Not just a door, Ben. It's the door to the hatch. Where you and I first met. [Ben looks at him, then looks away.] Do you mind if I ask you a question?

BEN: I'm a Pisces.

LOCKE: What happened that day at the cabin? When you first took me to meet Jacob?

BEN: Well, you clearly already know that I was talking to an empty chair, John. That I was pretending. Which is not to say that I wasn't as surprised as you were when things started flying around the room.

LOCKE: But why would go to all the trouble to make something like that up?

BEN: I was embarrassed. I didn't want you to know that I had never seen Jacob. So yes, I lied. That's what I do.

LOCKE: Alright, then.

[Locke starts to leave.]

BEN: Why do you want me to kill Jacob, John?

LOCKE: Because, despite your loyal service to this Island, you got cancer. You had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you. And your reward for those sacrifices? You were banished. And you did all this in the name of a man you'd never even met. So the question is, Ben, why the hell wouldn't you want to kill Jacob?

[Locke leaves. Meanwhile, Sun walks around the beach and find's Charlie's ring next to Aaron's crib.]

[Flashback - At Sun and Jin's wedding.]

SUN: 처음 본 그 순간부터 당신을 사랑했어요. 그리고 앞으로 함께 살아갈 미래의 당신도 사랑합니다. 이 반지로 당신에게 서약합니다. [Subtitle: I have loved you since the day we first met. I'll love the man you will become as we spend our lives together. With this ring, I make my promises.]

JIN: 난 적어 가지고 왔는데 괜찮겠지? 당신과 내가 평생 함께 한다는 의미로 '영원히 함께 하길'이라고 우리 결혼반지에 새겼어. 이 반지로 당신에게... 서약합니다. [Subtitle: I wrote mine down. We will never be apart, because being apart would be like the sky being apart from the earth. With this ring, I make my promises.]

[Later, at the reception.]

SUN: 이모! [Subtitle: Auntie!]

AUNTIE: 이제 결혼도 했으니까 아이는 언제나 가질거니? [Subtitle: So when are you going to start a family?]

SUN: 허니문 베이비가 될지도 모르죠. [Subtitle: Maybe on our honeymoon.]

[Next in line is Jacob.]

JACOB: 두 분 결혼을 축하합니다. 두 분의 사랑은 아주 특별한 것입니다. 절대로 당연하게 생각하시면 안됩니다. [Subtitle: I'd like to offer you my blessing. Your love is a very special thing. Never take it for granted.]

[Jacob leaves.]

SUN: 누구에요? [Subtitle: Who was that?]

JIN: 누군지 몰라도, 한국말은 잘하네. [Subtitle: I don't know, but his Korean is excellent.]

[On-Island, 1977 - The DHARMA bus speeds through the jungle.]

JACK: How much further?

HURLEY: Uhh...we're about five minutes away!

SAYID: [to Jack] You can't stop the bleeding.

JACK: [to Jin] I need fresh dressings.

MILES: Jack! So this bomb is supposed to what, blow us back in time?

JACK: We're not going back in time.

MILES: Right, because that would be ridiculous!

SAYID: I need to modify the bomb. I can make it so it detonates on impact. Jack, we need to be there at the moment of the Incident, or all this will be for nothing.

[The van slams to a halt.]

JACK: Why the hell are we stopping?

HURLEY: That's why.

[Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet are standing in front of the bus.]

Part 2

Act 1

[2007 - Richard leads the group along the coast. He stops.]

LOCKE: What is it? Why are we stopping?

RICHARD: You'll see.

[The camera pans to reveal the remains of the statue, the single four toed foot, just down the coast.]

LOCKE: Well, it's a wonderful foot, Richard, but what does it have to do with Jacob?

RICHARD: It's where he lives.

[1977 - Jack gets out of the van.]

JACK: What's going on, Kate?

SAWYER: Doc, we gotta talk.

JACK: You wanna talk? Then get in the van. We don't have time--

SAWYER: I ain't gettin' in the van. I need five minutes, that's all. I'll say what I gotta say, and then you can do whatever the hell you want to. But you're gonna listen. You owe me that much, Jack.

JACK: Five minutes.

[Jack puts his gun inside the van. Sawyer hands his rifle to Juliet.]

[Flashback - An operating room. Jack is doing surgery on some. As he cuts inside, he suddenly gasps.]

NURSE: Dr. Shephard? You all right?

JACK: The dural sac--I cut it.

[Monitor continues beeping steadily.]

JACK: Give me some suction.

CHRISTIAN: Calm down. It's all right.

JACK: The fluid's leaking everywhere. I can't--

CHRISTIAN: Look at me.

JACK: Give me some suction.

WOMAN: Yes, doctor.

CHRISTIAN: Jack... look at me. Count to five.

JACK: What are you talking about?

CHRISTIAN: I'm talking about you stitching up the sac so this girl isn't paralyzed for the rest of her life. And the only way you're gonna do that is not to be afraid. So close your eyes, count to five, and then fix her, Jack. Or I'll have to fix her for you.

[Monitor continues beeping steadily. Jack closes his eyes.]

JACK: One... [sighs] two... three... four... five. Sutures.

[Jack attempts to purchase an Apollo bar from a vending machine, but it gets stuck. He rattles the machine, then gives up, frustrated.]

[Woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.]

CHRISTIAN: Hey, kiddo. Girl's in recovery. She's responsive to stimulus below the waist, so... no paralysis.

JACK: Good.

CHRISTIAN: Something wrong, Jack?

JACK: You embarrassed me.


JACK: You know, it's bad enough that everybody in this hospital thinks the only reason I got this residency is because you're my father. But then you... [sighs] you put me in a time-out during my first major procedure, in front of my entire team. [Sighs] Dad, I know you don't believe in me, but I need them to.

CHRISTIAN: Are you sure I'm the one who doesn't believe in you, Jack?

[Coins clink, machine beeps. Christian leaves.]

JACOB: One of these yours?

[Offers him the Apollo bar. Jack takes it. Their fingers brush.]

JACK: [Sighs] Machine got stuck.

JACOB: I guess it just needed a little push.

[Jack leaves.]

[On-Island, 1977 - Sawyer and Jack come to a clearing. Sawyer sits.]

SAWYER: Take a load off, Doc.

JACK: No, thanks.

SAWYER: Sit down, Jack.

[Jack sits.]

SAWYER: My folks died when I was 8 years old. I ever tell you that?


SAWYER: Con man took my dad for everything he had. He didn't deal with it very well. He shot my mom, then he blew his own head off. I was hiding under the bed when it happened. I heard the whole thing.

JACK: I'm sorry.

SAWYER: Yeah. That was a year ago.

JACK: What?

SAWYER: Right now it's July 1977, which means that happened last year. So I could've hopped on the sub, gone back to the States, walked right in my house and stopped my daddy from killing anybody.

JACK: Why didn't you?

SAWYER: Because, Jack... what's done is done.

JACK: It doesn't have to be that way.

SAWYER: What did you screw up so bad the first time around you're willing to blow up a damn nuke just for a second chance?

JACK: That's not what this is about.

SAWYER: Then what is it about?

JACK: Three years ago, Locke told me that all this was happening for a reason, that us being here was our destiny.

SAWYER: I don't speak "destiny". What I do understand is a man does what he does 'cause he wants something for himself. What do you want, Jack?

JACK: I had her. I had her, and I lost her.

SAWYER: Kate? Well, damn, Doc, she's standing right on the other side of those trees. You want her back, just go and ask her.

JACK: Nah, it's too late for that. [standing up] Your five minutes is up.

SAWYER: Jack... if what you're doin' even works, you and Kate will be strangers, and she'll be in damn handcuffs.

JACK: If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

SAWYER: Well, I guess there's nothing I can say that's gonna change your mind.

JACK: No, I guess there's not.

[Sawyer punches Jack.]

SAWYER: Who the hell do you think you are?!

[They both exchange blows.]

SAWYER: You think you can come here and do whatever the hell you want? I had a life here!

[Sawyer tackles Jack into a tree. Jack punches Sawyer, who falls to the floor.]

JACK: Sawyer listen. You don't get it--

[Sawyer kicks Jack in the groin, then hits him in the face with a piece of wood. Jack goes down, and Sawyer puts his hands around his neck.]

SAWYER: Will you stop?

[Jack groans.]

SAWYER: Will you stop?!


[Sawyer continues to pummel Jack.]

JACK: Aah! [Grunting]

JULIET: James! Let him go.

SAWYER: He wouldn't listen. I had to. He won't stop!

JULIET: That's because he's right.

SAWYER: What?!

JULIET: He's right, James. We have to do this.

SAWYER: What are you talking about?! You're the one that told me to come back here and stop him! What happened?!

JULIET: I changed my mind.

Act 2

[Flashback - A young blonde girl in a pink shirt looks very upset. An older girl with dark hair sits beside her, also upset.]

MOTHER: Girls... your dad and I have something we need to talk to you both about.

BLONDE SISTER: Are we moving again?

BRUNETTE SISTER: No, stupid. They're getting a divorce.

MOTHER: Rachel--

RACHEL: Well, aren't you?

MOTHER: Yes. But... we need you both to understand that your father and I... we still love each other. Just because two people love each other, doesn't always mean they're supposed to be together.

BLONDE SISTER: But what if you are supposed to be together?

MOTHER: We're not, honey.

BLONDE SISTER: But how can you know for sure?

MOTHER: We just know.

[The blonde sister cries.]

MOTHER: And when you're a grown-up, you'll understand.

BLONDE SISTER: I don't wanna understand!

MOTHER: Juliet, wait!

JULIET: I don't wanna understand!

[Juliet gets up and runs out of the room.]

[On-Island, 1977 - Sawyer and Juliet walk through the jungle.]

SAWYER: Stop! We gotta talk about this!

JULIET: There's nothing to talk about, James. We have to let Jack do what he came here to do.

SAWYER: Well, maybe you shoulda told me you had a change of heart before I brought him out in the jungle to kick his ass.

[She stops and turns to him.]

JULIET: Would that have stopped you?


[She continues to march on.]

JULIET: Well, then I'm glad you finally got it out of your system.

SAWYER: Hey! Hey!

[Sawyer runs in front of Juliet and tries to grab onto her, but she resists.]

JULIET: You, don't.

SAWYER: I need you to tell me where all this is coming from. I mean, one minute, you're leading the great sub escape, and now you're on board with blowing up the damn Island? I got a right to know why you changed your mind.

JULIET: I changed my mind when I saw you look at her. [Sawyer begins to object] Don't. Don't. [Whispers] Don't. Don't.

SAWYER: I don't care who I looked at. I'm with you.

JULIET: And you would stay with me forever if I let you, and that is why I will always love you.

SAWYER: You don't--

JULIET: What we had, it was just for a little while, and just because we love each other, it doesn't mean that we're meant to be together. I mean, maybe we were never supposed to be together. So if Jack can make it that--that none of you ever come here, then he should.

SAWYER: Why you doing this, Juliet?

JULIET: [Voice breaks] I... if I never meet you, then I never have to lose you.

[Juliet leaves.]

[At the Swan worksite, Radzinsky is showing a worker a map as the drill whirls in the background.]

DR. CHANG: Radzinsky!

RADZINSKY: What is it now?!

DR. CHANG: The gauss readings has jumped off the charts.

RADZINSKY: Let me see. This is it! We're on top of the pocket!

DR. CHANG: If we keep drilling and hit that pocket, all hell is gonna break loose!

PHIL: [on walkie] Radzinsky, are you there? Over. Stuart, come in!

RADZINSKY: What do you want, Phil?

PHIL: That Hostile that shot the kid? He came back.

RADZINSKY: What the hell are you talking about?

PHIL: Here at the Barracks. He--he attacked us and then got rescued by some of the other recruits. They stole a van and took off.

RADZINSKY: Took off where?

PHIL: I don't know, but Roger said that one of them had a bomb.

RADZINSKY: That Hostile knows about the Swan! Get some men and some guns, and get your asses out here right now! If they're coming here, we're gonna be ready for 'em.

[Jack is observing the scene from a ridge. Kate approaches.]

KATE: Jack? What happened?

JACK: Uh... [sighs] Yeah, my talk with Sawyer didn't go so good. [Chuckles]

KATE: Does it hurt?

JACK: Ah, it's okay.

KATE: Okay.

[Kate wipes blood from Jack's face.]

KATE: Do you remember when I sewed you up? When we first got here?

JACK: Yeah. [Chuckles] Seems like a million years ago.

KATE: Or 30 years from now.

[Jack chuckles.]

JACK: Kate, why'd you make me promise to never ask about Aaron?

KATE: Because I was... so angry with you for making me come back here.

JACK: Is he why you came back?

KATE: I came back so he could be where he belongs--with his mother.

JACK: If this works, Claire will never come to the island, and they'll always be together, just the way they're meant to be.

KATE: She was gonna give him up for adoption, Jack.'

JACK: Well, you don't know what she would do. And whatever it is, it would be her choice. If you wanna save Claire, this is the only way to do it. But nothing... nothing in my life has ever felt so right. And... [sighs] I just need you to believe that.

[Loud creaking, crash.]


RADZINSKY: Keep going!

[Alarm blaring.]

RADZINSKY: Keep the drill going!

JACK: It's about to happen. Are you with me on this?

KATE: Yes.

JACK: Then let's go.

[They leave the site.]

Act 3

[Flashback - Man shouts indistinctly at LA County lock up, where Hurley stands at a desk.]

MAN: Copy that.

JAIL CLERK: One wallet. $227 cash. One ballpoint pen. [Clicks] One fruit roll-up. Sign here.

[Lays down pen.]

HURLEY: You don't understand. This is a big mistake. I killed a bunch of people.

JAIL CLERK: You see this? This is a discharge form. You've been cleared. So take your stuff and go.

HURLEY: Look, dude... there are men with tranquilizer guns hunting me down like an animal. They wanna bring me somewhere against my will.

JAIL CLERK: There's a cab stand right out front.

[Outside, Hurley opens a taxi door to find Jacob already inside with a guitar case.]

HURLEY: Oh. Sorry. I didn't see it was taken, dude.

JACOB: Actually, I'm only going a few blocks if you wanna share.

HURLEY: Cool. Are you sure?

JACOB: Come on in.

[Hurley gets in and the taxi drives away. He offes Jacob some candy.]

HURLEY: You want some? Cherry.

JACOB: No thanks.

[Wrapper crinkles.]

HURLEY: So what were you in for?

[Rips wrapper.]

JACOB: Excuse me?

HURLEY: Jail. I was there 'cause I killed three people. But I didn't really. I guess they figured it out. What about you?

JACOB: I wasn't in jail.

HURLEY: Well, then what were you doing sitting outside a prison? In a cab?

JACOB: I was waitin' for you, Hugo.

HURLEY: Oh. Then you must be dead.

JACOB: I'm definitely not dead.

HURLEY: Well, what do you want from me?

JACOB: I wanna know why you won't go back to the Island.

HURLEY: 'Cause I'm cursed.

JACOB: Is that so?

HURLEY: Uh-huh. That's why the plane crashed, my friends died--Libby, Charlie. Now they visit me, and I can't make it stop.

JACOB: Well, what if you weren't cursed? What if you were blessed?

HURLEY: How do you mean "blessed?"

JACOB: Well, you get to talk to people you've lost... seems like a pretty wonderful thing to me.

HURLEY: Oh, I'm sure it's wonderful, except for the part where I'm crazy.

JACOB: [Clicks tongue] I've got some news for you, Hugo, and you're just gonna have to take my word on this. You are not crazy.

HURLEY: Who are you, dude?

JACOB: [To the cab driver] I'm just up here on the corner.

[The cab driver nods. The cab stops.]

JACOB: [To Hurley] Ajira Airways Flight 316 out of LAX. Leaves in 24 hours. All you have to do is get on that plane. [touching his arm] It's your choice, Hugo. You don't have to do anything you don't want to.

[Jacob gets out.]

HURLEY: Wait! You forgot your guitar.

[Jacob closes the door.]

JACOB: It's not my guitar.

[On-Island, 1977 - The DHARMA van is parked in the jungle. Sayid sits outside of it, bleeding heavily. Hurley comes over with a canteen of water.]

HURLEY: Don't worry, dude. Everything'll be fine when Jack changes the future... or the past. One of those.

MILES: I don't think your buddy's gonna make it.

JIN: He'll make it.

[Jack returns to the van.]

HURLEY: Dude, what happened to your face?

JACK: Nothin'. We were just up on a ridge where we could look down into the Swan site.

[Jack retrieves a bag from the van.]

JACK: Something just happened down there.

[Removes objects from the bag.]

JACK: They hit something. It's time for me to go.

SAYID: It's all set to go. Remember, be careful. It's rigged to explode on impact. According to Faraday's plan, you must get the bomb as close as you can to the source of electromagnetism.

JACK: [Sighs] Sayid, this is gonna work. And it'll save ya.

SAYID: Nothing can save me.

[Jack puts the backpack with the Jughead core in on his back. He takes a gun from Hurley and nods to Kate before leaving for the Swan site. Kate goes to say something to him but decides not to. On his way through the jungle, he encounters Sawyer and Juliet walking toward him. He looks at Sawyer as he passes.]

JACK: See ya in Los Angeles.

[He continues on his way.]

[2007 - On the beach outside the statue, Locke looks toward the foot. Richard approaches, lights a torch, then sticks it in the sand.]

RICHARD: Are you sure you need to do this? If you waited, Jacob would eventually come to you, John.

LOCKE: I'm tired of waiting. Where is he, Richard?

[Richard takes the torch he just planted and leads Locke away.]

SUN: What happened to the rest of the statue?

BEN: I don't know. It was like that when I got here.

SUN: Do you expect me to believe that?

BEN: Not really.

LOCKE: All right, Ben, let's go.

[Ben stands and follows Locke to the statue. Richard notices him following.]

RICHARD: W--what are you doing?

BEN: John wants me to join him.

RICHARD: You can't bring him in.

LOCKE: Why not?

RICHARD: Because only our leader can request an audience with Jacob, and there can only be one leader on the Island at a time, John.

LOCKE: I'm beginning to think you just make these rules up as you go along, Richard. Ben is coming in with me, and if that's a problem, I'm sure Jacob and I can work it out.

[Richard continues to the base of the statue. He hands Locke his torch and pushes against an indented section of the wall. After much effort, a piece of the wall moves back slightly. He takes his torch back.]

RICHARD: Tell him I said hello.

[Richard leaves Locke and Ben alone. Locke then moves the stone back the rest of the way and Ben enters in behind him. Ben pauses for a moment.]

LOCKE: Will you be able to do this, Ben? I know it won't be easy, but things will change... [whispers] once he's gone. [offers Ben a knife] I promise.

[Ben takes the knife from the sheath in Locke's hand. They start to make their way toward the chamber.]

Act 4

[1977 - Jin tends to Sayid's bandages.]

MILES: Can I ask you something, LaFleur?

SAWYER: There ain't no more LaFleur, Enos. Go ahead, shoot.

MILES: Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy's actually gonna cause the thing he says he's trying to prevent? Perhaps that little nuke is the incident? So maybe the best thing to do... is nothing?

[No-one responds.]

MILES: I'm glad you all thought this through.

[The group spots a vehicle driving over the terrain in the distance.]

JULIET: What's going on?

JIN: It's Phil. That's the road to the Swan.

KATE: If they see Jack, they're gonna kill him.

SAWYER: What do you think, Blondie?

JULIET: Live together, die alone.

[At the worksite, Phil and his team arrive. Alarm continues blaring, man shouting indistinctly.]

RADZINSKY: Good for you. You got here fast.

PHIL: Any sign of 'em yet?

RADZINSKY: No, not yet. You got time to set up a perimeter.

DR. CHANG: You called these men to the site?

PHIL: [pointing] You, rear ridgeline. You, top ridgeline.

DR. CHANG: We need to be getting people away from here!

PHIL: You, top of the scaffolding. Go now!

[Jack watches the scene from above. Alarm continues blaring. Jack makes his way to the water tank just on top of the ridge.]

PHIL: There!

[Phil spots him and a barrage of bullets are shot at Jack. Jack takes cover and manages to shoot one of the guards with his shots. Jack tries to make his way closer to the site but backtracks when he is shot at.]

[Man shouts indistinctly]


PHIL: Flank him! Get him now!

[A DHARMA van approaches. Kate and Juliet are shooting from within the van.]

RADZINSKY: Who's this?!

[The van halts and Juliet hops out. Sawyer and Miles follow shortly after. Gunfire continues and several more security members are hit. Jack makes his way closer to the site, jumping down ridges on his way.]


[Gunshots ricochet as the fighting continues. Sawyer sneaks through the site and jumps Radzinsky, hitting in with his gun.]


[Sawyer then grabs Phil by the neck from behind and holds a gun to his head. Pierre manages to disarm Radzinsky.]

SAWYER: [holds Phil at gunpoint] Drop it, Phil, or you're a dead man!

PHIL: Okay, okay.

SAWYER: Tell 'em to put their guns down.

PHIL: [Shouting] Drop the guns! Drop the guns!

[Workers put their guns down]

[Drilling continues]

SAWYER: All right, you can come out now, Doc!

[Kate hops of out of the van and with Juliet starts to head down into the site.]

SAWYER: Hurry up and do your business.

[Alarm continues blaring.]

SAWYER: Turn that damn thing off!

[Pierre pulls all the levers but the drilling continues.]

SAWYER: What's the matter?!

[Pierre pushes a button on the drill, but it does nothing.]

DR. CHANG: It won't shut down!

SAWYER: Why not?!

DR. CHANG: Something's pulling the drill down.

RADZINSKY: We hit the pocket!

[Jack pulls Jughead's core from backpack and holds it over the hole.]

SAWYER: Hurry up, Doc! What are you waiting for?! Drop it!

[Drilling continues. Jack looks up at Kate. She looks back and nods. Sawyer releases Phil and looks at Juliet. She smiles. Sawyer closes his eyes. Jack drops Jughead's core and it plummets down the shaft. Everyone closes their eyes. After a few moments of flinching, they all open their eyes.]

SAWYER: [Sighs] This don't look like LAX.

[Suddenly a humming sound begins. Metal clanking and banging loudly as the drill shakes. Steam shoots from the shaft. Jack's gun is pulled into the shaft by an invisible force. Then a toolbox is pulled into it. Pierre tries to shut the drill down once more, but nothing happens. Then the drill tower bends and creaks as it is pulled down by the electromagnetism.]

DR. CHANG: [hand gets trapped under machine] Aah!



[Loud clank as toolbox hits Jack in the back of the head.]

JACK: Uhh!

KATE: Jack!


[Clattering as metal tubes bounce everywhere.]

MILES: [frees Dr. Chang] Get away from here! Get as far away from here as you can!

RADZINSKY: [boarding car] Get in!

WORKER: What the hell's going on?!

WORKER: Get out of here!

WORKER: Come on!

[Radzinsky tries to drive a Jeep away but it is pulled back by the electromagnetism.


[The Jeep is overturned and the passengers thrown out of it. Phil picks up gun and points it at Sawyer.]

PHIL: Hey, LaFleur!

[Sawyer notices the scaffolding beginning to fall and runs away. It lands on Phil, who is then is then impaled by a metal spike. A chain is pulled by the magnetism and wraps around Juliet, dragging her to the shaft opening.]

JULIET: Aah! Help!

KATE: Juliet! [tries to pull her to safety] Ah, come on! Sawyer!

JULIET: Help! [tries to hold onto bars]

SAWYER: Juliet!

KATE: [Grunts] Sawyer!


[She loses grip of the bar but Sawyer grabs her hand just in time.]

SAWYER: Where do you think you're going, Blondie?

JULIET: [Gasps] Aah! It hurts! Aah!

SAWYER: Kate! Help me get those chains off!

[Kate attempts to reach for the chains]

SAWYER: Hold on! You hold on!

JULIET: [Crying] I can't. I can't get it off.

SAWYER: I got you.

KATE: [Grunts] I can't...

[Metal creaks.]

JULIET: [Sobbing]

KATE: I can't reach them.

SAWYER: You hold on!

[The machine buckles.]

JULIET: Aah! No! [Cries]

SAWYER: Please! I got you.

[The drill structure begins to snap.]

KATE: Sawyer!

[Machine buckles again.]

SAWYER: Don't you leave me.

JULIET: [Panting] It's okay.

SAWYER: Don't you leave me! You hold on!

JULIET: [Sobbing] I love you.

SAWYER: No, you don't let go!

JULIET: I love you, James.

SAWYER: Don't let go.

JULIET: I love you so much.

SAWYER: No! No, don't let go!

[Juliet releases her grip and screams as she falls down the shaft.]

SAWYER: Juliet! No! [Sobs]

Act 5

[2007 - Sun is sitting on a rock. Richard approaches her.]


SUN: Do you have any alcohol?

RICHARD: [Chuckles] No. Sure wish I did.

[Ilana and her team arrive with the crate. The Others cock their guns.]

ILANA: Don't shoot.

RICHARD: It's okay. It's all right.

ILANA: Which one of you is Richardus?

RICHARD: It's Richard, actually.

ILANA: What lies in the shadow of the statue?

RICHARD: [after a moment] Ille qui nos omnes servabit.

[Ilana closes her eyes with relief.]

ILANA: Richard... I'm Ilana. I have something you need to see. [Shouting, to her team] Open it up.

[The Others cock their guns.]

RICHARD: It--it's okay. It's okay. Let them.

[They open the crate and tip the contents onto the sand. Richard and Sun peer over the crate to see a body.

RICHARD: Where did you find him?

ILANA: In the cargo hold of the plane we came here on... in a coffin.

[The body is revealed to be that of John Locke.]

SUN: I don't understand. If this is Locke... who's in there?

[Inside the base of the statue, Locke and Ben enter the chamber, where the fire is still burning. It appears to be empty. Ben looks up through the hole in the ceiling to see the night sky above them and a crescent moon. Ben then examines a tapestry on the wall. Jacob is revealed to be sitting behind a pillar in his chair.]

JACOB: You like it? I did it myself. It takes a very long time when you're making the thread, but, uh... I suppose that's the point, isn't it?

LOCKE: Hello, Jacob.

[Jacob nods to himself.]

JACOB: Well, you found your loophole.

LOCKE: Indeed I did. And you have no idea what I've gone through to be here.

BEN: Have you met before?

LOCKE: In a manner of speaking. [Whispers] Do what I asked you to, Ben.

[Jacob walks over to Ben.]

JACOB: Benjamin... whatever he's told you, I want you to understand one thing. You have a choice.

BEN: What "choice"?

JACOB: You can do what he asked, or you can go, leave us to discuss our... issues.

BEN: Oh... so now, after all this time, you've decided to stop ignoring me. Thirty-five years I lived on this island, and all I ever heard was your name over and over. Richard would bring me your instructions--all those slips of paper, all those lists--and I never questioned anything. I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told, "You have to wait. You have to be patient." But when he asked to see you? He gets marched straight up here as if was Moses. So... why him? Hmm? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?!

JACOB: What about you?

BEN: [Whispers] Oh. [Normal voice] Well...

[Ben stabs Jacob twice in the chest. Jacob falls into Ben's arms and then onto the floor, blood dripping from his mouth.]

JACOB: [Gagging] They're... coming.

LOCKE: What?

[Jacob gags.]

LOCKE: I can't hear you.

JACOB: They're coming.

[Locke stares at Jacob for a moment, then kicks him into a fire pit in the center of the room.]

[1977 - At the Swan site, Jack wakes up. He hears the muffled voices of Kate and Sawyer.]

SAWYER: Juliet!

[Buzzing and humming continues.]

KATE: Sawyer, get off of there!

[Metal continues creaking.]

KATE: We have to go right now. We need to go!

[Sawyer groans as he rests on the drill structure, which is about to fall into the shaft.]

KATE: Get off. It's going down! This thing is gonna go! You have to let it go. You have to go! This thing is going to blow at any second.


[Jack comes over.]

KATE: Jack! Jack, help me get him off.

[They pull Sawyer away from the drill as it crashes and falls down into the hole. Underground, Juliet wakes up and coughs up blood and cries. She notices the Jughead core lying next to her. She picks up a rock and begins to strike the bomb.]

[Buzzing and humming continues.]

JULIET: [Groans] Come on! Come on! [Sobbing] Come on! Go! Come on! Come on! Come on, you son of a bitch!

[After the eigth strike, there is a loud explosion and a bright white light fills the world.]

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