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"The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" are the 16th and 17th episodes of Season 5 of Lost, the finale episodes of Season 5 and the 102nd/103rd produced hours of the series as a whole. It broadcasted on May 13, 2009. Jack's decision to put a plan in action in order to set things right on the Island is met with some strong resistance by those close to him, and Locke assigns Ben a difficult task.





Jacob discusses with a man their rivalry back in the 1800s.

Sometime in the 1800s, Jacob is in an stone-columned room beneath the four-toed statue. He is spinning thread to use for a tapestry he is weaving. He is wearing handmade clothing, including a long white tunic, and uses a long-bladed knife. Outside on the beach, he snares a red fish in a wicker fish trap, then fillets and cooks it on a rock over a fire. As he eats, he watches a large sailing ship on the horizon. Another man also wearing handmade clothing, including a long black shirt approaches him. He asks how the ship found the Island, and accuses Jacob of having brought them here. The man claims that people brought to the Island always bring destruction and corruption, but Jacob disagrees. The unknown man tells Jacob he wants badly to kill him and that one day he will find a "loophole" which will allow him to do so.


In 1976, a young James Ford sits on the steps of a church, on the day of his parents' funeral. He has just seen his parents' coffins loaded into a hearse. He is writing a letter to Anthony Cooper, known to him as Tom Sawyer, stating his intent for revenge. He is approached by Jacob and given a pen to replace his own which has just run out of ink. Jacob tells James that he is very sorry about his mother and father. Immediately after Jacob's departure, James' uncle Doug, prompts him to get ready to leave for the cemetery. He reads what James is writing and tells him he shouldn't seek revenge but move on saying, "What's done is done." He makes James promise he won't finish writing the letter. James agrees and is handed back what he had already written.


Juliet's parents tell her and Rachel that they're getting a divorce. They say that they love each other but it is just not meant to be. Juliet is enraged at her parents and runs off, refusing their offers to help her cope with it. She cannot understand how two people can love each other yet not stay together, to which they reply that she'll understand it when she's older.


A young Kate and Tom attempt to shoplift from a small convenience store. Kate's friend distracts the store clerk while she steals a lunchbox. She's caught on the way out, and the clerk threatens to call the police and her parents. Jacob offers to pay for the lunchbox, which satisfies the clerk. He then makes Kate promise to never steal again, and touches her nose.


Jack is in surgery, operating on a teenage girl. He accidentally nicks the patient's dural sac and goes into a panic. He is told to count to five by Christian, who tells him if he doesn't calm down, he will take over for Jack. After the surgery, he speaks with Christian, angry that he was "put in a time-out" and disrespected in front of his team. As he walks away, Jacob offers him the Apollo Candy Bar Jack tried to get out of a broken vending machine. Jacob touches Jack's hand for a moment and says, "Maybe all it needed was a little push."

Sun & Jin

At Sun and Jin's wedding, Jacob tells them both to cherish the time they have together and never let it go, in Korean. He gently pats both on the shoulders before he leaves. After he leaves, Sun and Jin are both perplexed at who exactly he was, though Jin notes that his Korean was excellent.


Jacob sits outside a building sitting on a bench reading Flannery O'Connor's Everything That Rises Must Converge. Seconds later John Locke falls onto the ground after having been pushed out the 8th story window by Anthony Cooper. He appears to have died on impact, until Jacob approached him, and after touching his shoulder, Locke gasped and opened his eyes. Jacob told him everything would be fine, and was sorry this had happened to him. Locke was unaware that this was Jacob.


In 2005, Sayid is with Nadia, celebrating their one-year anniversary. Nadia insists they go somewhere nice to celebrate, though Sayid is reluctant. Jacob asks them for directions, distracting Sayid while Nadia is hit by a car. Jacob touches Sayid's shoulder before he runs to her side.


Ilana is in a hospital, heavily bandaged. A nurse tells her that despite the nature of her injuries, she has a visitor. Jacob comes to her and asks her for help.


In 2007, Hurley is being released from prison. He tries to convince the guard that he shouldn't be released because he is a murderer. The guard says he's been discharged and should go to the cab stand in front of the building. He gets in a cab with Jacob already sitting as a passenger offering to share the cab. Jacob has the guitar case Hurley will bring onto the island beside him. Jacob asks Hurley why he won't go back to the island. Hurley replies confessing he believes himself to be cursed, being the cause of all the death and tragedy that has surrounded him. Jacob tells him he is blessed in his abilities to speak with the dead and that he is not crazy. He tells Hurley about Ajira 316 and tells him all he has to do is be on that plane. He tells Hurley that it's his choice and that he doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to. As he leaves the cab Hurley tells him he left his guitar to which Jacob replies, "It's not my guitar."

On the Island


Following the events of the previous episode, Kate, Juliet and Sawyer are on the submarine leaving the island. Kate convinces Juliet and Sawyer that they need to stop Jack from detonating a hydrogen bomb on the island. They force the captain to surface so that they may leave, instructing the captain to continue on course away from the island. They arrive on the island, where they are greeted by Vincent the dog, who has been in the care of Rose and Bernard for the past three years. Rose explains to the trio that she and Bernard are now retired and live a quiet life near the beach, scavenging food and avoiding detection from the Dharma Initiative. Rose points them in the right direction and they leave.

Meanwhile, Jack and Sayid dismantle the hydrogen bomb in the tunnels under the Dharma Initiative's barracks, in order to remove its core. Richard Alpert and Eloise Hawking assist Jack and Sayid in entering the barracks via the basement of one of the houses. Richard knocks out Eloise to prevent her traveling with them to detonate the bomb because she is pregnant. Sayid dons a Dharma jumpsuit in order to fit in at the barracks; they almost escape when Roger Linus recognizes him and shoots him. Jack and Sayid escape in a van driven by Hurley, along with Jin and Miles. Hurley drives to the construction site of the Swan station, while Jack treats Sayid's wounds, however they are stopped by Juliet, Sawyer and Kate.

Jack and Sawyer discuss the situation away from the other survivors, with Sawyer expressing his opinion that "what's done is done" and that they shouldn't try to change the past. Jack claims that it his destiny to change the past and that John Locke has always been right about the island. Jack and Sawyer get into a fist fight, which is broken up by Juliet, who now agrees with Jack that they must detonate the bomb. Juliet then breaks up with Sawyer, claiming that although they love each other, they are not meant to be together, and that if they never meet then she will never have to lose him. With everyone now on the same page, Jack enters the construction site of the Swan station at the same time that security officer Phil arrives with a team of armed men. On the orders of Radzinsky, Dr. Pierre Chang continues drilling into the energy source beneath the construction site. A massive gunfight ensues, wherein the survivors gain the upper hand, allowing Jack to drop the bomb into the pit at the same time that the drill hits the energy source. All metal items are suddenly pulled into the pit, causing Phil to be stabbed by a rebar, Dr. Chang's arm to be severed and Juliet to be dragged into the chasm by a metal chain. Sawyer grabs her hand, but is unable to save her; she falls to the bottom of the pit, and Sawyer cries. Severely injured, Juliet hits the hydrogen bomb with a rock 8 times until it detonates.


Locke, Ben, Sun and the Others travel to the remains of the four-toed statue, where Jacob resides. Locke assigns Ben the task of killing Jacob, and provides motivation by reminding Ben of the all the bad things that have happened to him. The group stops to take a brief break at the survivor's old campsite. Sun sees the crib that Locke made for Aaron and Claire and goes over to it. When she turns it over, she finds Charlie's old ring with "DS" engraved in it.

At the same time, a group of survivors from Ajira Flight 316, including Ilana and Bram travel towards Jacob's cabin, with Frank Lapidus and a giant metal crate from the cargo of the plane. They find the cabin deserted, and set it on fire, after realizing that they must travel to the statue. Their group arrives shortly after Ben and Locke enter a chamber in the base of statue. Ilana asks for "Ricardus" and Richard identifies himself. Ilana asks Richard "What lies in the shadow of the statue?", and Richard replies in Latin, "He who will protect/save us all." Ilana reveals the contents of the crate: John Locke's dead body.

Inside the chamber, Jacob correctly deduces that Locke is really his rival and that he has tricked Ben into coming there. Jacob tells Ben that whatever he has been told, he still has a choice in what he will do. When Ben asks Jacob about all the times he has been neglected, putting to him the question, "What about me?", his only reply is, "What about you?" Upon hearing this, Ben stabs Jacob repeatedly. Jacob whispers to the man wearing Locke's form, "They're coming," and the imposter pushes Jacob into a fire.



  • Richard Alpert responded to the question of "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" with Ille qui nos omnes servabit - “He who will protect/save us all.” Latin students will be careful not to confuse the verb servo, servare - “protect, keep, save” (it’s the root of English words like “conserve” and “preserve"), with the almost-homophone servio, servire - “to serve".
  • The camera movement that reveals Locke's body in the crate is exactly the same as the camera movement used to reveal Locke's body in the coffin at the end of season 4.
  • This episode continues the tradition of having a significant plot device of the season be blown up in the season finale.
  • Jacob becomes the sixth guest-starring character in the series to have his or her own flashback episode (the others being Rose, Bernard, Desmond (who later joined the main cast), Frank, and Naomi). He is also the fourth character (after Juliet, Miles and Charlotte) to be introduced in a flashback before being introduced the main story timeline.

Production notes

5x16 Inverted lost

The inverted title

  • Daniel and Desmond do not appear in this episode.
  • The ending title appears inverted from its usual color, with a white background and black lettering.
  • This is the first finale in which Walt does not appear.

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • The straps on Jack's surgical mask appear both above and below his ears in different shots during the surgery scene.
  • During the final scene the blood around Juliet's mouth and face keeps disappearing and reappearing.
  • In the gun-fight at the Swan site, Kate's gun is shown as out of ammo, but the next shot shows her continuing to shoot, then she replenishes the magazine.
  • When they arrive at the statue, the remains are of statue's RIGHT foot. When the statue was first seen in the season 2 finale, the remains were of the statue's LEFT foot.
  • When Sayid is dismantling the bomb, he is shown wearing gloves, and then not wearing gloves.
Juliet blood

Juliet's blood blooper

Recurring themes

Recurring themes
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Storyline analysis

Cultural references

Cultural references
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  • "ΘΕΟΙ ΤΟΣΑ ΔΟΙΕΝ ΟΣΑ ΦΡΕΣΙ ΣΗΣΙ ΜΕΝΟΙΝΑΣ", which means, "may the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires"
  • "[ΘΕΟΙ ΔΕ] ΤΟΙ ΟΛΒΙΑ ΔΟΙΕΝ", which means, "may the gods give you happiness." (Religion and ideologies)

  • The Dukes of Hazzard: Sawyer refers to Miles as Enos, the deputy on the show.
  • The Lord of the Rings:Return of the King: The moment when Juliet is being drag into the hole and Sawyer had her hand is very similar to the scence at the end of the third Lord of the Rings film when Frodo is dangling above the fires of Mount Doom. Some of the lines stated are even almost identical.
  • Psycho: When Ben stabs Jacob, both his arm motion and the music mirror the famous shower scene in the Hitchcock film.

Literary techniques

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Episode references

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: The Incident, Parts 1 & 2/Theories
  • Who are "they" that are coming?
  • How does Jacob "bring" people to the Island?
  • Why did Jacob choose to visit each person at pivotal moments of their lives?
    • What is the significance of these times?
    • Why does he make sure to physically touch each one of them?
    • How does he get off the island?
  • What happened when Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb?
  • Why did Jacob leave his cabin?
    • Who did Locke and Hurley see previously at the cabin?
    • Has Jacob's rival been using the cabin? And if so does that mean he is Christian?
  • Who are Ilana and her crew, and why are they referring to themselves as "the good guys?"
  • Why did Ilana order the cabin to be burned?
  • What does Ben know about the destruction of the statue?
  • Who is Jacob's enemy?
    • Why does he want to kill Jacob?
    • What is the loophole?
  • Why did Jacob arrange events to lead up to different people returning or reaching the island?
  • Why did Jacob refuse to meet with Ben?
  • What is Christian's relationship to Jacob?
    • Is Christian really Christian or Jacob's rival manifested as Christian?
  • What does it say above the loom that Jacob is using in the opening scene?
  • What is Ilana's connection to Jacob?
    • Why is she heavily bandaged?
  • Why did Richard say he does not age because of Jacob?
  • How did Jacob come to be on the Island?
  • Who is "Pseudo-Locke"?
  • Is the crater from Rousseau's map, the crater created by the bomb?

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