The Hostiles' camp was the living place of the Others in 1977 and through at least 1989. The camp consisted of yurts and tents. It was located somewhere not far from the Barracks and the Temple. ("The Variable")

In 1977, after taking a young Benjamin Linus to the Temple, Richard Alpert took the boy to the Others' camp. Later, Charles Widmore, one of their leaders, came by horseback to visit a recovering Ben. ("Dead Is Dead")

A couple of days later, Daniel Faraday came to the camp to speak to his mother, Eloise Hawking. When he threatened to shoot Richard if he didn't tell him where she was, she appeared from behind and shot him dead. ("The Variable")

Nearly ten years later, Ben, who had been sent to murder Danielle Rousseau, came back to the camp with the woman's baby, Alex. Charles was upset that Ben hadn't exterminated the mother as he had been ordered, but Ben snapped in retort that if he wanted the baby dead, he ought to kill her himself. ("Dead Is Dead")


  • The yurts are identical to those used at the decoy village.
  • Several of the Others also appear to wear their feet bare in camp.