"The Gathering"
2x08 bernard rose
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©2006 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"The Gathering" is an orchestral piece on the Season Two soundtrack. It plays when the two survivor camps unite.

Scene description

Kate looks after a feverish Sawyer. Outside, Vincent runs to meet Michael. Charlie, playing the guitar, notices that the tailies and the remaining raft passengers have returned and runs to hug Jin. Rose and Bernard see each other and embrace. Sun, washing clothes, first ignores the newcomers, then spots Jin. They too embrace. In the jungle, Eko and Jack spot Sayid carrying Shannon's dead body. The episode ends as Jack and Ana Lucia stare at each other.


"The Gathering" is a variation on the departure theme. At the end, it includes a cue that could be Boone and Shannon's theme or Ana Lucia's motif.

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