"The Final Countdown" is an orchestral piece on the Season 2 soundtrack. It plays at the end of "Orientation."

Scene description

In a flashback, Helen gives Locke an ultimatum: choose his father or her. Locke says he can't choose, but she tells him he can, if he just takes a "leap of faith".

In the present, Kate has just reset the circuit breaker in the Swan, and Sayid has fixed the computer. Hurley tries to dissuade Locke from entering the code but stops when he realizes Locke is entering the wrong code. Before he can hit execute though, Jack returns and tells him the correct code, having just learned it from Desmond.

Instead of pushing the button himself, Locke tells Jack to do so. Jack refuses at first, but Locke tells him to take a leap of faith. Jack pushes the button.

Full list of appearances

  • Desmond directs Jack and Locke to watch the Swan's orientation film. ("Orientation")
  • Locke and Eko find the Pearl hatch. ("?")
    • They look down into it. ("?")
  • Miles, Hurley and Dr. Chang drive into the Swan construction site. ("Some Like It Hoth")


The first movement, which plays during Locke's flashback, is a variation of Locke's second theme.

The second begins with the Swan theme. It moves to Locke's mystery theme, followed by the piece's own motif. The Swan theme returns, which later leads into Locke's mystery theme. At the end, Locke's mystery theme blends with his first theme.

Title significance

The title refers to the hatch's countdown timer. "The Final Countdown" is also a well-known song by Europe, famous for its opening keyboard riff.

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