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Enhanced version of Season 6, Episode 17: The End-Enhanced --

Part 1, Act 1

This is not a flashback or a flash-forward.

It is a flash "sideways".

It presents what would have happened

if Oceanic Flight 815 didn't crash.

This is Christian Shephard's coffin.

Christian is Jack's father who died in Sydney.

This is Jack in the sideways.

He is preparing for the spinal surgery

he believes will allow John Locke to walk again.

This is Locke's x-ray.

This is Jack on the island.

He has just been anointed

as the island's protector.

This is Ben Linus in the sideways.

He is a mild-mannered high school teacher.

This is Ben on the island.

He is the deposed leader of the Others

and working with Locke

to regain control of the island.

This is Locke in the sideways.

This is James Ford.

In the sideways, he is a cop.

But on the island,

James is a con man

who goes by the nickname "Sawyer."

This is Kate on the island.

She was shot in the shoulder.

This is Kate in the sideways.

She was arrested for murder

though she claims she is innocent.

Desmond busted Kate and Sayid out of jail

in this season's episode, "The Candidate."

The missing body of Christian Shephard

mirrors a similar situation on the island

as seen in the Season 1 episode

"White Rabbit."

Jack found the coffin on the island

but his father's body was missing

and he never found it on the island.

In the sideways

Oceanic found the coffin

and shipped it back to LA,

but it was Desmond

who made sure Oceanic found it

as revealed in the previous episode

"What They Died For."

Desmond believes

that the flash sideways are not real.

Desmond has been making contact

with the passengers from Oceanic 815

in an effort to help them remember

and "let go."

Jack is deep in thought about his new role

as protector of the island.

He chose the job because he believed

it was the reason he came to the island.

Jack accepted his destiny

even though he doesn't know what it is yet.

Jacob was the previous protector

of the island and anointed Jack

in the previous episode, "What They Died For."

The protector's job is to keep the light safe

and makes sure no one ever finds it.

The island is like a cork

holding back malevolence, evil and darkness.

If the light goes out on the island

it goes out everywhere.

Desmond is uniquely special.

He survived a catastrophic event

in which he was exposed

to a high level of electromagnetism

when he turned the fail-safe key in the hatch.

The hatch imploded

and the sky turned purple

as seen in the Season 2 finale,

"Live Together, Die Alone."

Locke believes that Desmond

can be used to help him destroy the island.

Part 1, Act 2

This is Hurley and Sayid in the sideways.

Desmond helped Hurley remember

his experience on the island.

Charlie died on the island, and so Hurley is happy to see him.

Kate has never embraced the idea

that the island is the survivors' destiny.

Kate and Jack used to be engaged

but their relationship quickly ended

and they've never been able to work through

their feelings for one another.

Locke sent Sayid to the well to kill Desmond

but Desmond talked him out of it, as seen

in this season's episode, "The Last Recruit."

Since Sawyer is no longer a candidate

Locke now knows there is only one person

he needs to kill in order to leave the island

and that is the island's new protector.

The island was seen

at the bottom of the ocean

in the flash sideways

of the Season 6 premiere, "LAX."

This is Rose and Bernard,

survivors of the Oceanic 815 plane crash.

Vincent, the dog, also survived the crash.

Rose and Bernard flashed back in time

along with Sawyer's group

as revealed in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident,"

but they decided to "retire"

and live in seclusion on the island.

The sky lit up

after Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb

as seen in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

This caused everyone to return

to the present year of 2007.

Desmond isn't afraid to go with Locke

because he saw his life in the flash sideways,

as seen in this season's episode,

"Happily Ever After."

Desmond is the only one on the island

who knows the sideways exist

and has no reason to be afraid.

Ben took the walkie talkie

from Charles Widmore at the barracks.

Ben gave the other walkie talkie to Miles

in the previous episode, "What They Died For."

This is Richard Alpert

an adviser to the Others.

Alpert wanted to reason with Locke

and prevent him from killing anyone

but Locke turned into the smoke monster

and knocked him into the jungle unconscious.

Alpert wants to use the C4

to blow up the Ajira plane

and prevent Locke from leaving the island.

This is the backstage area

for the charity concert.

In the sideways, Miles is a cop

and partnered with James Ford.

James and Miles arrested Sayid

for multiple shooting deaths

in a restaurant.

Sun and Jin were involved

in the shooting incident

and Sun was shot in the stomach.

This is Sun and Jin in the sideways.

In the island timeline, Sun and Jin were killed.

This is Juliet.

On the island, Juliet was a fertility doctor

who lived with the Others

but later joined the Oceanic survivors

in hopes of getting off the island.

Juliet died after detonating a hydrogen bomb

as seen in the Season 6 premiere, "LAX."

In the sideways, Juliet is an OB/GYN

as St. Sebastian Hospital.

These are flashes of Juliet

performing an ultrasound

on the island, as seen

in the Season 3 episode, "D.O.C."

After seeing their baby

Jin now remembers

their experiences on the island.

In the sideways

people remember their island experiences

when they are near death

or experience a moment of true love.

Memories of their rekindled romance

separation, reunion, and eventual death

are all flooding back to them.

Sun and Jin know it's a girl and her name

because Sun already had the baby

in the island world.

Sun and Jin can also speak English now,

because on the island,

they both could speak English.

In the sideways, Jack and Locke

first met at LAX after Oceanic 815 landed

as seen in the Season 6 premiere, "LAX."

Jack offered Locke a free consult

and told him that nothing is irreversible.

Locke refused to have the spinal surgery

but after a series of coincidences

that brought Jack and Locke together

Locke agreed to the surgery.

In the sideways, Jack and Locke

genuinely like and trust each other

which is a contrast to the island world.

Rain symbolizes danger on the island.

Whenever it rains

something bad is about to happen.

Richard Alpert was brought to the island in 1867

and given the gift of immortality by Jacob.

But now that Jacob is dead

and there is a new protector

Richard is mortal again and can now age.

This is the body of the sub captain.

In this season's episode, "The Candidate."

Locke planted a bomb on the sub

which exploded and resulted in the deaths

of Sun, Jin, and Sayid.

This is Frank Lapidus, who was also on the sub.

He was knocked unconscious by the explosion

and presumed dead.

Lapidus came to the island on the freighter

with Miles and was supposed to be

the original pilot of Oceanic 815.

Lapidus was the pilot of the Ajira Flight 316.

Ajira 316 brought the Oceanic survivors

back to the island, as seen

in the Season 5 episodes, "316" and "Namaste."

Because Locke is actually the smoke monster

he is immune from harm

and cannot be killed simply with bullets.

It may seem that Jack never had a choice

and that Jacob was pulling strings

to bring him to this island.

But Jack still had the power of choice.

The fact that he chooses to protect the island

makes Locke uneasy.

Part 1, Act 3

Jack discovered Claire was his sister

after finding his father's will

as seen in the Season 6 episode, "The Lighthouse."

In the sideways, Juliet and James

don't know each other.

However, on the island, they fell in love

and lived together for over three years.

Widmore actually brought Desmond

back to the island

as seen in this season's episode, "Dr. Linus."

But Widmore claimed Jacob told him to bring Desmond back.

Widmore was shot and killed by Ben

in the previous episode,

"What They Died For."

This stream flows underground

to the heart of the island.

Desmond thinks he will go back

to his sideways life, as he did

when Widmore performed the experiment, as seen

in this season's episode, "Happily Ever After."

Jack thought that he could change the future

and prevent Oceanic 815 from crashing

by detonating a hydrogen bomb, as seen

in the Season 5 finale, The Incident."

But Jack woke up back on the island

and realized he couldn't change the future.

This is the light

that Jack has sworn to protect.

Part 1, Act 4

Sayid was a torturer

in the Iraqi Republican Guard

but on the island, Sayid helped people

and renounced his former skills.

In the sideways, Hurley knows Sayid is good

because he remembers their life on the island.

This is Shannon

one of the survivors of Oceanic 815.

She died on the island

in the Season 2 episode, "Collision."

When Shannon and Sayid touch

they suddenly remember

falling in love on the island.

This is Boone, Shannon's step-brother.

He is an Oceanic 815 survivor

and also died on the island, as seen

in the Season 1 episode, Do No Harm."

Boone remembers his island life, too

and helped bring Shannon and Sayid's consciousness

back together.

Hydra Island is a smaller island

a few miles off the coast of the main island.

Claire lived in the jungle alone

for over three years and has become crazy.

Kate returned to the island to find Claire

and reunite her with her son, Aaron.

Claire used to be part of Locke's group

but he abandoned her.

Locke is referring to the time

he and Jack blew open

the Swan station hatch

as seen in the Season 1 Finale, "Exodus."

Jack and Locke found Desmond living there.

Desmond was charged with pushing a button

every 108 minutes to save the world.

At the time, Jack and Locke argued

over Locke's faith in the island

and the importance of pushing the button.

Jack now believes that Locke

had been right about the island all along.

This is Charlotte Lewis.

She came to the island on the freighter

with Miles Straume and Frank Lapidus.

Charlotte died on the island

in the Season 5 episode, "This Place is Death."

This is Daniel Faraday.

On the island, Daniel and Charlotte

had a romantic connection.

Daniel died on the island

in the Season 5 episode, "The Variable."

Daniel is Charles Widmore's biological son

On the island, his last name was Faraday,

but in the sideways, he goes by Widmore.

In the sideways, Claire and Kate

already now each other.

After Oceanic 815 landed at LAX,

Kate carjacked the taxi Claire was sitting in.

When Claire went into early labor,

Kate rushed her to the hospital

as seen in this season's episode

"What Kate Does."

Dr. Chang lived on the island in the 1970s

working as a scientist in the DHARMA Initiative.

He is Miles Straume's father.

Charlie and Claire fell in love on the island.

In this season's episode, "Happily Ever After."

Charlie told Desmond he saw a vision of Claire

during a near-death experience aboard Oceanic 815.

Many people have come to the island

and tried to take the light.

Exposure to this cavern can be deadly.

But Desmond is special

and can withstand the electromagnetic forces.

This pool is the very heart of the island.

There have been many groups

who have lived on the island

as evidenced by the Ancient Egyptian

Sumerian and Angkor-like statues and carvings.

The humming sound and bright light indicate

a strong electromagnetic force is rising.

Stopping the flow of water

and causing the light to go out

is not what Desmond believed would happen

but it's exactly what Locke thought would happen.

Now the island is in danger of being destroyed.

The blood from the wound indicates

that the Man in Black is now mortal.

Both he and Jack realize

that Locke now can be killed.

Part 1, Act 5

This is Eloise Hawking.

She is Charles Widmore's wife

and Daniel's mother.

Hawking lived on the island for over 20 years

and was once the leader of the Others.

In the Season 5 episode, "The Variable,"

she shot and killed her own son.

In the island timeline

she pushed Daniel in his physics studies

hoping he could figure out a way

to prevent her from killing him.

But in the sideways

she gets to spend time with Daniel.

This moment mirrors

the Season 1 episode, "Do No Harm."

when Claire gave birth to her baby on the island.

Kate was there helping Claire, as was Charlie.

Kate is experiencing flashes

and remembers her life on the island.

Claire is also experiencing flashes.

She knows the baby's name is Aaron

because she remembers naming him

on the island.

Charlie and Claire now remember

everything that happened to them

on the island.

With the light extinguished

the island is now collapsing into the ocean.

Alpert and Lapidus are repairing

the Ajira plane that landed on Hydra Island

in the Season 5 episode, "Namaste."

The sailboat in the distance is the Elizabeth

that brought Desmond to the island.

The Man in Black, in the form of Locke,

wants to use it to sail off the island forever.

Part 2, Act 1

The knife tip presses into Jack's neck

in the same exact spot

as the cut that keeps reappearing

on Jack's neck in the sideways.

The Man in Black

the smoke monster

the embodiment of evil and darkness

is dead.

This moment mirrors

the moment on the island after the crash

when Locke regained the use of his legs

as seen in the Season 1 episode, "Walkabout."

Locke now remembers his island life.

Jack is starting to remember his island life

but refuses to accept it.

In Jack's island life, he married and divorced

a woman named Sarah, as seen

in the Season 2 episode, "The Hunting Party."

They never had a son.

Part 2, Act 2

The continuation of tremors indicates

their work on the island is not yet finished.

Sun and Jin recognize James

and know who he really is

but James doesn't remember his island life yet

and doesn't know who they are.

Sun and Jin recognize Sayid

and know he is not a threat to them.

When Ajira Flight 316 landed

a tree broke through the windshield

and killed the co-pilot.

Jack knows he's going to die

and knows he will never leave the island.

Sawyer knows this is goodbye.

Sawyer and Jack have had many conflicts

but could not have survived without each other

and they both know it.

Kate understands the inevitability of this moment

but can't accept it.

Jack knows he can't promise her anything

and Kate knows he won't lie to her.

Part 2, Act 3

This moment mirrors Sawyer's heroic jump

to help lighten the load of the rescue chopper

as seen in the Season 4 Finale

"There's No Place Like Home."

In the sideways

Jack and James don't know each other.

On the island

"Doc" was one of Sawyer's nicknames for Jack.

This seems to trigger something for James.

This is the same vending machine

where Jack encountered Jacob for the first time

as seen in the Season 5 episode, "The Incident."

"It worked" is the last thing

Juliet wanted to tell Sawyer before she died

as seen in the Season 6 Premiere, "LA X."

Sawyer and Juliet are starting to remember.

These are flashes

of their life together on the island.

Part 2, Act 4

Kate stole Jack's pen

in the Season 6 Premiere, "LA X."

She tried to use the pen to unlock her handcuffs

but it didn't work.

Other people have accepted

these moments of remembering

but Jack is scared and confused by them.

Jack knows he will not survive.

Ben is disappointed.

He always hoped to become the island's leader.

Hurley is an unlikely choice

but one that seems to make perfect sense.

Jack only agrees because he knows

it's the only way Hurley can cope

with saying goodbye.

This simple ceremony

makes Hurley the protector of the island.

Jacob performed this same ceremony with Jack

in the previous episode, "What They Died For."

Desmond is married to Penny Widmore

and they have a son named Charlie.

Claire went missing in the jungle

following who she thought was her father

Christian Shephard.

The figure turned out to be the Man in Black

using Christian's form to lead her astray

as seen in the Season 4 episode

"Something Nice Back Home."

Kate took Claire's son, Aaron, into her care

and raised him off the island as her own

as revealed in the Season 4 episode, "Eggtown."

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