"The End" is the 17th and final episode in Season 6 of Lost, the final episode of the series, and produced hours 120 & 121 (the second hour being extended) of the series as a whole. It was broadcast on May 23, 2010.

This episode was simulcast in many countries. Italy, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and the United Kingdom showed the episode at the same time as in the West Coast of the USA. This meant an early morning broadcast in European countries.

On the Island, Jack and the Man in Black play out their last moves as the survivors make their final choices, and the true nature of the flash sideways is revealed.


Previously on Lost[]

On the Island[]

Opening montage[]


Jack takes in the morning as the Island's new protector.

  • Jack washes in the river and looks at his hands.
  • Ben loads a magazine and looks up to see Locke packing rope.
  • Sawyer walks over to Kate to care for her wound.

The river[]

Normal the-end0107

Sawyer leaves to search for Desmond, while the rest go to the Heart of the Island.

Kate observes Jack as he wades in the creek, taking in what has just happened. She leaves him alone, but then Sawyer joins him and asks if he's okay and asks what's going on. When Sawyer asks if Jack feels any different now that he's the "new Jacob," Jack answers, "Not really." Later, Jack tells Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer about the Heart of the Island that Jacob told him they needed to protect. Hurley asks if the "Locke Smoke Thing" wants to put out the light at the Heart and Jack explains that, if he does, it would be the end of all of them. Sawyer guesses that Locke hasn't yet put out the light because he doesn't have what he needs: Desmond. After Sawyer suggests that "Jacob didn't really say anything about anything," he goes to get Desmond out of the well while the others go to the Heart. Sawyer and Kate banter about whether or not she would come with or follow him. Hurley adds, "I have a bad feeling about this." As they walk Jack explains to Kate that he took the job because he was supposed to, and because the Island is all he has left, that it's the only thing he hasn't managed to ruin. Kate stops him and tries to reassure him that he hasn't ruined anything because "nothing is irreversible". Hurley quips that their conversation would be sweet if they weren't all about to die.

The well[]


The Man in Black lets Sawyer leave.

Sawyer covertly watches Locke at the well. Ben approaches Sawyer from behind, points a cocked rifle at him, and invites him to join them. Sawyer tells Locke he came to get Desmond out of the well, but when he looks down into the well he notes that they were both beaten to the punch. When Locke asks, Sawyer guesses that Locke wants Desmond so that he can destroy the Island. Locke confirms that this is his plan, but says he does not intend go down with the ship, instead Sawyer and the rest of "Jacob's little candidates" absolutely are. Sawyer counters that they are not candidates anymore. With Locke looking surprised at that revelation, Sawyer elbows Ben in the face, steals his rifle and leaves. After Locke makes no effort to go after him, Ben says he thought Locke was speaking figuratively when he said he was going to destroy the Island. Locke says he left out the bit about the Island being at the bottom of the sea. Now he offers Ben a place on the boat he is going to take to get off the Island. Locke notices the paw prints of a dog near the well.

Rose and Bernard's camp[]


The Man in Black threatens to kill Rose and Bernard.

At Rose and Bernard's cabin, Vincent runs to Desmond and licks his face. Rose greets him and Bernard goes to check the traps for fish. Rose says they built their camp in '75 but since the sky lit up again she doesn't know when they are now. She tells Desmond he must move on after he eats because their rule is not to get involved with the Island's dramas. However, Vincent and Bernard return with Locke and Ben in tow. Bernard apologizes. Locke draws his knife and threateningly tells Desmond to come with him and do his bidding or he will kill Rose and Bernard, even that he'll make it hurt. Desmond agrees only after receiving Locke's word that he won't touch them, ever. When asked by Locke, Desmond says he must be taking him to a place where there is a bright light, increasing Locke's surprise at how much the survivors seem to know.

The Barracks[]

When Miles tries to get through to Ben via the walkie talkie, Ben quickly turns it off. Miles is trying to tell Ben that he has found Richard. Richard wakes and asks Miles whether the smoke monster is still there to which Miles says no. Richard checks that Miles still has the C-4 as he wants to go to Hydra Island to finish what they started: to blow up the plane.

Richard looks at his first gray hair

Richard looks at his first gray hair.

Richard and Miles rush from the Barracks and ready an outrigger. Richard comments on the ominous storm clouds forming and Miles pauses to pluck a single gray hair from Richard's head. Richard smiles and tells Miles of his renewed desire to live. The two begin paddling. They pass through the debris of the sub, including the dead captain, and find Frank Lapidus, alive, hanging on to life preservers in the water. They haul him onto the outrigger and catch him up on the plan to blow up the plane. Frank asks why they would do that when they could use the plane to escape the island, saying, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm a pilot."

Trek to the Heart of the Island[]

Sawyer meets up with Jack, Kate and Hurley and tells them Locke plans to destroy the island and how important it is to find Desmond before Locke and Ben do. Jack tells him it doesn't matter who finds Desmond because they are all going to the same place anyway. Sawyer asks what happens then. Jack answers, "And then it ends."


The Man in Black feels uneasy about Jack planning to kill him.

Locke's group and Jack's group meet. Kate reacts by snatching Sawyer's gun and shooting at Locke, but to no effect. Locke tells her to save her bullets. He walks up to Jack and says: "So it's you", adding that he's somewhat surprised that Jacob chose Jack, as he is sort of the obvious choice. Jack corrects him and says he wasn't chosen, but that he volunteered. Locke assumes Jack is going to try and stop him but Jack admits that he can't and will instead go with him. Locke then thinks Jack doesn't understand what he plans to do, but Jack is clear that he certainly does, that he's going to the light, the place Jack has sworn to protect, where he thinks he's going to destroy the island. Jack says Locke won't destroy the Island. Instead, Jack will kill him, and how he plans to do that is a surprise.

As they hike towards the Heart, Sawyer asks Jack how he is going to kill Locke. Jack simply answers, "Desmond", but that he's not yet sure exactly how it's going to work. He's sure Jacob brought him back not as bait but as a weapon. When the group reaches the bamboo grove near the Heart, Locke draws his knife and says it should just be him, Jack, and Desmond from here on. Hurley steps up to Jack and says "I believe in you, dude." Locke comments on the bad storm approaching.

The Heart of the Island[]


Desmond is lowered into the Heart.

Once at the cave of the Heart, Locke ties a rope to a tree while Jack ties the other end around Desmond. Desmond tells Jack that this - killing Locke and destroying the Island - doesn't matter because once he goes into the cave, he'll go to another place where they can be with the ones they love, where they never have to see the Island again, and where a happier version of Jack exists. After saying that maybe there's a way he could bring Jack there too, Jack says he already tried that and that he found there are no shortcuts or do-overs; that what happened, happened and that all of this matters. The three men enter the cave.

Jack and Locke enter the cave and begin to lower Desmond into the brilliant abyss. The Man in Black remembers John Locke's memories of Jack and he, looking at Desmond down in a hole in the ground, lightheartedly commented on their bickering on whether or not to push the button. Jack cuts him short. "You're not John Locke; you disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you're nothing like him." Jack insists that John was right about almost everything, and wished he got to tell him this when he was still alive. Locke says John wasn't right about anything and that when the Island drops into the ocean and Jack drops with it, then he will realize this. Jack suggests they just watch and see who turns out to be right, and the two look down the waterfall now that Desmond has reached the bottom.


Desmond finds the Heart.

Desmond reaches a chamber below after passing skeletons. He finds the Heart, a glowing pool, filled by a small waterfall, with an elongated stone with ancient markings engraved on it at its center. He enters the water as electromagnetic energy emanates from the Heart. Desmond is clearly in pain, and his nose bleeds. Jack and Locke hear his screams. Desmond reaches the center stone and lifts it, like removing a giant stopper in the center of the pool. The stream from the waterfall stops, the electromagnetic force recedes, the light goes out, the pool dries up and there is a red hot glow emitting from the center. Desmond screams "No!" Locke says to a very worried Jack: "It looks like you were wrong." Locke says goodbye and leaves as earthquakes begin to wrack the Island.


The Man in Black is shocked to see he's bleeding.

Jack chases Locke out of the cave in a fit of fury, punching him in the mouth and jumping on him when he falls. Locke bleeds from the mouth. Jack sees the blood and says, "It looks like you were wrong too." Jack's hands move towards Locke's throat as they struggle. Locke finds a rock and hits Jack over the back of the head with it, and gets up and runs off as Jack becomes unconscious.

Hydra Island beach[]

The outrigger has reached Hydra Island. Miles calls Ben, who is sitting with Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley. Miles informs him they're going to fly off the Island and that they should get to Hydra Island now. Claire emerges from the bushes and holds Miles' group at gunpoint and shoots into the sand. Through the walkie talkie, Kate hears that Claire is there. Claire assumes Locke has sent them there to kill her. To convince her this isn't the case, Richard tells her they can go home and be free of Locke. He invites Claire to join them but she refuses and leaves.

The jungle[]

The predicted wild storm arrives and the earthquakes continue. Ben notices a large tree begining to fall and realizes it will crush Hurley. Ben pushes him out of the way and the tree falls on Ben, pinning him. Sawyer, Hurley and Kate can't lift it. Sawyer says Locke was right: the Island is going down. Miles radios Ben. Kate finds Ben's walkie in the mud. Miles tells Kate that Frank is fixing the plane and they should get over there quick smart. He also tells Kate that Claire is around but won't come. Sawyer uses a fallen tree branch as a lever to try to free Ben. Ben says he knows how they can get to Hydra Island - that Locke has a boat.


Jack almost "dies for nothing."

The cliffs[]

Locke stands on the cliff above the cliffside cave, looking at the Elizabeth anchored a short distance offshore. Before he can make it to the boat, Jack catches up to him, mad as ever. Locke turns around and the two face each other for the final showdown. Locke draws his knife and they run at each other across the uneven ground. Jack leaps at Locke and they fight as the storm rages and cliffs disintegrate.


"I saved you a bullet!"

Locke drops his knife, but during the struggle he picks it up and inflicts a fatal wound under Jack's rib cage. As he tries to finish him off, Locke tells Jack that "he died for nothing." Just then, Kate shoots him from behind; she "saved him a bullet." Jack struggles to his feet, but another quake shakes the Island and Locke says Jack is "too late" just before the rumbling stops. Jack kicks him off the cliff to the rocks below, and the evil Man in Black, the Smoke Monster, is dead.


Defeated by Jack and Kate, the Man in Black falls to his death.

Kate holds Jack, who looks at the knife wound in his side. Jack says "I'll be fine, just find me some thread and I'll count to five." Sawyer, Hurley and Ben arrive and as Kate tells them that it's over, the Island rumbles again and Sawyer says "Sure don't feel like it's over."

Ben tells the group that Frank and the rest are leaving, and if they are going to catch up they had better get to the boat and sail to Hydra Island quickly. Jack says that whatever Desmond turned off, he needs to turn it back on again. But he says that if people are going to leave they need to get on that plane. Kate tells him that he doesn't need to do this, but Jack is adamant that he does. Jack wishes Sawyer good luck.


Jack and Kate's final kiss.

Ben passes Sawyer the walkie saying that if the Island is going down then he is going down with it. Hurley refuses to climb down the rickety wooden ladders and tells Jack that he is with him. Kate and Jack share a tearful goodbye - they have a final kiss and declare their love for each other. The Island continues to shake uncontrollably. En route, Sawyer calls Frank, who tells them he is going to leave while there is still ground to leave on. Sawyer thinks he and Kate need to jump off the cliffs into the ocean to make to plane in time. Kate jumps without much thinking, followed by Sawyer shortly after. They swim out to the Elizabeth.

Ajira landing strip[]

Frank, Miles and Richard are in the cockpit of the plane. Frank turns on the electronics, to find that everything is working except for the hydraulics in the nose wheel. He turns to Miles and Richard and asks if either of them has mechanical experience. Richard looks bewildered; Miles says he worked for a contractor for a couple of summers renovating apartments. The Island and the plane continue to shake terribly. Frank rips a page from his manual, throwing it, a small torch and a roll of duct tape at Miles. He tells Miles and Richard to get down there and make sure everything is together.


Kate convinces Claire to come with them.

Miles wraps a wad of duct tape around a metal hydraulic hose. Richard is helping and asks if it is going to work. Miles says that he doesn't believe in a lot of things but he does believe in duct tape and thinks they will have things together soon. Frank is trying to get things squared away in the cockpit. He hears Ben's voice on the radio. Frank tells Ben to leave him alone and throws the radio aside to continue working. Frank fires the plane up. Kate and Sawyer swim ashore to Hydra Island and find a disconsolate Claire sitting on the beach. The Island continues to disintegrate. They hear the Ajira warming up. Claire says to Kate that she won't come because the Island has made her crazy. Kate offers to help her and they all run for the plane. Lapidus prepares for takeoff and doesn't hear Sawyer's plea on the walkie for him to wait. Just then they make it to the runway, and Kate, Sawyer and Claire climb aboard.

The plane takes off as the runway disintegrates.

The Heart of the Island[]


Jack passes protection of the Island to Hurley.

Hurley helps Jack as they return with Ben to the Heart. Jack tells them he is going down alone and makes it clear that he knows he will not survive. Jack explains to an overwrought Hurley that this is what is supposed to happen. Jack tells Hurley that it is he who the Island needs, that his job was to fix the Heart but after that it should be Hurley. Jack tells Hurley that he believes in him. Hurley agrees, but only till Jack returns. Ben finds an Oceanic bottle and Jack fills it from a leftover pool of water from the previously active stream and gives it to Hurley. After Hurley drinks, Jack tells him, "Now you're like me." Ben and Hurley lower Jack into the Heart. Jack finds Desmond and carries him back to the rope. Desmond wants to return the plug but Jack tells him he has done enough and he needs to go home to be with his wife and son. Desmond asks Jack what will happen to him. Jack says that he'll see him in another life, "Brother".


Jack succeeds, and the light returns.

Jack finds the cork and drops it into the Heart.

Jack lies exhausted in the empty pool but a trickle of water starts flowing and then the light starts to return. Hugo and Ben haul on the rope and find Desmond on the end of it. Hurley starts calling for Jack, but doesn't receive any response. Below, Jack sobs with relief as he is engulfed in the light.

Ben and Hurley are with Desmond. Hurley takes in the idea that Jack has gone. Ben comforts him by telling Hurley that he did his job. Ben tells a frightened Hurley that he can do his job as the Island's new protector by doing what he does best: taking care of people. Hurley asks how he can do things like helping Desmond to go home when people can't leave the Island. Ben says that that is how Jacob ran things and that maybe there is a better way. Hurley asks Ben for his help, saying he needs someone with experience. Ben says he would be honored.

The bamboo grove[]


If you live together, you don't die alone.

This final scene of this episode mirrors the opening of the pilot episode.

Jack awakens in the creek outside of the Heart. Knowing that his life is ending, clutching his fatal wound and in obvious pain, he slowly finds his way back to the bamboo grove. As he does, he passes by the white shoe, still hanging from the branch, and collapses to the ground in the same spot where he awoke after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

He hears a dog barking and gets happy when he turns his head and sees Vincent running toward him through the trees. As the dog licks his face and lies down beside him, the Ajira plane soars overhead, and he is overcome with joy and laughs.

As the episode's script says, "The plane clears frame, finally free of the Island. Jack Shephard has done what he came to this place to do. He has found his purpose. He has found love, and been loved. He has finally found a way to love himself. The bamboo sways across the blue sky, and Jack Shephard's eye closes one final time. He is gone. The end."

Flash sideways[]

Opening montage[]

6x17 APackageForHume

Christian's coffin arrives at LAX.

Outside Eloise's church[]

6x17 WaitingInTheCar

Kate questions Desmond's intentions.

Kate waits in Hurley's Camaro as the Oceanic truck arrives at Eloise's church. Desmond signs for the body and Arnie Bocklin takes it into the church. Desmond returns to the car and tells Kate that the body belonged to Christian Shephard. She jokes about the combination of names in "Christian Shephard". When Kate asks why Desmond broke her out of jail and why they're going to a concert, Desmond answers that no one can tell her why she is here in this place. He tells her his name and that although she doesn't realize it, he is her friend, and that what he wants is to leave. Kate asks where he wants to leave to and Desmond drives off to show her.

The Flightline Motel[]

6x17 AnAngryBrit

Charlie refuses to accompany Hugo to the concert.

Hugo arrives at the Flightline Motel with Sayid, who appears nervous about what Hurley's plans might be. Hurley offers him a tranquilizer gun to remind him of their previous adventures at the safe house with the gun. Sayid refuses the gun and calls Hurley insane. He agrees and asks Sayid to wait. Sayid asks what will happen if he doesn't wait, Hurley replies that it is his choice but that if he sticks with him he'll be happy he did. At Room 102, discombobulated rock star Charlie takes a swig from a bottle and rebuffs Hugo and insists that he doesn't care about the concert. Hurley asks him if it would change his mind if he told him the concert is the most important thing he will ever do. Charlie tells him to "sod off" and turns away and starts swigging from the bottle. Hugo shoots him with the tranquilizer gun, carries him to the Hummer, and dumps him in the back.

The benefit concert[]

Hurley and Sayid arrive at the concert. Miles, who has just arrived, sees Sayid and calls Ford to tell him he thinks he saw Sayid who must have escaped. Miles asks Ford to check that Sun Paik, a victim of Jarrah's gun-fight, is safe at the hospital.

6x17 CheckingForAHeartBeat

Dr. Carlson inspects Sun's baby.

St. Sebastian Hospital[]

Normal lost-the-end68

Shephard's family

At the hospital, Jin is at Sun's bedside. Dr. Juliet Carlson comes in to give Sun an ultrasound. She discusses what she is going to do as Sun and Jin silently listen. She looks down at her clipboard and realizes they are identified as non-English speakers. She apologizes for expecting them to understand her. As soon as she starts the procedure, Sun flashes back to the last time Juliet gave Sun an ultrasound. Sun, now crying, tells Jin that she remembers and when Juliet points out the baby on the monitor, he too remembers and tells Sun that he remembers. Juliet tells them their baby is fine and asks if they want to know its sex but in perfect English Sun responds that it's a girl, and Jin, also speaking perfect English, tells Juliet that her name is Ji Yeon. Juliet leaves but before doing so remarks that, contrary to Sun's chart, their English is quite good.

Dr. Shephard talks to John Locke before his surgery. He jokingly tells John that there is a chance that he could kill him but that he is confident of success and will see him on the other side. John asks about Jack's father's lost coffin and Jack tells him it has been found. John says that he hopes it will bring him some peace. Jack says "If I can fix you, Mr. Locke, that's all the peace I'll need." John smiles.

Jack and Juliet meet as Jack readies for the operation and Juliet asks whether he has the tickets for the concert, and he gives them to her. David asks who will use Jack's ticket and Jack suggests Claire. Juliet says she would love to meet this sister he never mentioned the entire time they were married. Jack is sure that Juliet will love her because she is "extremely pregnant." As Juliet and David leave they pass Det. Ford who has arrived to check on Sun's safety.

Outside a bar[]


Sayid and Shannon remember each other.

Hugo and Sayid sit in Hugo's car, parked in the evening darkness across the street from a bar. Hurley says he can't tell Sayid what they're doing there but that he just needs to trust him. Hurley adds that he trusts Sayid because he thinks he's a good guy, despite Sayid believing what people have told him. Two men emerge from the bar fighting, followed by a woman who is pushed to the ground. Sayid goes to her aid and as they touch, they remember each other. Meanwhile, one of the participants in the fight, Boone, approaches Hurley's car and tells Hurley it was a struggle to get Shannon here from Australia, but Hugo says that it was worth it. They allow Sayid and Shannon to embrace and kiss a little longer before Hugo pulls away to continue their trip.

The benefit concert[]

6x17 EloiseAndDesmond

Eloise asks Desmond about her son's part in his plan.

As guests arrive at the concert, Juliet is paged by the hospital and leaves David to escort Claire inside. In the band room, Charlie has passed out and is woken up by Charlotte. Also in the band room is Daniel Widmore, who introduces himself to Charlotte. Outside, David and Claire take their seat at table 23. Claire recognizes Kate from when Kate had helped her several days earlier. Pierre Chang welcomes his guests to the Benefit Concert for the Golden State Natural History Museum and introduces Mr. Daniel Widmore accompanied by Drive Shaft. As Daniel starts on the piano, Charlie looks into the audience and sees Claire and stares at her. Claire has a contraction and excuses herself and Kate follows her as she goes into labor. Back at the table, Eloise Widmore joins Desmond, saying that she thought she made it clear that Desmond should stop what he's been doing. Desmond says she did, but that he ignored her. She asks, "And once they know, what then?" and Desmond answers, "Then, we're leaving." With concern she asks if they are going to take her son. Desmond assures her, "Not with me, no."

6x17 AnAlternateMotherAndSon

Claire holds her newly born baby.

Kate, who sent a roadie to get help, starts to help Claire who has gone into labor. Claire says she is still not ready and is scared. Kate says she is scared too. Charlie arrives backstage and Kate sends him for water and blankets. Claire begins to push and Kate flashes Aaron's birth on the Island. After she gives birth, Claire has a similar flash upon seeing Aaron. Charlie arrives with the blanket and Kate presses him to give them to Claire. Claire takes Charlie's hand and he flashes their lives on the Island. Desmond arrives and asks Kate whether she understands. Kate gestures that she does and asks Desmond, "So, now what?"

St. Sebastian Hospital[]

6x17 MovingAToe

Locke regains control over his legs.

John Locke is brought out of surgery. The nurse wheeling Locke's gurney asks Jack about his neck which is bleeding again. He's about to leave for the concert when he's called back as Locke is coming out of anesthesia early. His first words are: "It worked." He moves his feet and can feel his legs. He flashes his arrival on the Island. He asks Jack whether he remembers, Jack has a momentary flash but resists. Locke is ready to go, but Jack tells the nurse to give him a sedative and tells Locke that he needs to see his son. John tells him: "You don't have a son." Jack now just wants to leave but John tells him, "I hope someone does for you what you just did for me."


Juliet and James remember their relationship.

Det. Ford finds Sun and Jin. They grin at him and when he shows them a mug shot of Sayid they go to leave saying that they don't need protection from Sayid. Sawyer says it is his job to keep them safe but Sun says that it is O.K. as they are safe. Jin adds "We'll see you there" as they leave. "See me where?" asks confused Sawyer, but they've already left.

James passes Jack and asks where he can get something to eat; Jack directs him to the vending machine. James says "Thanks, Doc" and immediately seems confused. At the vending machine James selects the Apollo Bar but the machine jams. Juliet approaches and tells him that if you unplug it and then plug it back in again the candy just drops straight down. James turns the power off and the lights short but Juliet hands him the Apollo Bar, saying "it worked." As they touch they briefly flash and Juliet tells Sawyer that they should get coffee sometime.

6x17 YouWillUnderstand

Kate promises Jack he will understand the meaning of his flashes.

They touch again, flash again, remember everything and embrace.

The benefit concert[]

Jack arrives at the concert after it has ended. Kate is there and he says he is looking for his son. He recognizes Kate and asks where he remembers her from. She tells him that she stole his pen on Oceanic 815. Jack is confused, he says "and that's how I know you." Kate says that is not how he knows her. She goes up to him and takes his face in her hands telling him how much she has missed him. Jack flashes, seeing images of himself and Kate on the Island, but still resists. She tells him that if he comes with her he will understand.


"I think I'll stay here a while."

Eloise's church[]

Locke arrives at Eloise's church. The taxi driver helps him into a wheelchair. Ben is seated outside. John greets him. Ben confirms that most of "them" are inside. As John wheels to go in, Ben says he is sorry for what he did to him. He says he was selfish, jealous and wanted everything John had.

6x17 YouWereAwesomeDude

Hugo thanks Ben for his excellent job as a Number Two.

He says that John was special and that he wasn't. John says he forgives him. Ben tells him how much it matters to hear that. He tells John that he has things to work out and will stay "here" for a while. He tells John that he doesn't need to be in the wheelchair anymore, John stands up. He walks into the church.

Hugo finds Ben outside. Ben tells him he's not coming in. Hugo says to Ben that he was a real good Number Two. Ben tells Hugo he was a great Number One.

Jack and Kate arrive. Jack tells Kate that this is where he was going to have his father's funeral. He asks Kate why she brought him here. She says "Because this is where you were going to have your father's funeral." She goes to leave and she says that they will be waiting for him, once he's ready. Jack asks, "Ready for what?" Kate tells him, "To leave."

6x17 FatherAndSon

Christian reunites with his son.

Jack goes into the church via a back entrance. In a chapel filled with symbols of different religions, he finds Christian's coffin and touches it, awakening to more memories from the Island. He opens the coffin but it is empty. Jack hears a voice, and it is his father, standing in the room. Jack tells him he doesn't understand, because Christian died, and asks his father how he could be there. Christian simply asks, "How are you here?" Jack realizes that he himself has died too. They embrace tearfully and say they love each other.


Jack and Kate, Charlie and Claire.

Jack is confused, and skeptical that the man he is speaking with is even real. Christian reassures him that they are real, Jack's life was real, and the people in the church are real. Jack asks if everyone else is dead too, and Christian explains that "everyone dies sometime, kiddo. Some before you, some long after you." When Jack asks why everyone is here now, Christian responds that "There is no now . . . here", and that this is a place they all made together to find one another, because the most important part of Jack's life was the time he spent with these people, and that's why they are all here; no one lives life alone. He needed them, and they needed him; to remember, and to let go. Jack tells Christian that Kate said they were all leaving. Christian explains they aren't leaving; they're moving on. Jack asks where to, and his father tells him, "Let's go find out."


Moving on. The doors open for everyone who is ready.

Jack enters the nave. He is welcomed by Locke, who kindly tells him, "We've been waiting for you." He then greets Desmond, Boone, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate. Joining them are Charlie, Claire, Aaron, Jin, Sun, Sayid, Shannon, Rose, Bernard, Juliet, Libby and Penny. After the group has shared embraces and celebrated their reunion, they sit down in the church pews. Christian begins to walk to the back of the church through the middle aisle, and pauses briefly by Jack to put his hand on his shoulder. Christian approaches the back, opens the doors of the church and glowing white light from beyond the doors washes over all present. Jack exchanges a smile with Kate, and then looks ahead as they are engulfed by the light.


  • Christian Shephard's coffin's box displayed the following airport code stickers: BWN (Brunei International Airport), GUM (A.B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam), HKG (Hong Kong International Airport, China) and LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).
  • The stained glass window in the church shows symbols of the following faiths: the star and crescent of Islam, the Star of David (Judaism), the Aum (widely used as a symbol of Hinduism, but also present in Buddhism and Jainism), the Christian cross, the Dharmacakra (Buddhism) and the Yin/Yang disk (Taoism).
  • John Locke delivers the series's last line in greeting Jack in the chapel: "We've been waiting for you." The last word spoken on the Island is "cool," spoken by Hurley in response to Ben's agreeing to become his Number 2.
  • Technically, the last words spoken on the Island are "Woof woof", spoken by Vincent.
  • As Hurley is pulling into Charlie's motel with Sayid, a man walking his dog crosses the driveway in front of them. The dog is Jack Bender's adopted dog Lulu, who has appeared in 6 episodes.

The Plug showing Cuneiform script.

  • Desmond, Penny and Juliet are the only characters in the church who were not on board of Oceanic Flight 815.
  • Every character in the church has been on the show since the first or second season, except for Juliet who was introduced at the very beginning of the third.
  • Boone's observation that he had difficulty getting Shannon back from Sydney is likely an inside joke at the difficulty in scheduling Maggie Grace to return for the final season, having had to already write her out of "LA X, Parts 1 & 2" because of her unavailability.
  • The final scene of Jack dying in the bamboo field mirrors the opening scene of Lost in reverse.[1]
  • The plug in the Heart has markings on it, the clearest of which is some cuneiform script - a form of writing used for a very long time by different civilizations in the area that is now Iraq, notably Akkadian/Sumerian language groups C5000-1000BC.
  • In January 2016 fans discovered that subscription service Netflix was streaming a version of this episode with 18 minutes of footage cut from it.[1] Within hours of the discovery fan outcry made Netflix release a statement with an explanation and a promise to fix the issue.[2] The cuts were made for syndication purposes and this had somehow mistakenly been sent to Netflix instead of the full version. Some of the notable cuts were:
    • The entire opening montage.
    • Jack and The Man in Black discussing John Locke while lowering Desmond into the Heart of the Island.
    • Miles pointing out Richard's first grey hair.
    • Hurley telling Ben he was a "real good number 2."

Production notes[]


  • This episode won Lost the 2010 Emmy for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series.
  • Like some other episodes during the series, the sound that accompanies the "LOST" logo in the end of most episodes is changed for this episode: the suspenseful bass slam sound is replaced by a peaceful monochromatic tone.
  • The end credits of the episode ran alongside images of what appears to be the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 with no living people present. These were not part of the episode; ABC have confirmed that they were added as a soft, nostalgic transition between the ending of Lost and the next show.[2] However, the images remained in the credits for the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the episode. This did not mean that the survivors died in the initial plane crash or they had been dead all along. It only meant to remind the viewers of the beginning of LOST.
  • Matthew Fox claims that he knew from the start of the show that the final shot would be Jack dying and closing his eyes.
  • "The End" aired just five days after the previous episode, "What They Died For". This is the second-shortest time between airings of original episodes in the US, after "Because You Left" and "The Lie", which appeared back-to-back on the same night.
    • The decision to air the series finale on Sunday the 23rd of May instead of in its usual Tuesday time slot was most likely done to allow the show to conclude on a date that corresponded with one of the numbers. 23 was Jack's candidate number. Since much of the episode focused on Jack, he was the last of the characters to wake up and it ended with his death this seemed fitting.
  • "The End" is the longest running episode of Lost at 104:42 minutes.
  • The last act of "The End" is 19:21 long, the longest act of any episode. This unusual occurence was due to ABC's decision to extend the episode past the original two-hour runtime.
  • In the US, "The End" was followed by Jimmy Kimmel Live!: "Aloha to Lost", a special wrap-up retrospective of the show featuring many of the cast.
  • ABC estimates that 20.5 million unique viewers watched the series finale of Lost during its 2-1/2 hour broadcast. The final half-hour was watched by 15.31 million viewers and a 6.4/19 (rating/share) with adults 18-49.[3]
    • The simulcast broadcast between 5 and 7:15 am in the UK attracted an average audience of 635,000 viewers, more than its regular Friday night time slot. In Spain the same simulcast had an audience of 400,000 viewers.[4]
    • Despite the simulcast (which was partially to reduce piracy), this episode was the most pirated television episode ever on bit torrent networks.[5]
  • Elizabeth Mitchell filmed the hospital scenes on her birthday in the early hours and the cast and crew had a small celebration for her (March 27th).
  • Filming wrapped up with the shots of Hurley and Ben pulling Desmond out of the cave at 5 AM on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 - the 6 year anniversary of wrapping up filming for the pilot and also Damon Lindelof's birthday.[6]
    • Post-production was completed on Monday, May 17, 2010.
  • Henry Ian Cusick put a rock in his shoe for every scene where he needed to walk with a limp. (Geronimo Jack's Beard)
  • The scene in which the Man in Black stabs Jack on the cliffs involved swapping out a real knife for a collapsible one. During one take, the swap was not made properly and Matthew Fox was stabbed by the real knife, which was fortunately stopped by a Kevlar pad that Fox wore under his shirt. Matthew Fox tried out various protection pads for that scene and it just so happened that when the accident happened he was wearing the kevlar pad, the others of which were not stab proof. It was even suggested that he not bother using a pad at all before the incident happened. (Geronimo Jack's Beard)
  • The penultimate scene with Jack and Christian in the back room of the church was withheld from some copies of the shooting scripts. When the scene was filmed, the set operated with a high level of security and was off-limits to everyone with the exception of Matthew Fox, John Terry and a few select members of crew. Even other cast members were not allowed near the set when that scene was taking place. (Geronimo Jack's Beard)
    • When filming the final scene, several decoys were created by the production staff. Extra "Santa Rosa" vans were added in the parking lot, the scene was referred to in documents as "Sun and Jin's Wedding", and a woman who resembled Sun walked around in a wedding dress. (Geronimo Jack's Beard)
  • Jorge Garcia revealed in an interview that when Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to host the nightly Top Ten list, a few days before "The End" aired, one of the "Top 10 Spoilers for the LOST Finale" was shockingly true. The "spoiler" written for Damon and Carlton to read was "Jack Dies". This left them in a precarious position, not wanting to spoil the fans and not wanting to admit to the Letterman production team that Jack really does die. Damon and Carlton eventually got out of it by telling the Letterman team that the Lost fans would not take things like Jack dying lightly, even as a joke, and had it written out of the Top 10 without anyone knowing it was true. [3] [4]
  • According to Michael Emerson, a deleted scene involved Ben looking through a high school yearbook, seeing Alex, and having his revelatory montage of flashes to his island life. Emerson speculates the scene was deleted to make Ben's revelation more ambiguous.[7]
  • This episode got Lost nominated for seven Emmys in 2010.

Cut material[]


Miles hears the last thoughts of Jin, Sun and Sayid.

  • The script called for an extended opening montage, featuring Claire and Hurley in both timelines. In the flash sideways, Claire was to listen to Christian's music box and receive a kick from Aaron, while Hurley was to walk happily through Mr. Cluck's. Sawyer's scenes were slightly different, juxtaposing blood on his hands from Kate's wound with his flash-sideways self washing his hands in a sink. In Ben's original montage flash sideways scene, he would have awoken to a message in Alex's yearbook. Yet another version of the script included Ben's awakening at greater length, cutting between Alex's yearbook and flashbacks of terrible acts Ben had committed.[8][9]
  • In addition to an extended opening montage, the script also called for the Oceanic courier driver Bocklin to speak lines before it started. He would have a joke with an Oceanic rep whilst signing for the cargo, who would ask "you know where it's going?" to which he would quip "wouldn't be here if I didn't." He would then play a cassette tape on his Walkman, which would serve as the music over the montage rather than Giacchino's score. The script called for the track to be Bob Dylan's "Visions of Johanna", which contains the line "and these visions of Johanna that conquer my mind."
  • Miles's scene in the outrigger was originally planned as more dramatic. He would have reacted tearfully upon hearing the last thoughts of all the sub's victims, including Sayid, Sun and Jin.[10]
  • Jack and Sawyer were to have talked at greater length about Jack's plan for Desmond, Jack emphasizing that though Widmore brought Desmond to the Island, Jacob brought Widmore.[11]
  • Sayid and Shannon's reunion was to be slightly longer. Shannon would have told Sayid, "You saved me," and Sayid would have replied "No, you saved me."[12]
  • Epiphany: On their way to the Heart of the Island, Desmond and the Man in Black would have talked of Desmond's experiences in the flash sideways.
  • Before Miles called Ben's walkie talkie, Kate and Sawyer would have discussed the possibility of going after Jack, helping him. Sawyer would have argued against it, professing trust in Jack.[13]

Jack and Sawyer hug.

  • Kate and Desmond would have talked briefly before the concert. Desmond would have referred to the musicians as "a few of my friends," before a humorous cut to Charlie, drunk and unconscious.[14]
  • Desmond's Task: Eloise and Desmond were to have begun their confrontation during the concert with an additional scene.
  • Desmond and Eloise's later conversation at the concert table would have been slightly longer. Desmond would have revealed that he knew what it is like to be a parent.[15]
  • The script called for a final closeup on Locke's body after it hit the rocks.[16]
  • Jack and Sawyer's parting was planned as more intense - Sawyer would have refused Jack's hand and instead pulled him in for a hug. The camera would also have briefly cut to Sawyer during Jack and Kate's goodbye kiss.[17]
  • Telling Kate to jump off the cliff, Sawyer was to mention having earlier done so from a helicopter.[18] ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")

Lapidus was at the church.

  • Ben's flash sideways scenes with Locke were to follow his with Hurley, both occurring after his and Hurley's final on-island scene. Rather than focusing on Jack walking into the church, the camera would have shown Kate nodding to Ben on her way in.[19]
  • Jack's walk through the bamboo, passing the white tennis shoe and finally collapsing into the grove was scripted as a single scene that preceded Jack's flash sideways awakening.[20]
  • Rather than showing his interactions with all his friends on the Island, Jack's awakening flashes originally would have focused on Jack's interaction with Christian's body and coffin. It would have then cut to him and Kate on the airport tarmac, shown Jack smashing the lighthouse mirrors and shown he and Kate's last kiss before showing his last sight of the swaying bamboo.[21] Rather than "Let's find out," Christian's final words on where they were headed would have been "Wanna come?"[22]
  • The final scene would not have cut between the church and the Island until the doors opened and Jack was flat on his back, leaving more room for Jack's interactions. He would have interacted directly with Bernard, Rose, Sun and Jin, Sayid, Charlie, Claire and Aaron. An especially long shot would have shown him and Juliet. Lapidus would have been present in the church, though he would not have appeared in any other of the finale's flash sideways scenes. Instead of Christian, a new character called "The Minister" would have opened the church's doors. [23]


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • When Jack climbs out of the pool near the very end of the episode before walking through the bamboo, you can very clearly see his audio equipment at the top center of his back, multiple times.
  • The Man in Black's shot of surprise at hearing Ben's walkie talkie reuses an earlier show of surprise from when Desmond guesses correctly that they are going to a "very bright light".
  • When Jack and the Man in Black are standing over the Heart of the Island, the rope hangs slack when Desmond reaches the bottom but the wires of his harness can be seen on the left side of the screen.
  • When the Man in Black is looking down at the boat on top of the cliffs there is is no blood on his face, when he turns to Jack he has blood running down his face from his nose, that then disappears during the fight.
  • When Jack and the Man in Black fight in the rain on the cliffs, the aerial shots show dry cliffs and surfaces.
    • When the rain stops and Kate, Hurley and Sawyer appear, the ground around them changes from wet to dry repeatedly.
    • During the fight in the rain, several nearby cliff faces collapse but when the sun comes out the cliffs look no different than they did previously.
    • After the fight, when Kate helps Jack off the ground and the camera arcs around the Island, the body of the Man in Black is no longer lying on the rock he landed on.
  • Kate's breath briefly fogs the camera while she talks to Jack after his fight with the Man in Black.
  • While Jack is walking through the bamboo, the blood from his nose appears and disappears.
  • The amount of blood on Ben's chin changes between shots after Sawyer hits him at the well.
  • The fluid from Aaron on Claire's face after she gives birth to him varies between shots.
  • The vending machine that Sawyer uses contains the numbers G22, G23 and G24 on the same row as E6 and below the the row 'D', suggesting that these have been stuck over the original numbers.
  • When Jack and the Man in Black are on the cliff and fighting there's a difference between the action before and after the act break. First, both men are running and Jack is trying to punch the Man in Black. In the next scene, Jack and the Man in Black are running again but this time, Jack jumps on the Man in Black instead of leaping to punch him.
  • After Ben throws Sawyer the walkie-talkie at the cliffs, the shot in which he says "If the Island's going down, I'm going down with it" is flipped.
  • Sawyer's hair changes between scenes when he is trying to save Ben from a tree with Hurley and Kate.


The Season 6 soundtrack includes two bonus tracks from this episode:

The Last Episodes soundtrack includes the following tracks from this episode:


Recurring themes[]

Cultural references[]

  • Star Wars: Hurley thinks that Jacob is worse than Yoda, the enigmatic Jedi master. Later in the same scene, he says, "I have a bad feeling about this," a recurring phrase in all Star Wars movies. (Movies and TV)
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: Sawyer refers to Miles as "Enos," the deputy on this 1970s television show. (Movies and TV)
  • Mary Poppins: When performing the ultra-sound on Sun's baby, Juliet says it's "perfectly perfect in every way;" Mary Poppins describes herself as "practically perfect in every way." (Movies and TV)
  • Mountain/Burning bush: Sawyer says to Jack "Why don't you come down from the mountain and tell us what the burnin' bush said." In the Biblical book of Exodus, the burning bush is the location at which Moses was appointed by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into Canaan. "Come down from the mountain" refers to the later story of Moses, descending from Mount Sinai while carrying the stone tablets upon which God wrote the Ten Commandments. (Religion and ideologies)
  • Leprechaun: Sawyer refers to Desmond as the magic leprechaun at the bottom of the well. A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore who enjoys partaking in mischief. (Religion and ideologies)

Literary techniques[]


  • The first and last act begin with the LAX theme. The beginning and the end of the episode revolve around Christian's coffin. At the end of the first conversation, Kate, in a car, learns that Desmond's mission is "to leave", and in the episode's second to last scene, she is in a car again, this time telling the same words to Jack. (Framing device)
  • In the opening montage, we see Ben loading the gun that would eventually defeat the Man in Black as he glances at him. (Foreshadowing)
  • Rose asks Desmond to "move on." (Foreshadowing)
  • Though Boone disliked his sister's relationship with Sayid, in the flash sideways he willingly helps bring them together again. (Juxtaposition)
  • In this episode, in the main timeline Kate says to a doubting Jack that "nothing is irreversible". In the flash-sideways (earlier in the season) Jack says to Locke the same thing. (Regularly spoken phrases) (Juxtaposition)
  • The question "Who are you?" is asked 4 times in this episode by Kate, Charlie, Claire and Jack. This question was asked in all season finales; by Michael in "Exodus, Part 2" & "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2", by Jack in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 2" & "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2", and by Frank in "The Incident, Part 1". (Regularly spoken phrases)
  • Jack and the Man in Black, representing good and evil, work together to lower Desmond into the cave. (Symbolism)
  • After being thankful he was not Jacob's replacement, Hurley instead becomes Jack's replacement. (Irony)  (Plot twist)
  • Sawyer hits Ben with his elbow, only to later try to save Ben when he's pinned under a fallen tree. (Irony)  (Juxtaposition)
  • When Juliet tells Sawyer the secret to get the candy bar out of the vending machine, she says "you can unplug it and plug it back in again and that it's technically legal". This is what Desmond and Jack do with the Heart of the Island. (Foreshadowing)  (Symbolism)
  • "This is what I'm supposed to do" is said a number of times. (Regularly spoken phrases)
  • When water returns to the Heart, it is a baptism for the entire Island.[27] (Symbolism)
  • Christian tells Jack the flash sideways world was created in order to remember and "let go." (Regularly spoken phrases)
  • The series ends with the core group of characters finding one another in a place they "all made together." So they have, for the first time in the story, truly found their place and as such are no longer LOST. (Juxtaposition)

The Man in Black's death[]

  • As Kate empties her gun pointlessly on the Man in Black, he jokingly advises her to save her bullets. Later on, Kate would use the remaining bullet in the decisive moment of the fight. (Irony)  (Foreshadowing)
  • Before Locke is wheeled into his operation, Jack jokes that he could kill him. On the Island, Jack is serious about killing the Man in Black in Locke's form. (Juxtaposition)
  • The Man in Black takes the form of John Locke, a man who fell eight stories and broke his back after being manipulated by his father, to manipulate the other characters. He dies after being kicked off a cliff and landing on his back, presumably breaking it. (Irony)
  • Jacob, the protector of the Island was kicked into fire by the Man in Black. Jacob's successor, Jack, kicks the Man in Black off the cliff in much the same manner. (Symbolism)  (Irony)
  • After Jack kills the Man in Black, the scene cuts to flash sideways where a nurse comments "Nice work, Dr. Shephard." (Irony)
  • Jack kills the Man in Black (in Locke's form) on the Island, and restores Locke's ability to walk in the flash sideways. (Juxtaposition)
  • Removing the stone from the Heart set the Man in Black free from the Island, but it also turned him mortal, allowing him to be killed. (Irony)  (Juxtaposition)

Jack's death[]

  • After Jack plugs the Heart, sacrificing himself, we cut to the statue of Christ the Redeemer. (Symbolism)
  • Jack goes to the same spot and dies where he originally regained consciousness right after the crash of Flight 815. On his way there, he passes the same single white sneaker he passed running to the crash site. It is now very dirty and worn after more than three years of hanging on the branches in the elements. The series finale ends with the opposite bookend of how the show began, this time with the closing of Jack's right eye. (Framing device) (Symbolism)
  • In a flash sideways, Jack sits on a pew. On the Island, he collapses in the grove. (Juxtaposition)
  • Before Jack's death, Vincent arrives so he doesn't "die alone." (Symbolism)

The flash sideways world[]

  • As the flash sideways end, the characters sit in rows on either side of an aisle, forming a scene similar to an airplane cabin.[28] (Symbolism)
  • The flash sideways timeline is revealed to be the place created by most of the characters to find each other after death before "moving on." (Twist)  (Flash sideways)

Storyline analysis[]

  • Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Desmond and Hurley try to kill the Man in Black. (A-Missions)
  • Jack, Hurley and Ben travel to the Heart to turn the Light back on. (A-Missions)
  • Frank, Miles and Richard travel to the Ajira plane and try to fix it so they can use it to escape the Island. (F-Missions)
  • Sawyer, Kate and Claire race to catch the Ajira plane before it takes off. (A-Missions)
  • Jack passes the job of the Island's protector to Hurley after he decides to restore the Heart. (Leadership)
  • Sayid and Shannon, Claire and Charlie, Sawyer and Juliet, and Jack and Kate all reunite in the afterlife. (Relationships)
  • The Man in Black mentions Jack and Locke's previous disagreement over pushing the button in the Swan. (Rivalries)
  • The Man in Black stabs Jack, though Jack (with the help of Kate) kills him. (Crimes)

Episode connections[]

Revelatory montages[]

  • Sayid and Shannon: When Sayid and Shannon touch, we see clips of them at Shannon's shelter on the night they made love, Sayid brushing Shannon's hair at her first shelter he helped build, Sayid helping Shannon pick up her belongings, their last and first kisses and Sayid taking Shannon to a planned picnic. ("Abandoned")  ("...In Translation")  ("Exodus, Part 2") ("Do No Harm")
  • Kate and Claire: As Claire gives birth, we see a clip of her giving birth to Aaron on the Island. ("Do No Harm")
  • Sawyer and Juliet: When Sawyer and Juliet touch, we see clips from their kiss in the Barracks, Sawyer at the docks convincing her to stay on the Island, Juliet's last words, their realizing the Dharmaville time was over and Juliet falling down the Swan shaft. ("LaFleur")  ("LA X, Part 1")  ("Follow the Leader") ("The Incident, Part 2")

Episode references[]

  • In the flash sideways timeline, Charlie is wearing white tape on 4 fingers of his left hand which has the letters "F A T E" on them in black marker. ("Pilot, Part 1")
  • When Kate examines Jack's stab wound he says, "I'll be fine, just find me some thread and I'll count to five" (albeit this time Jack uses it as gallows humor). ("Pilot, Part 1") ("Not in Portland") ("The Incident, Part 2")
  • The Man in Black asks Jack if he is reminded of their hatch entrance while lowering Desmond inside, followed by mentioning their argument over pushing the button. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith") ("Orientation")
  • Sawyer jokes with Kate about her always following when she is not invited. ("The Hunting Party") ("What Kate Does")
  • Jack tells Desmond he had once tried to change their destiny but failed; there are no "do-overs," "whatever happened, happened," and "ALL of this matters." ("The Incident, Part 2")
  • Desmond tells Jack about the flash sideways world, and tells about how they sat next to each other on Oceanic 815. ("LA X, Part 1")
  • Kate reminds Jack that she stole his pen on Oceanic 815 when she bumped into him. ("LA X, Part 1")
  • Jack is wounded in the neck and the vicinity of his appendix by the Man in Black, injuries which spontaneously manifested on a few occasions in the flash sideways universe. ("LA X, Part 1") ("Lighthouse") ("What They Died For")
  • Locke asks Jack about his father's coffin after their first meeting at LAX. ("LA X, Part 2")
  • Kate recognises Claire from their previous meeting in the flash sideways. ("What Kate Does")
  • Ben still has the Oceanic water bottle he picked up from the beach camp. ("Dr. Linus")
  • In the flash sideways, Sawyer looks into the mirror he broke a few days earlier. ("Recon")
  • Desmond speaks about the flash sideways world. ("Happily Ever After")
  • Miles and Richard come across the wreckage of the submarine, and discover Frank survived. ("The Candidate")
  • Kate tries to shoot the Man in Black for killing Sun, Jin and Sayid. ("The Candidate")
  • Miles finds Richard after he was thrown into the jungle by the smoke monster. ("What They Died For")

Episode allusions[]

  • The title of this episode hearkens back to the title of the first episode of Season 4. ("The Beginning of the End")
  • One last time, the opening flash shows characters' morning routines. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith") ("A Tale of Two Cities") ("The Beginning of the End") ("Cabin Fever") ("Because You Left") ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2") ("What They Died For")
  • Ben gazes upon the Man in Black's rope, reminding him of how he strangled Locke to death.[29] ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")
  • Hurley shoots Charlie with a tranquilizer dart and brings him into his car with Sayid. ("Because You Left")
  • Kate tells Jack "Nothing is irreversible". Jack said this to Locke in the flash sideways. (LA X, Parts 1 & 2)
  • Jack announces the ending to Sawyer, as foretold by Jacob. ("What They Died For") When Sawyer hears of Jack's plan, he says, "That's one hell of a long con." ("The Long Con")
  • Juliet gives Sun an ultrasound. ("D.O.C.")
  • Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer meet the Man in Black, Ben and Desmond on the very same ridge where the survivors met Ben and Alex in the Season 3 finale. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")
  • While Miles and Kate are talking on the walkie, Claire fires a gun. We only hear it go off and Miles stops talking and assumes someone was shot. We then see she actually fired in the sand, not at one of them. This mirrors when Ben told Tom to shoot Sayid, Bernard and Jin. Jack (and the audience) thought they were shot when really Tom put the three bullets in the sand. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")
  • Jack and Locke lower Desmond down a hole, much like the early days of season 2 with people being lowered down Desmond's hatch. Locke/Man in Black even mentions this. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")
  • The scene of the Man in Black and Jack looking down the cave is similar to Locke and Jack looking down the blown up hatch.[30] ("Exodus, Part 2")
  • The circular pool at the bottom of the cave of light, with a removable plug in the center, appears to be a larger version of the sink hidden in Ben's house which Ben drained to summon the Smoke Monster. ("Dead Is Dead") The stone plug we see in the light cavern was alluded to by the corked wine bottle that Jacob showed Richard and the Man in Black, a bottle which the Man in Black was unable to uncork. ("Ab Aeterno")
  • Jack is stabbed where his appendix was taken out by Juliet, perhaps preventing more serious damage. This mirrors Locke losing his kidney and it saving his life when Ben shoots him. ("Something Nice Back Home") ("Deus Ex Machina") ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

The Man in Black's death was filmed similarly to Jacob's.

  • The shots of Jack looking down at the dying Man in Black echo the earlier shots of the Man in Black looking at dying Jacob. ("The Incident, Part 2")
  • The Man in Black being kicked off the cliff by Jack mirrors Locke being thrown out of the window by Anthony Cooper. ("The Man from Tallahassee") ("The Incident, Part 2") Jack and Locke had once joked about the possibility of Locke falling off a cliff, after Locke saved Jack from falling off one and lied about Boone falling down another. ("The Long Con") ("White Rabbit") ("Deus Ex Machina") Kicking the body is reminiscent of the way the Man in Black kicked Jacob into the fire. ("The Incident, Part 2")
  • Jack's final line to Desmond "I'll see you in another life, brother" mirrors Desmond's "See you in another life, yeah?" line to Jack when he abandoned the Swan station, as well as Desmond's statement to Locke as he was about to activate the Swan's fail-safe. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith") ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2")
  • Claire gives birth to Aaron assisted by Kate. ("Do No Harm")
  • Kate send Charlie to fetch water for a prostrate Claire. He can't find any.("White Rabbit")
  • Upon Charlie's return, Kate gives him thanks, to which he replies "They're only blankets." However, Kate does this having regained the full memory of her past-life on the Island. She is actually thanking Charlie for his sacrifice in the Looking Glass which allowed her and five of her fellow survivors to contact the Kahana and leave the Island. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 2")
  • Locke regaining feeling in his legs after the operation is similar to Jack's ex-wife realizing she still has sensation in her legs after her operation. This includes dialog about toes, references to Jack showering and the same music in each scene. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")
  • The hospital vending machine again sticks when delivering an Apollo bar. ("The Incident, Part 2")
  • Juliet's last words (both before and after her death) are repeated. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")

The blocking during Jack and Hurley's final scene recalled an early episode of Jack ceding control to him. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

  • After handing the protection of the Island Jack puts his hand on Hurley's shoulder and tells him "Now you're like me", repeating Jacob's actions when he gave it to Jack. ("What They Died For")
  • Jack looks into Christian's empty coffin. ("White Rabbit") The opening of the coffin is similar to opening Locke's coffin in the Season 4 finale. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")
  • Christian's final conversation with Jack about "all things being real" is very similar to the speech Libby gave to Hurley when they were on the cliff. ("Dave")
  • Jack dies with a stab wound in the right side of his abdomen, mirroring the wound he had on the left side of his abdomen when he woke after the crash. ("Pilot, Part 1")
  • The first episode of the series begins with Jack opening his eyes, and Vincent running out to greet him, in the bamboo grove with Christian Shephard's white tennis shoe nearby. The final episode of the series ends with Jack returning to the same location and closing his eyes, as Vincent lies down beside him. ("Pilot, Part 1")

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