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"The Door" is the fan name given to a set of two metal doors, with a DHARMA Initiative logo on them, seen in the episodes "Three Minutes" and "Live Together, Die Alone".

The Door is located below a remarkable rock formation next to the coast and was thought to be the entrance to another DHARMA Initiative station. Yet, when the Door was later opened by Sayid (see list of station explorers), he discovered that there was only solid rock wall behind it. While the Door was used as part of a deception by the Others against Michael, its original purpose, if it even had one, is unknown. The Door was first seen by Michael when he was kidnapped by the Others and brought to the decoy village. At that time it was guarded by two armed Others.

Decoy village[]

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The Door being guarded by two Others. ("Three Minutes")

The Door is located within the Others' decoy village. Michael was held here for several days after being kidnapped by the Others. When Sayid entered the village however, he discovered it was abandoned. It was believed that the door was an abandoned DHARMA Initiative station that construction began on, but was not completed because of flooding. This is based off the blast door map.


Picture Name First visit Last visit Reason for Visit
Sayid "Live Together, Die Alone" "Live Together, Die Alone" Visited the station, and was the only person shown to open the doors, only to find a rock wall behind them.


Unanswered questions[]

Unanswered questions
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  • Who constructed the Door and what is its purpose?
  • Was the logo designed by the Others or DHARMA?
  • Is the real "Door station" behind the rock wall?

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