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Mobisode 4 - "The Deal"

Writer - Elizabeth Sarnoff

Director - Jack Bender

[Michael is tied up, sitting in a yurt in the decoy village. Juliet walks in.]

JULIET: Hello Michael. I'm Juliet.

MICHAEL: What do you want?

JULIET: The boat you asked for - [sitting down to talk to him] they wanted me to tell you it's yours.


JULIET: Beatrice told me you saw your son. I spent some time with him; with Walt. He's a very interesting kid; he's uh... he's very smart. He's very special.

MICHAEL: What do you mean 'special'?

JULIET: Well, he's not an ordinary boy, which is why I'm worried about him. So I'm very glad that you agreed to do this for us; I'm glad that you're going to get him away from here.

MICHAEL: You expect me to believe that you give a damn about my son?

JULIET: Believe it or not, Michael, I am not your enemy.

MICHAEL: Oh you're not, huh?

JULIET: No I'm not. Our man in your camp, the one you're going to free, his name is Ben. He's very important.

MICHAEL: Is he the one that can get me off this island?


MICHAEL: Will he?

JULIET: Yes, he will.

MICHAEL: I guess I'm just supposed to take your word for that, huh?

JULIET: I guess you are.

[Michael looks bewildered and distraught]

JULIET: I made a deal with him, too.

MICHAEL: Then why are you still here?

JULIET: Because he saved my sister's life.

MICHAEL: And where is she?

JULIET: Miami.

MICHAEL: But you had to stay. What's the point in saving her life if you can't be with her?

JULIET: Wouldn't you do anything to save Walt? You have your list. [she gets up to leave] Good luck.

[Juliet walks out the door. Still tied up, Michael looks around, distraught, and slams his feet to the ground.]

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