"The Deal" is the fourth Lost mobisode. While Michael is in captivity with the Others, Juliet talks with him about Walt and the deal to let them leave the Island together.


Michael is tied up at the decoy village when Juliet walks in and introduces herself. She tells him the boat he requested is his, so that he can take Walt away after he frees Ben. She comments that Walt is special, that he's not an ordinary boy, and that's why she is worried about him. Juliet is glad that Michael is going to get Walt away from the Island, and she assures him that they will keep their end of the bargain. She then reveals that she made her own deal with Ben, concerning her sister.

When Michael questions why she would stay on the Island to save her sister, she asks in return if he wouldn't do anything to save Walt. Then she reminds him of the list he had been given and wishes him good luck.



  • Making a deal with the devil has been a phrase long associated with making a no-win deal. Because by the killings Michael ultimately has to pay more than he initially would have thought possible, the title could be a reference to the deal costing more than he thought.


  • This mobisode takes place around the time of the Season 2 episode "Dave", between flashbacks seen in "Three Minutes".
  • Bea Klugh's full first name is revealed to be Beatrice.
  • Juliet was present in the Decoy village at the time of Michael's capture.
  • This is Michael and Juliet's first and only scene together. Michael is also the first survivor to meet Juliet.

Production notes

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Recurring themes

Literary techniques

Episode references

  • The scene takes place after Michael's on-island flashback in "Three Minutes" in which he requested the boat from Bea Klugh.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • What is it about Walt that Juliet finds to be special and not ordinary?

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