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Episode: - "The Beginning of the End"

Commentators: Jorge Garcia and Evangeline Lilly


Evangeline Lilly: Hello. I'm Evangeline Lilly.

Jorge Garcia: Jorge Garcia.

Evangeline Lilly: We're here to talk you through this episode.[both chuckle]

Jorge Garcia: The Beginning of the End.

Evangeline Lilly: Today is the first day Jorge and I have seen each other in five months?

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. l... At least, yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: Were you there for that?

Jorge Garcia: No. No, I didn't make it to the radio tower. I went off on my own to go kill a guy with a van.

Evangeline Lilly: Well done, by the way.

Jorge Garcia: Thanks.

Evangeline Lilly: That was kick-ass.

Jorge Garcia: It was scary to drive that van. Hitting the mark with a van... The other thing about driving on the show is, you know, they get a lot of stick shifts, and you learn and you practice on a new car, but then they give you the oldest, dingiest van that has the really tricky clutch.

Evangeline Lilly: Those are the only cars I know how to drive. I'm terrible. In an automatic, I put you through the windshield every time, trying to slam on the clutch. I'll use the brake as the clutch. I'm useless on an automatic.

Jorge Garcia: Obviously, someone else did this driving for me. [Lilly laughs] That thing of papayas was supposed to fool you into thinking we were still on the island.

Evangeline Lilly: Fooled me.

Jorge Garcia: Stockpiling, I guess.

Evangeline Lilly: And, really, what would a Lost episode be without Mr. Jack Sheckard... Shephard having a hard one?

Jorge Garcia: Him too, though. Sheckard's a different, smaller character that you don't see as often.

Evangeline Lilly: He's also an alcoholic.

Jorge Garcia: Some of the die-hard fans already figured out it was me based on the car.

Evangeline Lilly: Which was cool.

Jorge Garcia: Good looking out.

Evangeline Lilly: Yes, my sister was one of those die-hard fans. Even though she's hardly seen any of this show. My sister's not really one of my biggest fans. [both chuckle]

Jorge Garcia: A lot of broken mirrors.

Evangeline Lilly: A lot. They really there? You really broke them?

Jorge Garcia: Not me. lt was the stunt drivers.

Evangeline Lilly: Were you at work this day?

Jorge Garcia: I was. I came in about here. For a second, you saw Randy Nations, Billy Ray's character. ln the original script, there's a part where he's inside that stereo shop, and we come on the news and he grabs the camera to shoot it.

Evangeline Lilly: I thought it was him when I saw somebody holding a video camera. Then I was like, "No." lf it was him, they'd feature him.

Jorge Garcia: He ended up not really... They shot the scene, but he ended up not getting any...

Evangeline Lilly: Who is that guy? [Lilly gasps] I knew it was you all along.

Jorge Garcia: These are the crazy eyes. That's what I call that move, crazy eyes.

Evangeline Lilly: It's a very adept move. Teach it to me sometime for when Kate goes crazy. [Garcia chuckles] Everyone's gonna get to the point where they go crazy? Everyone has to. Kate's the only one who's chilled out in the future. Everyone else is a little wonky.

Jorge Garcia: Have you gotten slammed against the wall by the cops?

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah... No. I've slammed a cop against a wall.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: I'm cooler...

Jorge Garcia: I've been slammed against a wall, against a car, and I did nothing.

Evangeline Lilly: How'd you feel about it? Did you like it? Were you OK with it?

Jorge Garcia: This one was easier than doing it in Numbers. 'Cause in Numbers I hit that car a few times. I had to ask the director, "How many more takes we need on this?"

Evangeline Lilly: Gotta say, when I slammed the cop up against the two-way mirror, that was one of the better days on set. That was fun. I like that.

Jorge Garcia: That security footage was actually my first day of work. [Lilly chuckles] Nice. You did a good job. Listen, buddy, I know you saw somebody in that store...

Evangeline Lilly: Right away, we've talked about before, die-hard fans know who this is.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: Ana Lucia's old partner.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah, Michael... Cudlitz?

Evangeline Lilly: Cudlitz. I never had the pleasure of working with him.

Jorge Garcia: He was cool. We shot this at the Friends of Haleiwa, little area that becomes crew parking when we shoot it.

Evangeline Lilly: A friendly little place.

Jorge Garcia: Haleiwa. Yeah. Really?

Evangeline Lilly: Oh, Haleiwa.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah, Friends of Haleiwa, where it says "crew parking."

Evangeline Lilly: Nice. You look so sad!

Jorge Garcia: The one... straggly strands of hair hanging there.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah. Those are called tendrils. I am a master of the tendrils. I ought to know.

Jorge Garcia: That is your thing.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah, that's my thing. That was actually a J.J. thing. J.J. was insistent that I had tendrils. He didn't want, ever, for my hair to be too clean looking. So he was insistent upon tendrils. Then the tendrils became almost...

Jorge Garcia: Their own thing.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah.

Jorge Garcia: Me saying "dude." Taken its own life.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah.

Jorge Garcia: From the one tendril... I remember your first tendril was the "pilot-bath" scene. Then you turn around and the one thing falls down. Very well trained.

Evangeline Lilly: Totally organic. That was just me putting my hair back.

Jorge Garcia: There's that van.

Evangeline Lilly: Sweet van. Which I'm impressed you actually drove. Couldn't have been easy.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: When I saw the DVD bonus material from last year, I found out for the first time that you actually drove that down that hill.

Jorge Garcia: Drove it part of the hill.

Evangeline Lilly: A different hill.

Jorge Garcia: I didn't drive it down the scarier part.

Evangeline Lilly: You did drive it down.

Jorge Garcia: I did. It was fun to do.

Evangeline Lilly: You're so good at excited.

Jorge Garcia: What I like about that van, is there's stuff from previous times it was used.

Evangeline Lilly: Right.

Jorge Garcia: There was still a decapitated fake rabbit body inside it... ...from, I think, when Ben was checking to see if the gas was OK.

Evangeline Lilly: Nice. I always notice little things like my hair is pinned behind my ear there, which drives me crazy. Kate's hair wouldn't be pinned. But it kept blowing in my face. You can't do a scene with hair blowing across your eyes and mouth. It's so awkward.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah, I get that, too. It blows, but blows kind of weird. I start getting this very... shell around my head that is perfectly good, and the rest of the hair is blowing just on the ends.

Evangeline Lilly: Exactly. I don't think most people would notice, but, of course, we notice all these little ridiculous details.

Evangeline Lilly: I love it when our show does this. I love it when our show has simple, everyday, moments between the characters, because so much of it is high drama, high intensity, and it's constantly pushing, hitting hard, just to stop for a minute and remember that they are human beings who have feelings and day-to-day routines, who change diapers, eat food and gossip... So you better make sure you treat him...

Jorge Garcia: This is where we go, "Rose is dirty."

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah. Dirty Rose.

Jorge Garcia: That's cute. Like a little island date.

Evangeline Lilly: Like a picnic in a park. With a psychotic weirdo.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. The amount of time that Michael has to be in the makeup chair just to get to the right level of beating that he's currently suffering...

Evangeline Lilly: I don't envy him, but then sometimes I am jealous of the fact that, at least when he gets hit, he bleeds. I've had my face slammed into a cement floor, like a full-on head slam, face slam into a cement floor, come up, and just kind of shook it off. No blood, no bruising.

Jorge Garcia: America doesn't wanna see you bloody.

Evangeline Lilly: Apparently not. I do.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah, it'd be fun. But you'd think, with the island's healing power, that... why can't Ben heal quicker?

Evangeline Lilly: I love Sam. I got to do my very first ever scene with him, like, two weeks ago.

Jorge Garcia: Really?

Evangeline Lilly: Ever. In four years.

Jorge Garcia: Wow.

Evangeline Lilly: It was fun. He's such a sweet man.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: Aside from being a fantastic actor.

Jorge Garcia: It's always... um... ...the ones that don't actually get to live here and stuff... By the way, today is a beautiful, rainy day.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah. I have to say, though, I have a huge affinity for cloudy, gloomy, rainy Hawaii days because you get... People are gonna shoot me for saying this, but you get tired of the sun after a while. Yeah.

Jorge Garcia: Keeps the sun special.

Evangeline Lilly: Sometimes you want an excuse to curl up with a book.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: Stay inside.

Jorge Garcia: This is me. That's me. That's my stunt double. And then that's me again.

Evangeline Lilly: How'd you feel about underwater stuff? Did you do it in a pool or the ocean?

Jorge Garcia: That was the ocean. I jumped off a ladder that was in the middle of the water. And I had to kind of jump forward so my hair wouldn't end up in my face. I come out of the water, my hair's all back. That doesn't normally happen.

Evangeline Lilly: [chuckles] No.

Jorge Garcia: I get up, it's like a big... I'm like Cousin ltt coming out of the water.

Evangeline Lilly: We had to go into a pool in LA to do the underwater stuff where we find the dead bodies under the waterfall. We tried to do it in the ocean, and it was too silty and wavy. I was getting thrown against coral.

Jorge Garcia: We had a pretty clear day.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah, where's Charlie? Aw...

Jorge Garcia: Little moment.

Evangeline Lilly: That death scene, Charlie's death scene, ripped me apart. There are certain moments in this show that get to me, and there's others, where after being on it for four years, you're a little bit desensitized. But three times of watching that, crying my eyes out...

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. This is George Minkowski. The voice of Fisher Stevens, George Minkowski, who... doesn't even make it to the island. [both chuckle]

Evangeline Lilly: Well, kind of does, in his little way. Oh, no, he doesn't get thrown off the boat, no.

Jorge Garcia: How about this phone? This phone... I mean, when we first found this phone after... We found it in a bag a long time ago. And there's one phone they had and they wanted the phone to look even more... Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: High-tech.

Jorge Garcia: So they changed the cover of the phone and we had to re-shoot... Actually, I think Floyd, my stand-in, was holding the phone in his hand, and they just shot an insert of that. So they'll tell us, "You're doing stuff to the phone," "You're doing stuff to the phone," and you randomly start pushing parts of the screen, going in your head... [imitates dialing phone]

Evangeline Lilly: Every time I've ever seen a new person handle the phone on the show, they're like, "Do I hold it to my head? Do I hold it out here? Do I touch here?"

Jorge Garcia: "What part of the screen do I touch?"

Evangeline Lilly: Exactly.

Jorge Garcia: "We'll fill in the rest." [Lilly chuckles] Meanwhile... That phone is complicated. They cast a bunch of walkies in plaster so we could throw a bunch in there. A while to get right, where they catch it in the air and it dropping in.

Evangeline Lilly: When you first said, "They cast walkies..."

Jorge Garcia: Oh, yeah. They had a big, big, big group call. Yeah, it's like, "We're looking for something blonder." [Lilly guffawing] Something a little... What do you think about Motorola? Something that doesn't look like a kid's toy. Mmm. [both laughing]

Jorge Garcia: But it's great... Then one of the guys in the props had to be there fishing the walkie out of the water every time I threw it in. [Lilly laughs]People sending in pictures of walkies.

Evangeline Lilly: Face... Head shots.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. This is just the part you talk through, and this is the full walkie shot.

Evangeline Lilly: A head shot with a note underneath: "I've gotten rid of my antenna."[Garcia laughs]

Evangeline Lilly: "You might wanna take that into consideration."

Jorge Garcia: Here's the walkie dressed as a car mechanic. And here's the walkie dressed as a lawyer. This walkie works in all...

Evangeline Lilly: Very versatile walkie.

Jorge Garcia: No CB radios, please.

Evangeline Lilly: I was really excited 'cause when I first read this scene, there's this sappy moment where she's like, "Good luck, Jack." She gives him a hug. It's a little bit ridiculous. I thought, "That's lame. That's really lame." Then to find out later that, actually, Kate's being clever and duping the man that she loves, in this moment, makes it so much cooler.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: Henry Gale's spotting it makes it even another level cooler.

Jorge Garcia: Sure. That's cool, you still call him Henry Gale. Can't get past that. [both laughing]

Evangeline Lilly: You know, the original. I stick with the original.

Jorge Garcia: My favorite thing is when fans found out that he wasn't Henry Gale, but we didn't know his name yet, fans referred to him as "Not Henry Gale." [Lilly giggles]

Jorge Garcia: Here, as you can see, I'm only wet three-quarters of the shirt up because I've had time to dry.

Evangeline Lilly: Continuity. OK, guns. Guns!

Jorge Garcia: Look at all the guns.

Evangeline Lilly: Guns in this show! How do we keep track of what guns we have, what guns we don't have, when we have guns, who has a gun, whose gun was it originally, and where should it go back to, who asked who to have guns...?

Jorge Garcia: They were asking me, for the DVD, "Do you know where the guns are?"

Evangeline Lilly: Nobody knows where they are. You almost got me that time.

Jorge Garcia: And we're back at Santa Rosa. [Lilly sighs] Home sweet home.

Jorge Garcia: Grisel Toledo, the same nurse from the last time I had to take a pill.

Evangeline Lilly: Well done. You're good with your names. I'm impressed.

Jorge Garcia: And Lance Reddick.

Evangeline Lilly: Who I met for three seconds for the first time.

Jorge Garcia: You have a scene with him?

Evangeline Lilly: No, he was in the lunch tent and I was getting lunch and I walked by and went, "Hey, wait a minute."

Jorge Garcia: Just now, recently? Oh, that's cool.

Evangeline Lilly: He has a great demeanor.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: No different than on the show.

Jorge Garcia: Very professional.

Evangeline Lilly: Almost regal.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, how can you not have a presence? I mean, he's tall...

Evangeline Lilly: He's tall. Really tall.

Jorge Garcia: He does so much... He just speaks very quietly and forces you to listen to him.

Evangeline Lilly: Mm. I always figure that, in scenes where you're listening, how good of an actor you are will depend on how well that person can make you listen.

Jorge Garcia: This chalkboard is a big deal. People tried to figure out what that meant. There's an island and a shark and a tree. "Why is the shark in a tree?"

Evangeline Lilly: What did it mean?

Jorge Garcia: I don't know.

Evangeline Lilly: Come on. Jack Bender did it? He's always slipping his art in.

Jorge Garcia: Might be.

Evangeline Lilly: He's got the painting down in the hatch and the two carved dolls that were Ben's when he was a kid that his girlfriend gave him.

Jorge Garcia: He carve those? No kidding.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah.

Jorge Garcia: I snuck one of my own paintings in this episode.

Evangeline Lilly: Did you?

Jorge Garcia: You'll see.

Evangeline Lilly: Didn't know you painted.

Jorge Garcia: I didn't know either. It's not those, though. Think those are Bender's?

Evangeline Lilly: Probably.

Jorge Garcia: OK. He also cut out those flowers behind Lance. The daisies.

Evangeline Lilly: Bender?

Jorge Garcia: I'm sure. That's his butterfly. [both laugh] [Lilly laughs] Every time I see a butterfly, I think of Jack's...

Jorge Garcia: I like the idea of him sitting there. He's cutting it. His tongue halfway out. Sticking out through his lips as he's trying to get those things right.

Evangeline Lilly: So let's talk about, just for a minute... I don't want to out the show, don't wanna talk about jumping the shark, but let's talk about torches on our show.

Jorge Garcia: We're good at it. Anywhere we go... By the way, when you do torch work on the show, do you always hate to get...? There's one that's bent.

Evangeline Lilly: Oh, no! I like the one that's bent because I can bend it away from my head.

Jorge Garcia: That's good.

Evangeline Lilly: You set your hair on fire?

Jorge Garcia: I have not set my own hair on fire, but I did almost burn Foxy's face. [Lilly laughs]

Jorge Garcia: When we had the scene where we were doing... The first time that Claire got attacked, a long time ago, and we were kind of going around the place checking the perimeter, there's a scene I had with Matthew, and we were each other's light. We were lighting each other with our torches. It was so windy that day that the flame started blowing almost in between us. I'm panicking. They're shooting my over the shoulder, so you don't see me going, "Yikes!"

Evangeline Lilly: Oh, no! I had a scene where I come out of the cave to talk to Jack about going to the hatch with Locke. Between takes, I would back up to my start mark. My start mark was right beside a torch. And there was this hair guy. All of a sudden, this guy comes... He looks at me and his eyes go wide, and he comes running at me doing this sort of spirit hands, ridiculous panic dance. I'm kicking him away from me. [chuckles] "Get away from me, man! Leave me alone!" Meanwhile, I don't know it, but hair is on fire.

Jorge Garcia: Oh, my God.

Evangeline Lilly: He's trying to pat me out. But I think the worst torch moment was when Sawyer and Kate escape from the cages. And they get into the forest for the first time and it's all hardcore. They're about to get away and go back to our place. And... Sawyer sticks the torch into a bush, and it comes out burning, [chuckles] and then we move on. It's really dramatic and intense. But the reality is that, somehow, he just found Moses' burning bush and lit his torch with it.

Jorge Garcia: We were just doing a scene with torches recently, where we went out to some area and then we made torches. Like, "Let's grab branches now..." I had this rendered pig fat that I'm wrapping it... Luckily, this happened to be on my person, at the time, that we had to make our escape from the smoke monster.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, Kate does. Kate knows what she's doing. So hardcore. I love it when they make Kate hardcore. [Garcia chuckles]

Evangeline Lilly: I really... It's hard, 'cause there's a fine line these days. They're trying to make her evolve. She's trying to grow, give her an arc. She's becoming more sensitive, vulnerable, emotional and attached, which is all good. It's important to change, keep things moving and make a person grow, but moments where she's just being hardcore fugitive tracker Kate are my favorite.

Jorge Garcia: "How do I answer this thing? Where do I push it?"

Evangeline Lilly: "Oh, my God!"

Jorge Garcia: "Please be the right button. Hi!"

Evangeline Lilly: See, no one else holds it to their head. Kate doesn't know how to use it. Why wouldn't she hold it to her head? No, Jack does, Jack holds it to his head. But the people from the boat hold it out in front of them.

Jorge Garcia: They talk into it from a distance?

Evangeline Lilly: I think so. I've seen them do that. Chicken. That insert...

Jorge Garcia: "I'm sorry, you broke up." Oh, gross. [Lilly laughs]

Jorge Garcia: This gets pretty exciting. So she got a knife in the back... ...and crawled away. Pretty far.

Evangeline Lilly: Pretty far.

Jorge Garcia: Then doubled back, went somewhere else.

Evangeline Lilly: To a really good tree.

Jorge Garcia: Then climbed up a tree.

Evangeline Lilly: Waited for the right moment to bleed on my shoulder.

Jorge Garcia: Still had enough blood... Yeah. She was trying to hold her blood in. Then she just couldn't anymore. Then, "Oh, no!" Drip, drip.

Evangeline Lilly: "l guess I better jump."

Evangeline Lilly: I guess she's strong enough, at this point, to keep me still with a knife to my neck, even though she's three seconds away from death.

Evangeline Lilly: Good thing we needed her. I would have killed her.

Jorge Garcia: She kept herself alive to tell this.

Evangeline Lilly: It's a classic moment. Frankly, I loved doing this scene 'cause I was working with Marsha, whom I adore.

Evangeline Lilly: She's such a hoot. It's weird to see her doing anything dramatic. The girl never has a serious moment in real life. She's always cracking jokes and goofing around.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah, she was fun. And... We didn't... 'Cause we started with her coming out of the... Stuck in the tree.

Evangeline Lilly: Oh, yeah.

Jorge Garcia: We spent a lot of time there. We got rained out and had to come back.

Evangeline Lilly: Didn't she have to speak six languages in that scene? They let her know a week before the scene started. See there, pressing all those buttons. That was complicated. Like, "Press the right-hand corner, an inch over from the corner, good. Up three inches." While she's dying. That's hard to pay attention to while you're dying.

Jorge Garcia: Which we're gonna find out is a lie. There's no sister.

Evangeline Lilly: That was a code for, "These mothers have me at gunpoint." I'm not allowed to say that on this...

Jorge Garcia: Oh, no!

Evangeline Lilly: I think I swore twice already.

Jorge Garcia: Disney's gonna get so mad.

Evangeline Lilly: I know. They're gonna have to beep the commentary.

Jorge Garcia: They're gonna bleep it!

Evangeline Lilly: Bleep commentary?

Jorge Garcia: The moment before, they had that big wind machine. That's another thing that's fun to have to work with.

Evangeline Lilly: Especially with our hair.

Jorge Garcia: It sometimes doesn't turn on. Wind machine is, essentially, a propeller in a cage. Like the things in the back of the boats in the Gentle Ben show.

Evangeline Lilly: The what show? Don't know it.

Jorge Garcia: Gentle Ben. Gentle Ben... Remember Flipper?

Evangeline Lilly: The dolphin?

Jorge Garcia: They'd run them together.

Evangeline Lilly: You did a great job in this episode. And I know it's, like, embarrassing to have to say that in front of people to you, but you really did.

Jorge Garcia: Thank you.

Evangeline Lilly: Anyway, Gentle Ben and Flipper? What?

Jorge Garcia: Flipper was about these kids who had this pet dolphin, but he lived free and wild. He would beat up on sharks and alligators.

Evangeline Lilly: They did a movie with Elijah Wood about it.

Jorge Garcia: Gentle Ben was this kid... It took place in the Florida Everglades. And this kid's friend was a bear. A full-grown bear. His dad would go around on the airboats they had. A full-grown bear. His dad would go around on the airboats they had.

Evangeline Lilly: OK, got it. I'm following. So these wind machines, though...

Jorge Garcia: That's what happens when you grow up in Canada.

Evangeline Lilly: You don't see important shows like Gentle Ben. You watch The Waltz of the Logger.

Jorge Garcia: Exactly, The Waltz of the Logger.

Evangeline Lilly: Sesame Street, which is Canadian. Thank you. I'll take credit for that.

Jorge Garcia: You guys did Sesame Street?

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah, we did Sesame Street. That was us. I'm getting some head shakes from other Canadians.

Jorge Garcia: USA! USA! USA! [Lilly laughing]

Lilly] So in these commentaries...

Jorge Garcia: Sometimes people talk about what's going on in the show.

Evangeline Lilly: I have an astute question. What do you usually do when you have to go to the bathroom? Do you just hold it or do you pause it and keep going when you get back?

Jorge Garcia: [laughs] Oh... Are you speaking from...?

- Evangeline Lilly: Just hypothetically speaking, if I did have to go to the bathroom... Let's pause for station identification. [Garcia laughing] All right. Eva's back.

Evangeline Lilly: No pause for them, but a bit for us. Pretty soon, I'm gonna be known, worldwide, as the small-bladder girl. That's the second time I've had to interrupt something in front of people to go to the bathroom. Remember that discussion we did with Jimmy Kimmel?

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: I had to get up and excuse myself to go to the bathroom. That's what happens when you drink a lot of water.

Jorge Garcia: Now the audience is bigger. If they're... they really wanna delve in to the commentary.

Evangeline Lilly: Right.

Jorge Garcia: Wash your hands? Never mind.

Evangeline Lilly: Naturally.

Jorge Garcia: Best to get on.

Evangeline Lilly: Best... Although, we've not been on the show yet, so why start now? Oh, good grief! No, let's address the show.

Jorge Garcia: So finally...

Evangeline Lilly: Do you remember... OK. First of all, remember this scene? It took us, what, four nights?

Jorge Garcia: I thought it was three.

Evangeline Lilly: Was it three nights? The first night, I wasn't there. They didn't call me. Everyone hated my guts for it. [Garcia chuckling] Then the next night, they called me in late. I ended up late on set. Everyone hated my guts again. Then the third night, the actors hated everyone's guts. This fight broke out on set...

Jorge Garcia: Was that the third night?

Evangeline Lilly: Tensions were high.

Jorge Garcia: We had to come back on a Saturday to finish. We hadn't completed.

Evangeline Lilly: Oh. Oh, yeah.

Jorge Garcia: And they had this whole... There's gonna be rain coming up at the end of this. So there was... They wanted to shoot everything up to the rain because then we'd have to... Our clothes would be wet from then on.

Evangeline Lilly: Jorge. Oh, no! Oh, no! [moaning] Charlie's dead. Actually, while I was watching this for the first time with my sister, and she was like, "They both did a great job in that." It was really kind of heartbreaking. Charlie's dead. No.

Evangeline Lilly: It's even in that moment where all the couples are being couple-y. Bernard and Rose are hugging and kissing. Jin and Sun are hugging and kissing. And where's Charlie for Claire?

Jorge Garcia: OK, so here's my painting.

Lilly] Sweet. Jorge Garcia: They wanted me painting. And the longer it took, the more I painted. I started out, like...

Evangeline Lilly: That took a long time. Jorge Garcia: I took the scene from before, where he says he doesn't want to be able to see the ocean. So I thought, "What's the furthest away from the island?" So I painted the igloo. Then I kept going.

Evangeline Lilly: Nice. What's cool about that is, remember, the scene at the end of season two with the guys in the igloo-type snowstorm place? Now, you're layering the Lost myth.

Jorge Garcia: Exactly. I was adding to it. I thought, "People are gonna start picking up on that." ln fact, I just got a text from a buddy of mine who played one of those guys in that ice thing. They just called him for his availability, so there may be more snow stuff coming up.

Evangeline Lilly: So, if I may be so bold, I'm gonna throw props to Dom there. I think he's looking pretty dashing.

Jorge Garcia: He is. When people die on the show, and they come back, they have different hair...

Evangeline Lilly: Right. Suddenly, they're swankier and cooler. As long as death becomes them. For some people, death doesn't exactly become them as much. Death's not good to them.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. Boone came back. He was bloody...

Evangeline Lilly: He didn't like death much. Maybe we could talk about an afterlife right now.

Evangeline Lilly: Analyze who went where.

Jorge Garcia: I don't know. Well, one of the things that Charlie says here, "I'm am dead. But I'm also here."

Evangeline Lilly: What do you think? Do you think we're dead?

Jorge Garcia: On the show? No.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah. Me neither. Rubbish!

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. I was excited when I saw Dom's name at the front of the script. Kind of went, "Sweet. He's showing up." I thought this would have been cool to do a full... It's a very Obi-Wan Kenobi relationship that Dom could have with Hurley. Show up in various places. "Stretch out your feelings."

Evangeline Lilly: It would make sense.

Jorge Garcia: It worked.

Evangeline Lilly: Very cool. You counted. What's with the counting? I've done a bit of counting in my day. I've done a few counting scenes. Mostly breathless counting. [panting] One! Two!

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: [sputtering] Three!

Jorge Garcia: Good vibrating lip. [sputtering]

Evangeline Lilly: That was honest...

Jorge Garcia: We did... This was done at a different time. We had to come back and do these two lines like that, I think. Which was a little...

Evangeline Lilly: Oh, no.

Jorge Garcia: We had to come back and We like, "Get right in it again and go."

Evangeline Lilly: It's like ADR.

Jorge Garcia: Right.

Evangeline Lilly: It's impossible. Yes, Tony, that's right. What we do with you, impossible.

Jorge Garcia: You see miracles...

Evangeline Lilly: Terrible ...if we pull it off.

Jorge Garcia: If we pull it off.

Evangeline Lilly: Otherwise, you see us destroy...

Jorge Garcia: Sometimes, it's the back of my head saying, "Later, dudes, I gotta get back to the hatch." Like, what? [chuckling]

Evangeline Lilly: I think it's cool he pulled the trigger. Finally, Jack Shephard did something. Finally!

Jorge Garcia: He does it again. Then he finished.

Evangeline Lilly: Cool.

Jorge Garcia: He's like, "Who didn't load this?" Locke's a knife fighter.

Evangeline Lilly: Obviously.

Jorge Garcia: What does he use a gun for?

Evangeline Lilly: What're you thinking?

Jorge Garcia: What does he use a gun for?

Evangeline Lilly: What're you thinking? Pulling the trigger on Locke's gun. "l'll beat the crap out of you instead." Just don't take him on with a knife, whatever you do. Poor Terry went through... Season two, I think it was, every episode he had to cry. He was getting sick of crying. [both laugh]

Jorge Garcia: Matt's had to cry a lot, too.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah. That makes three of us. Who else cries a lot on this show? A lot of crying on this show, frankly.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: Know what I find interesting? Go ahead.

Jorge Garcia: Go what?

Evangeline Lilly: I find it interesting that every crying or kissing scene on this show I have to ADR. Apparently, I kiss too quiet and I cry too quiet.

Jorge Garcia: You ADR kissing on the show?

Evangeline Lilly: Have to make out with my hand in an empty dark room.

Jorge Garcia: You have to make kiss noises?

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah.

Jorge Garcia: Wow.

Evangeline Lilly: Tricky when it's open-mouth kissing. Pecks, it'd be one thing. But full-on making out, that gets hot and steamy, and I got to replicate it with my hand. [Garcia snorts] [both laugh]

Jorge Garcia: Like when you used to practice French kissing on your hand?

Evangeline Lilly: Like in school when you teach your friend.

Jorge Garcia: OK, Fran?ois.

Evangeline Lilly: Make a hole with your thumb and your forefinger, and then... [Lilly laughs]

Jorge Garcia: It's like... Lift one leg. [Lilly wheezing laughter]

Jorge Garcia: That's the new bonus footage that's going to be video of you ADR kissing your hand.

[Lilly clears throat] How many times did you have to say this speech?

Jorge Garcia: Oh...

Evangeline Lilly: You had to say this for six people's coverage.

Jorge Garcia: For everybody to look at me say the speech, I was like... hmm.

Evangeline Lilly: Finally, they got to your coverage. Couldn't believe it. I was like, "Do him first, man. Get him out of the way so then he can just bluff it for the rest of us." ...must've heard something before he... I don't know why, but he changed his mind.

Jorge Garcia: Then they cut to it, yeah. [Lilly moaning] Because the last thing he did was to warn us that the people...

Evangeline Lilly: It was really cool that this whole thing, right now, is what causes the split in the group. We've gone three months on an island without splitting up. And this...

Jorge Garcia: Except the time people moved to the caves and others stayed at the beach.

Evangeline Lilly: We came back together. That was temporary.

Jorge Garcia: Didn't take long.

Evangeline Lilly: Like a lovers' spat. This is more like a divorce.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah.

Evangeline Lilly: And... it was all over Charlie's death and over this, this moment right here. It's over rescue, ultimately. That's interesting. I'm gonna get heady for a minute. I apologize. It's an interesting parallel in... [Garcia sighs deeply] Nerd! Go ahead.

Evangeline Lilly: The idea of a new kind of hope, and any change is what causes rift. That if we'd just stayed stuck, and totally hopeless, we probably would've stuck together and it would've been fine.

Jorge Garcia: The Giacchino theme, that... [both humming]

Evangeline Lilly: That makes me cry. You went to the symphony. I was with you.

Jorge Garcia: I couldn't wait for this song to come on.

Evangeline Lilly: I cried and cried and cried watching all that footage from over the years. And listening to that theme, it's one of those ones that I think, I hope will go down in people's memories as an instant emotional connection. Like the theme of Star Wars. You immediately go... Ooh! You get excited and there's goosebumps. That'll be one of those themes you automatically start sobbing. Spontaneously crying.

Jorge Garcia: I start thinking of like... ...Charlie hanging from the tree, and it's like, "Oh, they killed him." And I read the script. I knew he was coming back. But I was like, "Man..."

Evangeline Lilly: He's dead. The first time I worked with Stephen Williams, who is now a full-time producing directors on the show, and one of my most coveted people to work with.

Jorge Garcia: He's really great.

Evangeline Lilly: But you made love to me in a cage. You can't go! [both chuckle] And the rain.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. They don't heat this water up for us, by the way.

Evangeline Lilly: Oh, no. This was amazing. This scene, for some reason, I ended up in a rain hole. I'm the only one who didn't get wet in this. [laughs] I was perfectly dry. It looks like I'm wet. Maybe that was the end. For the first five takes, everyone's soaked and they'd say cut. I'd be like, "How's it possible that I didn't get wet?"

Jorge Garcia: Wow.

Evangeline Lilly: No, the water's cold. That was why I managed that ridiculous lip tremble on the number three. [laughs] Some of the rain towers...

Jorge Garcia: One of my favorite things this night was... 'cause sometimes, we get the option to wear wet suits underneath our clothes to keep us warm. And Michael Emerson... um ...was new...

Evangeline Lilly: Said no?

Jorge Garcia: No, he was wearing it because he was new to the wetsuit experience because he had told me that water's gotten inside his wetsuit. So I had to explain that they're not supposed to keep you dry.

Evangeline Lilly: It's not a dry suit.

Jorge Garcia: Just to keep you warm.

Evangeline Lilly: The first time I've ever done rain with certain people... As soon as new people came on to the cast, I was constantly coaching them through the fact... They're like, "l don't need a wetsuit. I don't need booties. I don't need a towel. I don't need a heater." l'd be like, "No, you take it. You take anything you can get because if you don't, I give you one hour before you're hypothermic." And, sure enough, they take everything, and an hour later, they're trembling. "I'm so glad I'm wearing a wetsuit."

Jorge Garcia: When it was raining, when we went off to find the Black Rock, and we were doing that rain work, standing in front of one of those gas heaters, which would just heat up the water in your clothes already, so it'd be like moving from a Jacuzzi into a pool when they turned the rain back on.

Evangeline Lilly: So I felt bad for Foxy in this scene. I felt bad for him because he had to look like a real spaz. He's terrible. He can't hit one... He's air-balling it. He's just useless.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. Right.

Evangeline Lilly: You're like an ace shot.

Jorge Garcia: For the record, Matty Fox kicks my butt at Horse.

Evangeline Lilly: Really? You actually play him?

Jorge Garcia: We didn't really play a game, but he made more shots than I did.

Evangeline Lilly: In the actual shooting?

Jorge Garcia: While we shot. When it's up close and you can just throw the ball.

Evangeline Lilly: I figured that he could probably hit the hoop.

Jorge Garcia: As a rule, I think... Everything... Almost any type of parlor game, things like that, he seems to be really good at. I've seen him be good at darts, good at ping pong.

Evangeline Lilly: I'm excited about the fact that we gotta go back. lt's gotta happen. They can't emphasize that so much and then not do it. So I'm stoked for that. How the hell are we gonna get back to that island?

Jorge Garcia: Right.

Evangeline Lilly: I can't wait to film that. The greatest thing about season four...

Jorge Garcia: Hurley's got a big regret here where he's like, "l should never have done it." What exactly is the moment where he regretted going with Locke? There's a lot of things. And why aren't we friends anymore? All that business.

Evangeline Lilly: I know.

Jorge Garcia: It's like...

Evangeline Lilly: I know. I have that question even on the island. At this point... Other than that moment where I come into your house and go, "Hey, Hurley," Kate and Hurley...[scoffs] Nothing. It's like they're not even neighbors. They're not even... They're nothing. They just... They're acquaintances that pass in the hallway at school. That's a bummer. I think we'd be better friends by now.

Jorge Garcia: I think so. Especially we came from me being afraid of you in season one, 'cause I knew you were an ex-con.

Evangeline Lilly: I love that scene. I love how freaked out you were. It's weird, 'cause at this point now, on the island, do you think about that she's an ex-con and he's a lottery winner?

Jorge Garcia: No.

Evangeline Lilly: You don't. It's our, truly, that whole idea of the identities will be erased happened in our psyche.

Jorge Garcia: I never really think about it much. It's the... the Tabula Rasa of season one.

Evangeline Lilly: Yeah. John Locke. The actual John Locke's theory.

Jorge Garcia: Introducing Jeremy Davies.

Evangeline Lilly: Jeremy Davies. The Jeremy Davies.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah. I met him in passing. I haven't worked with him yet. I kinda like to be like, "Awesome."

Evangeline Lilly: He is wonderful. One of the best additions to our show.

Jorge Garcia: He was getting pelted with water the whole time. Ho! And Lost! And we're done! Oh, man! That just sneaks up on you.

Evangeline Lilly: That was fantastic. I had the greatest time. Thank you.

Jorge Garcia: Thank you.

Evangeline Lilly: Thank you, everybody out there, for joining us. Thank you to our producers. And I just wanna thank my agents and my parents, who've always really supported me and love me. And my sisters, who've always been my biggest encouragers, tell me I can do anything if I set my mind to it. And... [clears throat] I wanna thank Tony in the ADR studio for the hard work he does when we loop our lines. And...

Jorge Garcia: Ditto. Bad robot.