For the episode, see "The Beginning of the End".

"The Beginning of the End" is the 24th issue of Lost: The Official Magazine. It will be released on August 11th, 2009.

Frequent Flyers

The Tranceiver

Editor Paul Terry introduces us to this massive 100-page yearbook celebrating Season 5 of Lost.

New Transmissions

Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis analyze "The Incident, Part 1."

Voices From The Fuselage

Fan theories and finale reactions from fans around the world.

Black Box Flight Recorder

Script extracts from that classic scene in "Not in Portland" when Juliet first meets Richard Alpert.


Issue 25 is going to be a very creepy Dark Territory Special.

Memento Mori

"It's Time to Get Phil"

We look back on Phil's many memorable moments from Season 5, working as a DHARMA security member under LaFleur.

Beyond The Hatch

"Finding Jacob"

We get a good look inside Jacob's mysterious Island dwelling. Prepare for some exclusive commentary, production art, and photography from Jacob's lair.

"The Line Has Been Drawn"

Prepare to go deep inside the campsites of the Hostiles, including commentary, production art, and exclusive images.

"Chamber of Secrets"

Production designer Zack Grobler discusses the building of Jughead and the Tunnels. This section has some awesome production art and photography of the Tunnels that exist beneath the Island's surface.

"Walkabout: A Lost Tour of the Real Island"

Lost Magazine's Ned Hartley gives you a guided tour of the Hawaiian locations that are used in the show.


"Lost Rock'n'roll Found: Geronimo Jackson Uncovered"

The unknown history of one of the 1970s most loved bands now comes to light, courtesy of fan and Lost Executive Producer Eddy Kitsis.

By The Fire

"Jacob's Ladder"

Michael Emerson unwinds by our fire and discusses Ben's emotionally draining Season 5 journey.

"Memories of a Murder"

Yunjin Kim talks exclusively about just how far she thinks Sun will go to be reunited with Jin.

"Revolution, Resolution"

L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson return to Lost Magazine's shores to recall their Season 5 experience.

The Others

"How They Make Lost..."

Part two of the exclusive report gets closer to the writing process of Damon, Carlton, and the team. Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsis, and Elizabeth Sarnoff are interviewed.

"Cutting It Fine"

We chat to Season 5's editing crew to uncover the challenges they faced and their favorite scenes.

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