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Alvar Hanso is the CEO & Founder of the Hanso Foundation, and according to the Swan Orientation Film is Danish. He addressed the UN Security Council in 1967. Persephone from the Hanso Foundation website (part of The Lost Experience) has mentioned that Alvar Hanso's last public appearance was in 2002, and he has not been seen since.

The film clip featuring Alvar Hanso is taken from a city in Norway called Narvik. (According to sources the creators of the series has said that this is purely accidental and has nothing to do with Lost). Alvar Hanso is also referred to in the notification of cease of investigation of Flight 815 that is on one of the unofficial fan sites [1] of which authenticity can't be verified.


"Driven by a need for privacy and a deep-seated sense of humility, Alvar Hanso has released few details of his personal life to the public.

He first made his mark during the Second World War, providing munitions to various resistance movements around Europe. After the War, Hanso became the leading purveyor of high-technology armaments to NATO.

After decades of keeping the world safe through the development of sophisticated weapons systems, Hanso turned his attention to critical areas of science and technology - always searching for new ways to improve the human experience, and create a brighter future for all humanity.

Still running his vast network of companies, Hanso has set new standards for philanthropy and the support of pure scientific research for the betterment of the entire race. "

Side note: According to Gary Troup's interview with Laird Granger for Bad Twin, Alvar and the Hanso Foundation were both mentioned in a previous non-fiction book written by Gary called The Valenzetti Equation. Presumably, whatever Gary wrote about Alvar and the Foundation was not looked upon favorably by the Foundation because no one can find a copy of the book. The Foundation has also started a newspaper ad campaign against claims made by Gary in Bad Twin.

Bad Twin book info

In Chapter 23, in a apparent new change in the board at Widmore, Alvar Hanso was replaced by Thomas Mittelwerk.

The wit and wisdom of Alvar Hanso

The following quotes have been attributed to Alvar Hanso.

  • "I am very proud to be working with such a brilliant team, who all inspire me every single day as we forge our way towards a brighter future. The expertise and dedication of the team constantly surpass my expectations." ( television ad page)
  • "From the dawn of our species, Man has been blessed with curiosity. Our most precious gift, without exception, is the desire to know more—to look beyond what is accepted as the truth and to imagine what is possible." — Alvar Hanso, Address to the United Nations Security Council, 1967, posted on first iteration of Website
  • "To preach the limited mind is to foreclose on the promise of our future." ( landing page)
  • "A society should not merely be measured by its brightest lights, but on how the brightest light the way for those who cannot shine for themselves." (MHA section of Website)
    • May be relevant to Hurley's particular affliction or simply the way in which the castaways are all emotionally and spiritually lost souls
    • May be relevant to the chasm between "the best and the brighest" (exemplary men like Jack) and those who struggle in life (just about everyone else)
  • "Prevention is the number one reason people live longer lives today. The time has come for everyone in our world to understand how a minimum investment of time and effort can lead to a vastly longer and happier life." (WWPDP section of Website)
    • Note: This seems to be a nod to the "vaccine" proferred by Ethan Rom to protect Claire's baby.
  • "The future need not be an undiscovered country. Through science and technology we can turn our inexorable forward motion into a safe journey into a well-charted haven of tranquility." (MFI section of Website)
    • The phrase "undiscovered country" comes from a soliloquy in Shakespeare's Hamlet and refers to the unknown that comes after death:

But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscovered country, from whose bourn
No traveler returns, puzzles the will
And makes us rather bear those ills we have,
Than fly to others we know not of.

  • "To understand how our world is going, we must first seek to understand how the world was made." (ERI section of Website)
  • "Given enough time, there is no end to what human beings can accomplish, no frontiers we cannot cross, and no experiences that we cannot live to pass on to future generations (LEP section of Website)


  • Hanso is Him, the leader of The Others, mentioned by Mr. Friendly and the faux Henry Gale.
  • Zeke-hanso

    Clue from

    Hanso is Zeke. Compare the grainy photo of with Alvar and the one with no beard of Zeke, don't you see some resemblance ? This should match with the sentence "it doesn't match anyone else?" found on while clicking the date between the photo (see screen capture)
  • Hanso is on the island.
  • Hanso is one of the survivors of the flight, or has somehow managed to infiltrate himself with them.
  • Hanso is dead, and buried near the Black Rock, according to notation on the blast door which reads: "Known resting place of Magnus Hanso / Black Rock". This assumes "Magnus" is used here as a title of honor.
  • Alvar Hanso is not Magnus Hanso, but related to him.
  • The name "Hanso" is likely spelled "Hansø" in Danish. The literal translation of "hans ø" from Danish is "his island".
  • Anagram of Alvar Hanso makes "Solar Haven" and "An Oval Rash" (perhaps The Sickness)
  • Possibly named after Hans Ørsted, a Danish physicist and chemist whose discoveries inspired the development of electromagnetic theory and the ØRSTED satellite.
  • On the Hanso Foundation Website under the biography of Alvar Hanso, the date under the photo is October 28th, 2003. However, it is the same photo from the Swan Orientation Film, which was supposedly made long before 2003. Is there an explanation for this? -> They just don't want to reveal who Hanso really is?
    • It seems strange that the same picture would be used as a way to keep his indentity concealed. It's possible that as an organization sponsored by Hanso, it may have very limited dealings with him, thus the picture used is actually the only picture they've been able to capture.
  • October 28th, 2003 was the date of an extremely massive solar flare (third largest on record) that was expected to cause "a major geomagnetic storm", as it was aimed directly at the Earth. [2]
  • The picture of Alvar Hanso bears a strong resemblance to Kelvin "Joe" Inman (played by Clancy Brown).
  • Hanso is dead, presumebly murdered, and the Foundation is now under control of people with different motives, using the fame of Alvar Hanso. (hinted by Persephone's concerns regarding Hanso)
  • Locke's supposed father Anthony Cooper is Alvar Hanso. Check his resemblance with the image from the "grainy picture".
  • "hansa" is Vedic Sanskrit for "swan." The repeated word "namaste" on the Hanso website is originally from Sanskrit.

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You are now able to click the date October 28, 2003. It suggestes that Alvar Hanso has gone missing because nobody has seen him since December 31, 2002. It suggests that he is missing somewhere (the island?). Persephone wonders who is running The Hanso Foundation and there seems to be some sort of Morse Code after her message. I also see drawings of some sort on pictures all over the site, I have no idea what it means but it might be important. Hanso is one of the survivors of the flight, or has somehow managed to infiltrate himself with them. Hanso is Locke

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