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| Name=The Arrow
| Name=The Arrow
| Image=Arrow_logo.jpg
| Image=Arrow_logo.jpg
| Number=1(?)
| Number=Unknown (Possibly 1)
| Purpose=Restocking, storage and staging area
| Purpose=Restocking, storage and staging area
| Status=Abandoned
| Status=Abandoned

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Template:Infobox DHARMA Station The Arrow is a DHARMA Initiative station located on the Island. It was discovered by the tail section survivors 27 days after Flight 815's crash.


3x20 horrace

Horace Goodspeed ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Little is known of the original purpose of the Arrow Station. Horace was a mathematician who wore the logo of the station on his jumpsuit but the nature of his work is unknown. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

In the feature, "Secrets of the Hatch" on the Lost: The Complete Second Season DVD it is said that the Arrow is the first station. However, they also stated that the Swan was the second station, so they may have only been referring to the order of which they were discovered. (Or it was just a production error.)

Storage facility

While it is possible that the station had a different original purpose, its last role was as a storage facility. Its name and symbol were noted on the blast door map. A notation on the map says that its primary purpose at that time seemed to be storage and restocking for the DHARMA Initiative/Hanso Group. Goodwin also suggested that storage was the station's primary function.

When discovered in 2004, the word "QUARANTINE" was written on the inside of the door. The station still had power and light, but was in an extreme state of decay.


Radzinsky, part of the DHARMA Initiative team stationed at the Swan in the 1990s, seems to have visited the Arrow. Kelvin Inman said that he cut out sections of the Swan orientation film. Those removed sections later were found hidden in a bible that was placed in a box at the Arrow.



The Door of the Arrow ("The Other 48 Days")

The station was discovered by the Tailies (see list of station explorers) 27 days after the crash. It was used temporarily as a shelter. ("The Other 48 Days") Among the occupants were Ana-Lucia, Mr. Eko, Libby, Bernard, Cindy and Goodwin (who was discovered to be an Other and killed shortly after the station's discovery).

The station was largely empty except for several boxes. One box contained a number of interesting items carefully wrapped in cloth.

When Michael, Sawyer and Jin were discovered and captured by the Tailies on day 45 they were later shortly held in the Arrow station ("Everybody Hates Hugo"). On day 47 the Tailies and the three middle section survivors moved out of the Arrow station and started their trek across the Island.("...And Found")

The box


The box

A large metal box is present in the station. It contained the following items (wrapped in a cloth):


  • The names of the stations seem to be related to Apollo from Greek mythology. Apollo was a god of archery. One of his symbols was the arrow and bow.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: The Arrow/Theories
  • Why was a portion of the tape hidden in the bible?
  • What is the significance of the glass eye?
  • What was the role of Horace Goodspeed shown numerous times wearing an Arrow jumpsuit as a "mathematician" at the arrow station?
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