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  • Most arrows point at something important. Perhaps The Arrow can be used to navigate, maybe it even points to 325
  • Perhaps the arrow was some kind of armory, allowing DHARMA to study new forms of weapons and also used for a intelligence purpose.
  • The station the Tailies found wasn't the whole Arrow station. On the Blast Door Map, there is a small part that connects to the main station off to the left of it. This may be a supply station that the Tailies found. They also may have found one of the "CV's" on the map, seen clustered near The Swan and C4. This "CV V" (CV 5) may not be visible on the map, as the top is slightly cut off.
    • This may be supported by the fact that the station which the Tailies visited had a DHARMA symbol where the inner circle was a dotted line, while in other places the symbol has been seen with a full circle.
    • The station that they found may have been separated from the rest of the station like the source of the magnetism was covered up in the swan.
  • The station was used by Radzinsky at one point, as the parts of the Swan Orientation Film that he edited out were found there.
  • The Quarantine warning on the door supports theories that people lived in the Arrow and were not supposed to leave, much like the Swan.
  • From what the Tailies found, it is possible that most of The Arrow or The Arrow itself is simply a storage bunker. If that's the case, it may be possible that there are other "Arrows" on the island. The Arrow would be a collective name for all of them.
  • There's more to The Arrow than we think. The Swan and Flame both had trapdoors so what's to say The Arrow didn't have one concealed that leads into a larger area.
    • At the Comic Con 2007, in the Orchid Orientation Video it was said that no one can know what you do here, they only think this is a botanical research facility.
  • Couldn't the eye belong to the person in the mural with there eye scratched out, I believe the arrow represents some sort of direction for salvation, through a person, probably Locke


  • The Arrow was some type of Financial facility, and was purely DHARMA infrastructure, not ressarch. That explains Goodspeed's profession: mathamatician is another word for Accountant.
    • While accountants must have good math skills, a person with a professional title of mathematician is in all likelihood not an accountant.
  • There is a direct connection between the Arrow and the Swan station; on the Mural, in the Swan, there is a huge arrow.
  • The station may be to research the curious temporal anomalies we have seen on the Island (i.e. Desmond's ability to time travel after being on the island) - the "arrow" may be a reference to the arrow of time.
  • "Restocking and staging area for Dharma Initiative Hanso Group", as mentioned by the Blast Door Map, could mean the Arrow is like a waiting room before people replace those in the other stations, like the Pearl, so they don't interact.
    • Or restocking guns and ammo.
  • The Arrow is also used for mathematical research as seen in "The Man Behind the Curtain" on Horace's workman suit, possibly researching The Valenzetti Equation.
  • The Arrow could have been used for calculating navigation data for the island as magnetic feilds were possibly changing due to experiments in the swan, as others have mentioned here, an arrow is used on compasses, so could very well be used for navigation.
  • The glass eye is Marvin Candle's/ Mark Wickmund/ Edgar Halliwax
  • The being a storage/restocking and staging area station was not it's primary function. Much like the Orchid, it might have had a secret underground or side station, which was where the real function of the station was located (possibly the alleged cryptography station mentioned on the Blast Door Map.
  • The glass eye is Mikhail's
    • Not likely as we have seen Mikhail , with his eye socket sewn closed.

The Box

  • The "secret" piece of film of the Swan Orientation Video, which was hidden inside the bible is some sort of key to the island.

The Cabin

  • The arrow station could in fact be the cabin that Jacob resides in built by Horace Goodspeed, the arrow station shown in season 2 could be a decoy station for the real arrow.
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