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Mobisode 2 - "The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt"

Writers - Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz

Director - Jack Bender

[Hurley emerges from a tent, checks to see if anyone is watching, then walks away from the tent]

FROGURT: Hello Hurley.

[A bottle falls out of Hurley's backpack]

HURLEY: Frogurt.

FROGURT: It's Neil.


FROGURT: What are you doin' in Rose and Bernard's tent, Hurley?

HURLEY: Nothin'.

FROGURT: Nothin', huh? [Picks up the wine bottle] Looks to me like you snagged some DHARMA cabernet.

HURLEY: [taking the bottle from Neil] Bernard said I could borrow it.

FROGURT: Don't worry, bro. I'm not here to get up in your scene; if you wanna steal from Bernie, you steal from Bernie. I just have a question for ya. What's goin' on with you and Libby?

HURLEY: What do you mean?

FROGURT: I mean, are you gonna make a move or not?

HURLEY: It's none of your business, dude.

FROGURT: Look, Tubby. You're holding up the line. You and I both know that you're not gonna get past doing laundry with her. So, how 'bout you back off and let a real man show her what's what.

HURLEY: Really?

FROGURT: Really.

HURLEY: Well... it just so happens that I'm way past laundry. Yeah, that's right. In fact, I got a date with Libby right now. We're goin' on a picnic.

FROGURT: You got a date with her?

HURLEY: Yeah. I'm bringin' the wine, she's bringin' the blankets.

FROGURT: Well played, Hurley. Well played. But this isn't over. If you can't close with sweet Libby, it's "Neil time". Now, and forever. [Walks away]

[Hurley thinks that over, then walks away]