(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)

The-Button is a fan website that simulates the Swan protocol. The website's main page includes an image of the Swan computer and of the countdown timer. The Swan computer terminal, is set in the middle with the timer flicking down above it.

Menu features

  1. The home link leads to a blank computer screen with the Swan computer's prompt: >: Input is accepted only during the final 4 minutes of the countdown.
  2. When the numbers have been entered you must input your user name and password to reset the timer.
  3. The high score page is also featured above the clock and a statistics page plus the history page.
  4. The history page consists of all the recent pushes.

Global (all time stats) |The Button was pressed: 9881 time |The Button wasn't pressed: 4383 times |The time the timer had been running continuously: 5d 10h 41m |Had been pressed in a row: 13 times |Had been pressed by: JUW