"Tesla Tester" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. Its motif plays during many scenes featuring Widmore and his team.

Main appearance

Zoe leads Jin to the Hydra Station control room. They test the generator at full power but a circuit soon fails. Seamus sends a technician named Simmons to check the circuit on the solenoid coils in the central structure outside. Simmons goes into the outside unit but, in the control room, a technician finds the fault and immediately throws a switch to re-power the solenoid coils. Simmons is engulfed in shock waves generated by the solenoid coils. Seamus and Zoe run down to the main box and find Simmons smoking and dead, his face charred. Widmore arrives and asks Zoe whether they are ready as Desmond is dragged, struggling, in. He looks aghast at the dead man.

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Title significance

The title takes its name from the scene in which it is featured, where Widmore's people carry out a "test" using Tesla coils. Tesla coils were named after the man who invented them, Nikola Tesla.

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