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Teresa Cortez is the mother of Ana Lucia Cortez, and was also her boss at the Los Angeles Police Department.

At a later point in her career, Ana Lucia was shot in the line of duty while responding to a burglary, which caused her to have a miscarriage. After a four-month leave of absence, Teresa made the decision to put Ana Lucia back on the force, even though she didn't feel that her daughter was ready yet. Ana was originally assigned to a desk job working with evidence, but then her mother relented and let her take a "beat" in a calmer area of town. With a gun back in hand, Ana Lucia was able to seek revenge against the man who had caused her baby's death. ("Collision")

Ana Lucia turns in her badge to her mother.

Ana quit her job the next day, as Teresa suspected her daughter killed the man. Ana subsequently ran away to Australia as Christian Shephard's "bodyguard." Becoming disgusted with his actions, Ana phoned her mother, telling her that she wanted to return home. After some words of comfort from her mother, and a tear in her eye, Ana arranged to meet her at LAX, telling her that she would be on Oceanic Flight 815. This was not to be so, however, as after the crash, Ana was shot and killed by Michael. ("Two for the Road")