Look's nice, good work. -Chris[dt7] 09:15, 9 October 2006 (PDT)

Main Cast?

Hey, does anyone have any references for Sam Anderson, L Scott Caldwell, Rodrigo and Kiele in the Main Cast? Everything I'm looking at still puts the former 2 in the supporting cast. --PandoraX 05:52, 5 January 2007 (PST)

  • I came here to note the same thing. Everyone else is good, but Sam Anderson (Bernard) and L. Scott Caldwell (Rose) have *never* been part of the main cast. They are recurring characters like Richard Alpert, Ethan, etc. It's possible they could get bumped up someday, but for now, they should not be included in this nav bar. Vote ? Bookhouse88 06:23, 20 September 2007 (PDT)
    • Remove --James W. 20:13, 1 February 2008 (PST)
  • Remove as well, in fact, that's why I came to this talk page just now. They've never been credited as regulars (or even "guest/regulars" like Kiele Sanchez or Jeremy Davies). ShadowUltra 09:54, 9 February 2008 (PST)


It says 1-3 for the characters which have been there from the start, surely it should just say "1-". They didn't leave after three. Just my opinion. codu 16:06, 13 June 2007 (PDT)


Hey guys, I updated it and removed Sam Anderson and L. Scott Caldwell. I also took out guest seasons for main characters. I left them as number - number, because they are already seperated into current cast/previous cast. Hope everyone likes the "new version" :) Alexisfan07 05:16, 9 February 2008 (PST)

Emilie de Ravin

Has it been confirmed that she won't be in the main cast next season? I know that's a popular rumor (and seems pretty likely), but I can recall seeing anything that officially confirms it. Someone took her and Harold Perrineau off this navigation bar (I know Perrineau has confirmed he's not coming back), and I wanted to ask about this before I changed it or anything. --Compossible 22:53, 1 June 2008 (PDT)

  • This is ridiculous! It's broken the spoiler policy surely. It has not been confirmed by anyone and even if she's not in Season 5, she'll be coming back, so she shouldn't be removed at all!!!!!! I think it shoul definately be edited!!!
    • Not officially, as far as I know. It all stems from Kristen Veitch. She has been known to tell things which didn't turn out to happen (for example, she said that in one episode of Heroes, Sylar would be chucked out of a window - needless to say, it didn't happen). As far as I'm concerned, until Darlton say she's not coming back, we shouldn't change anything.--  Lost Soul   talk  contribs  05:11, 27 June 2008 (PDT)

Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick was only a guest star in Season 2, not a main character, so I'm going to change that. --Crash815 Talk 17:32, 27 May 2009 (UTC)


So someone has added season six's new regulars. MRMIKE to be specific. I know the first one announced was "despoilered" since everyone already knew that these people were going to appear anyway, so should this be kept? --Golden Monkey 17:25, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

Henry Ian Cusick

See the season 6 press release to see why I removed him. --Golden Monkey 00:35, November 20, 2009 (UTC)

Alphabetical Order

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje comes first alphabetically, not Sam Anderson. Switched it. --Golden Monkey 21:36, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

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