This templates uses key words, commons nicknames and phrases to easily category images without the need to type in [[Category:...]] every time and allows quick categorizing of images. It also places all images incorrectly categorized in a specific category for cleanup. This page is an explanation of how the template works, how to use it, and how to edit it.


  • When categorizing keep this in mind:
  • All character names are capitalized (proper capitalization).
  • All proper names are capitalized.
  • Anything else is in complete lower case unless an acronym.
  • Check Category:Improper category often to fix mistakes other users have made in categorizing.
  • Add ONLY 10 categories with 1 template. If you need to add more then 10 cats add the template more then once.
  • If it is a screenshot of an episode, add the episode keyword in the form 1x15, 3x04, etc. If you are unsure of the correct episode the image is from, manually add it to [[Category:Images of Season #]] for the correct season, where other users can sort them.


  • Change images that don't use Template:Image to images that do use Template:Image
  • Use the template to add copyright tags. Read on to learn how to do this.
  • Add relevant categories to help sort images. See Category:Images for available categories to add.


  • Categorize by season as we used to. Please categorize by episode using the episode and season number as keywords, ie 3x21.
  • Add more then 10 categories per template.

What keywords work? which ones don't?

  • It's a live and learn template, all proper names and short forms or common nicknames such as Hurley, Des, Sawyer work for main characters. Lesser characters must use full name. Other than that the keywords are what the image is. Please be sure to check the image after adding the template to make sure all the image categories worked. OR if doing a large number of images check Category:Improper category when finished and clean it up. An easy way to know if a tag will work is that the if the tag is exactly the same as the category you are adding it to, it will. For example of Category:Images of ABC, all you would need to type is ABC or Category:DEF images, type DEF as those type of tags are guaranteed to work.

Adding copyright tags

  • You must use the following variable: copy
  • Example: {{Image|Jack|Kate|copy=tv-s}} which would add the television screen shot tag.
  • Adding these copyright tags also correctly sorts the template per its copyright status, and adds a line or 2 regarding the categorization of the image and copyright holder (ie ABC) automatically so you do not need to worry about this.

Got questions?

  • Leave a message on this talk page or contact a Sysop.
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