This article is about phones in general. For the phones from the freighter, see Satellite phone
4x09 ringring

Locke receives a phone call. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Telephones are items that occur frequently on Lost. Below is a list of significant appearances phones have made. They are generally used on the show to pass along significant information, and are hardly ever used lightly.

Season One[]

Season Two[]

2x23 TheyFoundIt

Mathias calls Penny, informing her they "found it". ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2")

Season Three[]

Season Four[]

4x02 Frankphone

Frank calls the hotline. ("Confirmed Dead")

  • A telephone hotline was offered following the revelation of 815's "discovery," which Frank called. ("Confirmed Dead")
  • Sayid used a cell phone to update Ben on his work, before throwing the phone into a nearby trash receptacle. ("The Economist")
  • Elsa used a cell phone to contact her employer to tell him about Sayid. ("The Economist")
  • During his time-jumping, Desmond called Penny several times in 1994, and once in 2004 from the freighter. ("The Constant")
  • Sun called the hospital when she went into labor. ("Ji Yeon")
  • Michael talked to Tom on a cell phone when he had second thoughts about killing the freighter crew. After Tom's convincing, Michael subsequently threw the phone into the water. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")
4x05 Desmond PhoneBooth

Desmond calls Penny. ("The Constant")

Season Five[]


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