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The teddy bear is an item which was owned by the Tailie Emma.


Emma holding the teddy bear after the crash of 815. ("The Other 48 Days")

Emma's brother, Zach, held it after the plane crashed ("The Other 48 Days") while his sister was injured. It was later possibly seen being carried by a young Other when Eko and Jin were searching for Michael. ("...And Found")

It was also seen in Eko's dream with Ana Lucia. ("?")

It is seen again , being shared once more between Zach and Emma on Hydra Island. ("Stranger in a Strange Land") In the same episode, Karl tells Kate and Sawyer that he and Alex used to sit in his back yard and make up names for the constellations. He points to one that is not yet visible and says that when it becomes visible it will be "Ursa Theodorus" - the Teddy Bear. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")

In "The Brig", the teddy bear is seen being held by Emma at the ruins.

The Man in Black comforts Zach and Emma. ("Recon")

It was also seen being held by Zach in "Sundown" as he prepares to leave the Temple with his sister and Cindy.

Zach, sitting with his sister and Cindy, holds the teddy bear in "Recon" as he learns that the black smoke killed all those who remained at the Temple.


  • On the Official Lost Podcast, Damon Lindelof stated that the bears were not the same, but seemed to suggest this in a satirical way, thereby neither fully debunking or confirming the theory that they are the same.[source needed]
  • In Walt Disney's Peter Pan, there's a scene where a line of Indians are carrying off the captured Lost Boys. The last Indian in the line drags a teddy bear behind him on a rope, similar to the scene in "...And Found".
  • The producers clarify that although they can see a similarity in hindsight, they didn't originally intend the teddy bear to be a Peter Pan or Lost Boys reference. (Official Lost Podcast/February 20, 2007)

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