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The first page of the website. Notice the picture of Joop at the bottom.

Hidden in the HTML source code of the website, is an embedded clue to another website The DJ Dan site appears to the website for a radio station DJ that specializes in conspiracy theories.

The reference to the DJ Dan site is the second line of code on It is hidden within comment tags and looks like this:


Website Sections

Front Page

The front page of the site contains the Hanso Foundation logo in a red circle with a slash, as well as a picture of Joop.

Podcast Archive

As you drill into the site, it appears this month's topic is Alvar Hanso. The 5/16 podcast [1] talks about Alvar at length. Dan calls Hanso a "Weapons Dealer" turned "Mad Scientist". According to an "inside Hanso Foundation source" of Dan's, Alvar is currently cryogenically frozen in a lab outside Phoenix.

  • A note within the Podcast Archive page states that the next podcast will be available on 5/26.
  • 5/25 the sublymonal website changed. By entering the code persephone you get a message about the mythological origins of the name and the picture turns to one of the tail of an aircraft painted with the Oceanic color scheme. It reads 108 on the tail. (the source code for this page also says to look at the plane. By entering 108 you are taken to the second Dj Dan podcast one day early. I'll let the officials that read the podcast tomorrow on the release date sum it up...

ConspiraSpy of the Month


A closeup of a shark carcass reportedly found off the coast of Australia.

"We were diving off the Great Barrier Reef when we found this partially decayed shark carcass. Check out the logo on this guy...definitely not a tattoo or a brand..." -Richard P.

This resembles the shark with the DHARMA logo featured in an episode of Lost.

The tattoo on the shark from the DJ Dan site is similar to the logo of The Swan, with the addition of an extra line; however the logo on The Shark in the show is unfamiliar.


  • Currently , it says "Links coming soon".

Eyes on the Man


Alvar Hanso

The text reads "Who We're Looking at This Month" and displays the same photo of Alvar Hanso as shown in the Swan Orientation Film.

Mythic Beastie Sighting!

A picture of what appears to be a cross between a sloth and a bear, likely a picture of a Mapinguari, a legendary giant sloth from the Amazon. Supposedly, there was a gag script page that revealed the island monster to be a profane mapinguari! The author of the page was thought to have been Javier Grillo-Marxuach who appears to be playing DJ Dan in the entrance photo of the website.

The original copy of this image is apparently from the Illinois State Museum's Web site. It is a photograph of "a reconstruction of Jefferson's ground sloth [Megalonyx jeffersonii] from the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History."



One of three t-shirt designs available for purchase.

A section where you can buy DJ Dan t-shirts. These do not appear to be active in any way.


"DJ" Dan Lapinsky is rumored to have grown up in either Terre Haute, IN - Tulsa, OK - or Macon, AL sometime in the tumultuous 1960s. A veteran of Operation Desert Storm in the Army's Radio Corps, DJ Dan witnessed firsthand the darkest parts of the human struggle, from that point vowing to shed light on those who would seek to let greed and self-interest cheapen the value of human life. DJ Dan wishes not to speak or think for his audience. He merely hopes to give voice to those issues The Man would rather see buried and forgotten. Email:

Tonya Jefferson holds a Ph.D. in Communications from USC'S Annenberg School of Communications. Mother of two, she is often found reeling DJ Dan back into orbit with her patented DJ Dan Double Strength Tractor Beam. And if that doesn't work, she uses powdered donuts.


There are ads for Jeep Compass (Homepage), (Mythic Beastie Sighting), Verizon roadtrip (Podcast Archive), and Monster Job agent (Bios).

  • The ads seem to be related to the clues:
    • Sprite sponsored the sublymonal web page
    • Jeep sponsored the letyourcompassguideyou web page
    • Monster sponsored the Hanso careers webpage
    • next up, Vorizon?

The Real DJ Dan

DJ Dan is the stage name of Daniel Wherret. He is one of the world's premiere House DJ's, involved in the electronic dance music scene since the early 1990's.

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